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DeKalb E-SPLOST V Project Schedule

On Monday the DeKalb Board of Education will vote on E-SPLOST V project scheduling and associated cash flow sequencing including details of the projects, budgets, and anticipated start and finish dates.
.pdf link icon  E-SPLOST V Project Listing and Cash Flow Sequencing Presentation (March 20, 2017)
.pdf link icon  Proposed E-SPLOST V Project Listing with Start/Finish Dates (March 20, 2017)


Project Listing Sequence $ millions
Safety and Security (100’s) $15
New Facilities and Additions  (200’s) $291
Facility Condition Improvements  (300’s) $100
Technology Improvements,incl. ERP  (400’s) $65
Buses, Vehicles, and Other Capital Equipment  (500’s) $40
Management and Contingency $50
Totals $561

E-SPLOST V Project Schedule – New Facilities and Additions

Project Description Budget Anticipated Overall Start Date Anticipated Construction Start Date Anticipated Construction Finish Date Anticipated Overall Finish Date
John Lewis ES New 900-seat prototype elementary school, including land purchase $31,500,000 Mar. 2017 Jul. 2017 Nov. 2018 Apr. 2019
New Cross Keys MS
(at Cross Keys HS)
21-classroom addition $10,005,000 Mar. 2017 Nov. 2018 Mar. 2020 Jun. 2020
Chamblee HS 30-classroom addition $21,540,000 Mar. 2017 Nov. 2018 Jul. 2020 Oct. 2020
New ES for Cross Keys North New 900-seat prototype elementary school, including land purchase $30,500,000 Aug. 2017 Dec. 2018 Apr. 2020 Jul. 2020
Indian Creek ES Tear-down and re-build of new 1200-seat (expanded) prototype elementary school on-site $28,500,000 Mar. 2017 Jul. 2018 Nov. 2019 Feb. 2020
New Cross Keys HS New 119-classroom high school $84,800,000 Aug. 2017 Sep. 2019 Sep. 2021 Jun. 2022
Cedar Grove HS Auditorium addition and synthetic turf installation $6,030,000 Oct. 2017 May. 2019 Sep. 2020 Jan. 2021
Clarkston HS 32-classroom addition and synthetic turf installation $18,040,000 Feb. 2018 Oct. 2019 Jun. 2021 Sep. 2021
Lakeside HS 38-classroom addition and synthetic turf installation $26,990,000 Nov. 2018 Jul. 2020 Mar. 2022 Jun. 2022
Dunwoody HS 26-classroom addition and synthetic turf installation $17,690,000 Feb. 2019 Oct. 2020 Jun. 2022 Sep. 2022
Peachtree MS 26-classroom addition $14,100,000 Oct. 2019 Jun. 2021 Feb. 2023 May. 2023
Freedom MS 17-classroom addition $8,485,000 Jan. 2020 Sep. 2021 Jan. 2023 Apr. 2023

Dr. Whitney Ingram – Physicist and Monday's Inspirational Speaker

Join us Monday March 20 at the 7pm DeKalb Schools Board Business Meeting, where Whitney Ingram will give the inspiration and lead us in the pledge.
Dr. Whitney Ingram was born and raised in Stone Mountain and is a graduate of Stephenson High School. She received her undergraduate from the University of Georgia where she also became the first black female to receive her Ph.D. in Physics last December. As a UGA “Double Dawg,” she is currently one of less than 100 black women in the country to have a Ph.D. in Physics.
Earlier this week, Nancy and I, along with various leaders in education including Paul Womack, Don McChesney, Pam Speaks, Don Speaks, Mike Davis, and Mike Erwin, had the privilege of hosting Dr. Ingram for dinner.
I was particularly fascinated to learn some of the details about her childhood.
Dr. Ingram was born premature. Early on, there were concerns that she might have learning disabilities. The education system never identified her as “gifted”. She did display an amazing ability to focus and persist through challenges until she understood a subject. She described how she would stick with something until she got it. She recognized that it takes time and focus to learn many things and was willing to invest in that endeavor.
Recently, research has found that a quality labeled “grit” has much to do with academic achievement. Dr. Ingram is definitely an example of this. She was also blessed to have a mom and dad that encouraged her all along the way. Dr. Ingram is a blessing and an example for us all.