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DeKalb Schools 2020 Graduation Rates

DeKalb County School District’s (DCSD) four-year graduation rate for the Class of 2020 is 75.97%.

DeKalb Schools 2020 Graduation Rate

The U.S. Education Department granted permission in the fall of 2020 for state departments of education to exit schools identified as Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) based on graduation rate if the schools meet the state’s exit criteria. Columbia High School and Stone Mountain High School have met the exit criteria and are now removed from the state identified CSI Graduation Rate improvement list.

Graduation Rates By School in DeKalb Schools

Horizon schools are the lowest performing elementary schools identified by the state as measured by CCRPI scores.

Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) are the lowest performing 5% of Title I schools in the state when ranked based on their three-year CCRPI average

Promise Schools are the 5.01% to 10% lowest performing Title I schools in the state when ranked based on their three-year CCRPI average

Turnaround Eligible School (Turnaround Eligible Schools replaces the “Chronically Failing Schools” expression that GOSA used in prior years.) Identified schools have a three-year average College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) score that is in the bottom five percent of the state, excluding non-traditional schools and state special schools.

Priority School is a school which has a 3-year average of CCRPI Content Mastery scores in the lowest 5% or is a high school with a graduation rate less than 60% for 2 consecutive years.

Focus School is a school which has a 3-year average of CCRPI Achievement Gap scores in the lowest 10%. Achievement Gap compares the lowest 25% of achievers in a school with the state average.

DeKalb Schools 2019 Graduation Rates

DeKalb Schools sees its first decrease in graduation rate in 4 years.

DeKalb Schools 2019 Graduation Rate

The 2018 graduation rate was 75% and approaching the state’s high school graduation rate which rose to 81.6% last year. As recent as March, the administration was expecting a 77% 2019 graduation rate. However, the graduation rate in DeKalb’s high schools dropped to 73.4% this year.

There were marked improvements in many schools across the district. How did your high school do?

DeKalb Schools 2019 Final 4-Year Graduation Rate

Final 4-Year
Graduation Rate
Final 4-Year
Graduation Rate
2018 to 2019 Difference
Arabia Mountain High School 99.06 100 0.94
Cedar Grove High School 82.04 74.83 -7.21
Chamblee Charter High School 82.7 76.94 -5.76
Clarkston High School 61.16 60.88 -0.28
Columbia High School 73.2 65.76 -7.44
Cross Keys High School 64.42 62.59 -1.83
DeKalb Alternative School 12.5 24.53 12.03
DeKalb Early College Academy 100 98.63 -1.37
DeKalb School of the Arts 95.95 98.77 2.82
Destiny Achievers Academy 47.2 N/A
Druid Hills High School 77.33 83.24 5.91
Dunwoody High School 86.38 88.99 2.61
East DeKalb Campus TFS N/A
Elizabeth Andrews High School 17.71 13 -4.71
International Student Center N/A N/A
Lakeside High School 81.56 84.51 2.95
Lithonia High School 79 75.48 -3.52
Margaret Harris Comprehensive TFS TFS
Martin Luther King Jr High Sch 74.55 75.52 0.97
McNair High School 68.67 70.81 2.14
Miller Grove High School 79.88 79.35 -0.53
Redan High School 82.11 73.49 -8.62
Southwest DeKalb High School 86.47 84.23 -2.24
Stephenson High School 86.89 77.72 -9.17
Stone Mountain High School 70 59.03 -10.97
Tapestry Public Charter School N/A 86.67
Towers High School 70.15 71.43 1.28
Tucker High School 79.44 79.19 -0.25
UHS of Laurel Heights N/A TFS
District 74.95 73.41 -1.54



DeKalb Schools Expected Graduation Growth

Expected 2019 Graduation Rate
March 13, 2019 – DeKalb Schools graduation rate is expected to increase again to 77%. DeKalb Schools is approaching the state’s high school graduation rate which rose to 81.6% last year.

DeKalb Schools 2018 Graduation Rates
The four-year graduation rate for DCSD’s Class of 2018 was 75 percent, an increase from the 2017 graduation rate of 74 percent.

2017 DeKalb Graduation Rates By High School & Demographic
DeKalb School graduation rate climbed nearly 4 percentage points in 2017 to 74%.

2016 DeKalb Graduation Rates By High School
This is the second year that students shall no longer be required to earn a passing score on the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) to earn a high school diploma.

2015 Graduation Rates
The DeKalb County School District graduation rate is up nearly 10% from last year. “We are headed in the right direction with improved graduation rates because of our laser focus on student achievement,” Superintendent Steve Green said. “Much more work needs and will be done to ensure our students are ready for career and college opportunities.”