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Fall 2014 Petition Cycle
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Shot Across The Bow (6/16/2014)
This letter is from Matt Lewis, lead organizer and potential governing board member of DHCC, to Dr. Melvin Johnson, chair of the DeKalb County School Board. Lewis’ condemnation of the DeKalb County School District defends the cluster petition and accuses the administration of multiple counts of false statements as well as mislabeling documents as “attorney client privilege” in an effort to conceal information from the public.
Withdrawal of Druid Hills Charter Cluster Petition (10/15/2014)
Earlier today, the DHCC announced their official withdraw of their cluster proposal from DeKalb County Schools with this scathing notification to the district which included,

“As long as the Superintendent and his staff are allowed unfettered access to the Board of Education and permitted to provide inaccurate and misleading information, the Board will continue to vote on topics presented in a misinformed manner such that the employees rather than the duly elected officials control our schools.”

Murky Charter Cluster Finances (10/15/2014)
It appears the funding the charter cluster is entitled to under the law is murky. Here is an email exchange between two parents, which demonstrates the confusion.

Fall 2013 Petition Cycle
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DHCC Documents

DHCC Vote – Called Meeting (11/11/2013)
A special meeting was called to debate and vote on the Druid Hills Charter Cluster Petition. It is noteworthy that the administration didn’t present its findings or give a recommendation until the board meeting. Furthermore, the administration moved to hide the documents from the view of the public under client/attorney privileges. Even though the board attorney deemed the documents not covered under said privileges, I have not been able to obtain them.
AJC Plays Dueling Charter Cluster Banjos (10/18/2013)
Maureen Downey, Get Schooled blog at the AJC, is directing the Druid Hills Charter Cluster version of dueling banjos today.