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John Coleman is the appointed representative to the DeKalb County School Board for District 1.

04/14/2013 John Coleman at DHA

Dunwoody Homeowners Association
April 15th, 2013 @ 7:30pm
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This was a meet and greet for John Coleman. He introduced himself, talked about his background, why he’s doing this and what he hopes to accomplish. He didn’t give much insight, but he listened to the complaints and suggestions. He confused probation with lack of accreditation.
Fact Checker

Coleman: [5:00] So, we really have to focus on making sure we set the right foundation to regain accreditation. Dr Elgart noted that won’t be by the end of the year probably. That will probably be a multi year process. [5:23] But, we want to get the trajectory right so we are making progress consistently by the end of the year and we can get accreditation within the next 2 or 3 years, I think, was the prediction he gave us.
DeKalb is accredited. We are not “regaining” accreditation. The accreditation status of DeKalb County School District and its schools was “Accredited On Advisement”. Based on the findings of a Special Review Team on December 17, 2012, the DeKalb County School District was placed in the accreditation status of “Probation” until December 31, 2013.
Allegra Johnson: So, when you’re talking about budget, and you’re starting on Tuesday, yet our teachers have already signed their contracts. So, how does that work? They’ve already signed the bottom line yet you’re saying you’re just now working on the budget. So, how is it not the cart in front of the horse type thing?
Coleman: Uhhhhhh … I honestly don’t know.
To answer your question, Ms Johsnon, these contracts do not guarantee anything and do not reflect any budget issues. They do not guarantee you will be employed next year, because teachers can be RIF’d. It does not guarantee how much you will be paid next year, because teacher furlough days can be adjusted.
Chris : Seems Nancy Jester did a lot of analysis which I found very useful and informative. Have you initiated any discussions or meetings with her or visa versa so that you can get her take and knowledge to help you better understand?
Coleman: [14:37] Yeah, so I actually had a chance to catch up with Nancy recently. I talked to her.