Cell Towers

Commissioner Stan Watson said at the NCA Meeting
“[Cell towers on school property are] being reviewed right now by our legal department. And we want to make sure that we address the item of the cell towers in such a way that we could be responsible to the legalities of the cell tower. We’re trying to treat it just like a special land use plan right now, SLUP, to make sure that we’re in complete compliance legally to make sure that it works. So, right now, it has been tabled, Tom. And we’re actually looking at it in our legal department. It should come out this summer and we’ll be happy to come back and report what we’re going to do with it. But, right now, we have it in our legal department to make sure that we can do it as a legal department and as a county.”

Get the Cell Out of DeKalb County Schools – Petition
The school property which is owned by the taxpayers has been zoned as multi-purpose for the intention of providing educational services, sports events, public gathering and recreation. The primary purpose of our beloved schools is to educate the children of our county in a safe and healthy environment, providing them with the essential skills they will need to help them grow, learn and develop into our future leaders an productive members of society.
As citizens who utilize these spaces or pay for them to be managed and maintained, we have never participated in an open forum discussion or any other form of debate or agreement that would have resulted in the approval for these spaces to be utilized by any commercial entity for the express purpose of setting up and operating a money generating commercial operation. We do not approve or desire for our schools to be allowed permitting for “special use” by T-mobile, or any cell phone or tower operation.