Graduation Rates

09/30/2014 – State Of The System

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Michael Thurmond – One of the issues that has confounded the DeKalb School District is our subpar high school graduation rate.  In 2012, It was less than 60% … it was about 55%.  Last year, in 2013, we improved the graduation rate to 60%.  That’s not enough.  When the graduation rate data is released in 6-8 weeks, I believe you will see the greatest graduation rate improvement of  any of the 181 school districts … right here in DeKalb County …

Improving Graduation Rates
Budget Enhancements Around Academic Achievement – Enhanced the FY2014 Budget to include $27.2 million in enhancements to directly support academic achievement.The improvements include $5.3 million in new textbooks and the rebind/replenish of existing textbooks; $1.1 million for a student diagnostic needs assessment software system; $350K in student wraparound services; $1 million for the career pathways initiative; $500K for language interpreters; $300k for band uniforms and instrument repair; $1 million for meritorious attendance program; other enhancements included $3 million for one furlough day, $150K in central office centralization, $250K for bus mechanics, $100K for a principal supplement, and $1.5 million for technology enhancement to improve the financial system.
Additionally, $18.5 million in FY2014 cuts included: $6 million cuts in legal fees, $5.3 million in central office vacancies cuts, and $7.2 million in central office budget cuts.
Continued academic enhancements in the FY2015 Budget included 4 Furlough day reductions, staff for class size reductions, $5.3 million for Instructional Resources, Salary supplements for select classified employees, elimination of the 3rd year step back, funds to support the IB and School Choice programs. An additional furlough day was captured by the use of RT3 Funds.