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Principal and Teacher Vacancy Report And Selection Process

Students in DeKalb will show up for school on Mon Aug 7 ( 2017-2018 Calendar), less than 4 weeks away. It is vital that we have a teacher in every classroom and a principal at every school.

Open School House Positions

  • 270 Teachers
  • 17 Principals
  • 10 Assistant Principals

Principal Vacancy Report
Due to the reassignment of 9 low performing principals and regular attrition, DeKalb Schools currently has 17 open principal positions and 10 open assistant principal positions.

School Name Position Date Posted
Chamblee High Principal 5/8/2017
DeKalb Early College Assistant Principal 4/14/2017
Dresden Elementary Principal 5/17/2017
Dunwoody High Assistant Principal 6/15/2017
Flat Rock Elementary Principal 5/17/2017
International Student Ctr Principal 6/15/2017
Kelly Lake Elementary Principal 5/26/2017
Lakeside High Assistant Principal 3/9/2017
Lithonia High Principal 5/17/2017
Miller Grove Middle Principal 4/27/2017
Montclair Elementary Principal 3/6/2017
Montclair Elementary Assistant Principal 5/2/2017
Murphey Candler Principal 4/28/2017
Narvie J. Harris Assistant Principal 6/12/2017
Oak View Elementary Principal 5/17/2017
Panola Way Elementary Principal 5/17/2017
Redan Elementary Assistant Principal 5/8/2017
Rock Chapel Elementary Principal 5/17/2017
Shadow Rock Elementary Principal 5/17/2017
Snapfinger Elementary Principal 5/4/2017
Southwest DeKalb High Assistant Principal 6/1/2017
Stephenson Middle Principal 5/17/2017
Stoneview Elementary Principal 5/17/2017
Towers High Assistant Principal 5/26/2017
Towers High Assistant Principal 5/26/2017
Warren Technical Assistant Principal 4/28/2017
Woodridge Elementary Principal 4/28/2017
Principal Interview Schedule
Superintendent Green has escalated the principal interview schedule. He will conduct and complete all principal interviews Monday, July 17 through Thursday, July 20. All new principals will be confirmed and announced before the annual Summer Leadership Conference on Monday, July 24 at Miller Grove HS.
Superintendent Green is at a Superintendent Summit this week.
Assistant Principal interviews will be handled by the Regional Superintendents.

DeKalb Schools Principal Selection Process
The Division of Human Capital Management has implemented a process that involves a variety of stakeholders from various levels such as parents, teachers, community members, internal leaders and members from the Superintendent Advisory Committee. This process includes four phases:

Phase One: Resume Review
During the Resume Review phase, internal and external members are involved with rating resumes using a rigorous rubric to determine 3-6 candidates to participate in the Professional Interview. The panel should be comprised of six members with the Human Capital Management representative serving as the facilitator. The composition of the panel includes:
• Regional Superintendent
• Principal (from outside the region)
• Representative from Curriculum and Instruction
• School Council Parent Representative
• School Council Officer
• Superintendent Advisory Council Member (if available)

Phase Two: Professional Interviews
During the Professional Interview phase, 3-6 candidates are interviewed by a group of panel members. From here, 2-3 candidates are chosen to interview with the Focus Group. The panel should be comprised of six members with the Human Capital Management representative serving as the facilitator. The composition of the panel includes:
• Regional Superintendent
• Principal (from outside the region)
• Representative from Curriculum and Instruction
• School Council Teacher Representative
• School Council Officer
• Educational Support Professional Staff Member of the Year
• Superintendent Advisory Council Member
If a member of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee is available for the Professional Interview, he or she also serves on this panel. If not, he or she serves on the Focus Group panel.

Phase Three: School Council Focus Group Interviews
During the School Council Focus Group phase, 2-3 candidates are given the opportunity to be interviewed by external stakeholders including Parents, School Council Members, and a representative of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee. The School Council selects the focus group members. The group must contain at least 2 parents that did not serve on either the Resume Review or Professional Interview panel. Members may also include teachers, community members, and/or high school students when applicable. All external stakeholders will provide the Superintendent with written feedback on each candidate.

Phase Four: Final Interview
In the final interview with the Superintendent of Schools, the 2-3 candidates that are selected to participate in the School Council Focus Group will be sent to the Superintendent for an interview. All information and data gathered at each phase is provided to the Superintendent to help render a decision for Principalship. The final interview involves the Superintendent and the candidate only.
The Superintendent makes the final decision.


Dr. Leo Brown, Chief Human Capital Management Officer, reassigned

Stan Jester
DeKalb County
Board Of Education

Leo Brown –  .pdf link icon Dr. Leo Brown (resume) was the Assistant Director of Human Resources for Emory University from 2005 – 2011. He was also the Chief Human Capital Officer for Kansas City Public Schools from 2011 – 2012. Dr. Brown joined DeKalb School as Chief Human Capital Officer in January 2016 as part of Phase I of the School District’s Reorg.
Since December, Dr. Brown has been out for personal reasons.
In December 2015 the Board of Education approved “HYA” (Hazard, Young, Attea Executives Search Division) to assist the District in its search to fill positions including but not limited to those within the Superintendent’s proposed reorganization in a total amount not to exceed $150,000. HYA spent over $140,000 filling positions including:

  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Director of Charter Schools, School Governance, and Flexibility
  • Chief Human Capital Officer
  • Executive Director of Student Advancement
  • Chief Communications and Community Relations Officer
  • Chief Academic and Accountability Officer
  • Executive Director of Special Education
  • Lakeside High School Principal

Superintendent Stephen Green

Dr. Stephen Green
CEO & Superintendent, DeKalb County School District

Dr. Leo Brown, who served as Chief Human Capital Management Officer, will serve as Specialist II Compliance in the Facilities and Operations Division of the DeKalb County School District.
Mr. Everett Patrick, formerly the Director of Employment Services – Certification and Recruitment, has assumed the role of Interim Chief Human Capital Management Officer. He will serve in this capacity until a permanent replacement is hired.
A national search for a Chief Human Capital Management Officer will begin immediately. A permanent hire for Board of Education consideration is expected by July 2017, prior to the start of the 2018 school year in August.
“I want to thank the DeKalb County School District for the support I’ve received as I have faced some recent health challenges,” said Dr. Leo Brown. “I am committed to this organization; and, in my new role I will continue to support the vision and mission of the District.”