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Correcting Operations Austin Redistricting Guidance

DeKalb Schools Operations Department attributed false statements to me. Furthermore, neither the group of Dunwoody PACs nor I approved this map, yet Dan Drake is telling people we approved it … that’s just a flat out lie.

On November 14th I had a meeting with staff to provide guidance on Austin redistricting that I collected from a meeting of the elementary school councils in Dunwoody. Subsequent to that meeting, a staffer wrote down their recollection of my guidance.

Mr. Drake has denied creating this document and confirms the statements to be inaccurate and false. In an unprofessional and irregular manner, this document was created and curiously found its way into an Open Records Request before it was validated in any way. Furthermore, DeKalb Schools Operations Department neglected to inform me or the Superintendent that inaccurate and false statements attributed to me were released.

As I said to Mr. Drake this morning, DeKalb Schools Operations Department performed sloppy and embarrassing work that undermines trust and collegiality among the board, staff and community.

This is the email chain and document in question. I will post my actual guidance to the Operations Department staff shortly.

Correcting Operations Austin Redistricting Guidance

Ms. Tyson,
I am writing to follow up on our Wednesday phone conversation. As we discussed, the planning staff produced a document attributing statements to me that were false and inaccurate. As we discussed, if meeting notes are drafted, staff knows to send them to participants for review and validation. Dan called me after you met with him and apologized for the false and misleading statements contained in the document. He forwarded them to me so that I can correct them. Pursuant to our conversation, I am sending you my corrections.

Here are my corrections:

Based on my meeting with the elementary PAC chairs and co-chairs in Dunwoody, I presented Planning with the principles below that had general agreement from the group. I presented no map at the beginning of the meeting and I didn’t leave with a map. While I was in the room, the staff members made map adjustments back and forth. This process continued as I left the room. The final map they produced was completed after I left the meeting.

Thank you for taking the time to address this issue. As you know, the cluster is in need of more capacity at all levels. The same is true for the Chamblee and Brookhaven areas. Planning does not seem to have a long term plan to meet the growing facility needs of these areas. The DHS PAC was told in their last meeting that more modulars are coming with the potential for more loss of trees. I am optimistic that with you at the helm, we can begin to correct for the lack of comprehensive planning.



* Fill new Austin ES (AES)
* Help alleviate overcrowding at Dunwoody ES (DES)

* Geographic Proximity
* Site Capacity
* Walkability
* AES and DES sites have a low site capacity for trailers

* Projected 2024 utilization of AES and DES should be lower and equivalent given that these two sites are not well suited for trailers
* Projected 2024 Chesnut utilization can be higher given that this site is better suited for portables; asking for quads with bathrooms
* Adjust attendance zone border between AES and DES to lower DES utilization
* Adjust attendance zone border between Chesnut and DES to lower DES utilization
* All other areas – no guidance – use guiding principals

Jester Community Town Hall

I’m inviting all students, parents, teachers, and the community at large to my upcoming Community Town Hall meeting.

When: Thursday November 7th @ 7pm
Where: St. Luke’s – 1978 Mt Vernon Rd, Dunwoody
Room: Chapel – From the Manhasset entrance, turn right in the lobby

When: TBD
Where: Chamblee Library – 4115 Clairmont Rd, Chamblee

As we approach the end of the 2018-2019 school year, we have a lot to talk about. No speeches here … let’s discuss what’s going on. What’s going on? The school board is looking for a new superintendent. DeKalb Schools is telling the public that E-SPLOST is $100 million over budget and is making recommendations to the board to address these budget issues including a possible $265 million GO Bond. Doraville United elementary and Austin elementary are coming online shortly and redistricting is underway. We can talk about whatever you like.

Come one, come all.

See you soon.