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June 2018 – New And Open Principal Report

School starts on Aug 6, 2018. It is vital that we have qualified leadership at every school.
15 – Open Principal Vacancies
5 – Open Assistant Principal Vacancies
11 – New Principals

Reg. Name Current Position Current School New Position New School Reason For Vacancy
1 2 VACANT Principal Evansdale ES Stephanie Chattman (Resigned)
2 2 VACANT Principal Henderson Mill ES Mitch Green (Resigned)
3 2 VACANT Principal Midvale ES Debra Satterfield (Resigned)
4 3 VACANT Principal Stone Mountain ES Corey Davidson (Reassigned)
5 3 VACANT Principal Shadowrock ES Viva Jones (Reassigned)
6 3 VACANT Principal hambrick ES Audrey Brooks (Retiring)
7 4 VACANT Principal Towers HS Vincent Denson (Reassigned)
8 2 VACANT Principal Laurel Ridge ES Beth Kyle (Promoted to Coordinator – Region 1)
9 2 VACANT Principal Brockett ES Vanessa Vines-Truitt (Promoted to Coordinator – Region 2)
10 2 VACANT Principal Pleasandale ES Terri Brown (Promoted to Coordinator – Region 3)
11 3 VACANT Principal Indian Creek ES Antoinette Campbell (Promoted to Coordinator – Region 4)
12 4 VACANT Principal Champel Hill MS Lisa McGhee (Promoted to Coordinator – Region 5)
13 5 VACANT Principal Cedar Grove MS Candace Alexander (Promoted to Coordinator – Region 6)
14 4 VACANT Principal Narvie J Harris ES Sean Tartt (Promoted – Regional Superintendent)
15 4 VACANT Principal Miller Grove HS Matthew Priester (Resigning)


Reg Name Current Position Current School New Position New School Reason For Vacancy
1 3 VACANT Assist Principal Hambrick ES Tracey Allen (Resigned)
2 3 VACANT Assist Principal Indian Creek ES Sean Deas (Promoted to Principal at Dunarie)
3 3 VACANT Assist Principal Rockbridge ES Ayshia Grandison (Promoted to Prinicpal at Joll ES)
4 5 VACANT Assist Principal Bethune MS Eric Kemp (Promoted to Principal at Bethune MS)
5 3 VACANT Assist Principal Dunaire ES Cathy Goolsby (Promoted to Principal at Redan ES)


Reg Name Current Position Current School New Position New School Reason For Vacancy
1 1 Yul Roce Toombs Interim Principal ISC Principal ISC Cheryl Rhodes (Retiring)
2 4 Tracy Harrell Assist Principal Atlanta Public Schools Principal Lithonia MS Debra Phillips (Retiring)
3 3 Sean Deas Assist Principal Indian Creek ES Principal Dunaire ES Obelia Hall (Retiring)
4 3 Wisilene Jones Assist Principal Atlanta Public Schools Principal Stone Mountain HS James Jones (Retiring)
5 3 Ayshia Grandison Assist Principal Rockbridge ES Principal Jolly ES Judy Roseman
6 3 Patti Lamelle Assist Principal Clarkston HS Principal Clarkston HS Michelle Jones (Promoted to Regional Superintendent – Region 3)
7 5 Shelton Bernard Assist Principal Cedar Grove HS Principal Cedar Grove HS Pamela Benford (Promoted to Regional Superintendent – Region 6)
8 1 Donnie Davis Assist Principal Henderson MS Principal Peachtree Charter MS Scott Peinstall (Reassigned)
9 5 Eric Kemp Assist Principal Bethune MS Principal Bethune MS Myron Broom (Resigned)
10 3 Cathy Goolsby Assist Principal Dunaire ES Principal Redan ES Deborah Cowan Steele (Retiring)
11 5 Shun Wells Academic Coach Flat Shoals Principal McNair ES Brian Bolden (Resigned)

DeKalb Schools Principal Selection Process
The Division of Human Capital Management has implemented a process that involves a variety of stakeholders from various levels such as parents, teachers, community members, internal leaders and members from the Superintendent Advisory Committee. This process includes four phases:

Dr. Donnie Davis – New Peachtree Charter MS Principal

New PCMS Principal
DeKalb Schools announces Dr. Donnie Davis as the new principal at Peachtree Charter Middle School.

With over 10 years of professional experience as an educator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, Donnie Davis began his career as a classroom teacher and has held a variety of roles since then as a building level administrator.
Most recently, Davis was assistant principal at Henderson Middle School in DeKalb.
He obtained his master’s degree in social studies education from Georgia State University before completing his doctoral degree in educational administration and policy from the University of Georgia’s College of Education in 2012.
Meet & Greet
The Peachtree MS Foundation invites you to join them at Peachtree Charter MS on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, from 5 PM to 6 PM for an opportunity to meet and greet Dr. Davis.