Monthly Archives: November 2013

One Small Step For Justice

While we anxiously await the trials and indictments churned out by the metro Atlanta conveyor belt of corruption, let us savor for a moment the justice that has been recently served.
Earlier this month Crawford Lewis, physical education teacher turned Superintendent, plead guilty to obstruction in exchange for ratting out the other educ”Rats”. Continue reading

Update on the Fight Against Corruption

Pat Reid and Tony Pope
The jury was selected this week, and in opening statements yesterday, the defense attorneys for Reid and Pope said the defendants will testify about the racketeering and theft charges against them. Pat Reid was vice president of Tony Pope’s construction company which had millions in contracts to DeKalb Schools. According to the AJC, “These two defendants, along with others, manipulated the DeKalb School District and took money they were not entitled to,” Chief Assistant District Attorney Kellie Hill told jurors in her opening statement. ” While [Reid and Pope] were married, they were partners. They were partners in life and they were partners in business.” Continue reading