Dual Accreditation

Northlake Community Alliance05/23/2013
Ms. Karen Carter appears to be in agreement with Mr. Thurmond over dual accreditation, saying, “One of the things that’s important to us first and foremost is restoring full accreditation with SACS.” Dual accreditation is on the 06/03/2013 Work Session agenda for discussion, but it is not scheduled to be voted on during the Business Meeting. Orson and Coleman are listed as the presenters. If the discussion goes well, the board may decide to place action on GAC accreditation on the Business Meeting agenda. Terry Nall, Dunwoody City Councilman, has invited representatives from GAC to be available for any last minute questions.
Dr. Karen Carter
One of the things that’s important to us first and foremost is restoring full accreditation with SACS. As the Superintendent told you, don’t take his word for it, don’t take our word for it. Look out for that report. We, as board members, had to participate in that conversation and I believe that we’re on the right path.
We also want to make the opportunity available for the schools to determine how best, with feedback from all of our stake holders, how best to ensure that they are confident that their students will have what they need for accreditation. There is an ad hoc committee of board members who are looking at dual accreditation. We want to make a sound decision that is good for the entire system, not one school vs another school. We never want to pit our schools against one another or our students. We are one DeKalb County.
I happen to be district 8 at large. I live in district 4. Jim and I serve all of our districts and so our responsibility is to serve all of our schools. So, our sub ground is looking at how best to consider dual accreditation so that each and every school, if that’s appropriate, has the opportunity without it being a burden on any one individual school. It’s not on the table, it is being studied and we will get to a decision with that before there is a window of opportunity that closes for our students. Our priority is SACS accreditation, but we will not close the window on dual accreditation.

Dunwoody Chamblee Parent Council05/01/2013
Terry Nall and Fran Millar peppered Mr. Thurmond with facts as he refused to support dual accreditation for high schools across DeKalb.
Michael Thurmond
My focus is on gaining full accreditation for the entire district. It just is. That’s what I was hired to do. And that is my focus. And what I’ve said to Terry and I’ve said to others here, that I will not support anything that undermines the value of that effort.