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Spectator Guidelines for Spring Sports

The Department of Athletics has revised their guidelines for parents, guardians and family members attending games at DCSD Stadiums and Fields.

Safety Measures
• Prior to any parent/guardian/family members leaving their home they are asked to take their temperature. Any person with a temperature of 100.4 or higher should not attend.
• Upon arrival to the game, guest must check in with the Stadium Manager. Everyone will be prescreened and directed to the seating area.
• All parent/guardian/family members must wear masks at ALL TIMES, including when entering/exiting venues, during the competition, and whenever walking or moving about . No exceptions.
• Concession stands will be closed.
• Parent/guardian/family members are prohibited from congregating in groups.
• All parent/guardian/family members are asked to maintain six feet of social distancing. All will be encouraged to sit only with their family units.
• Any person refusing to adhere to all required guidelines will be excused from the competition.

Field/Court Spectators (Baseball/Gymnastics/Tennis/Golf)
• Parents, guardians, spectators must remain in a reasonable distance outside of the fence or field area of competition.
• School Administration will communicate acceptable range/area for spectators.

Stadium Spectators (Soccer, Lacrosse, Track)
• Each Monday a link will go live on the GOFAN ( website for all games scheduled during that week.
• Parents will have an opportunity to purchase a maximum of 3 tickets for each game.
• General Admission cost will be $5.00 per ticket plus administrative fees through GOFAN
• The maximum number of tickets sold per game will be 300 ( 150 per team). Once capacity has been reached, no additional tickets will be sold.
• No DCSD passes or GHSA passes will be allowed.

Biden’s Executive Order Supports Reopening of Schools

On January 21, Biden signed an executive order supporting the reopening and continuing operation of schools and early childhood education providers.

“The United States is committed to ensuring that students and educators are able to resume safe, in-person learning as quickly as possible, with the goal of getting a majority of K-8 schools safely open in 100 days,” states the executive order which instructs various federal agencies to provide guidance on how to safely conduct in-person learning.

CDC Research

CDC researchers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association earlier this week, “there has been little evidence that schools have contributed meaningfully to increased community transmission.”

As reported by the Washington Post

“A new CDC study, also published Tuesday, looked at 17 rural K-12 schools in Wisconsin and found just seven out of 191 coronavirus cases resulted from in-school transmission. Researchers noted that students and staff in these schools wore masks almost all the time.

The conclusion here is with proper prevention efforts . . . we can keep transmission in schools and educational settings quite low, said Margaret A. Honein, the lead author of the JAMA report. We didn’t know that at the beginning of the year but the data has really accumulated.”

DeKalb Schools

DeKalb Schools administration seems to have decided back in December that students will be coming back for F2F (face to face) instruction. In January, in addition to the leave or accommodations granted to employees under Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), further considerations for temporary hardship situations were given to all employees who requested it. I’m not aware of any accommodations or considerations granted to employees starting next week.

Chicago Public Schools

DeKalb Schools isn’t alone with grappling with teachers and employees over how and when to return. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) negotiations with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has been widely reported on in the media. CPS Administration announced plans to return to F2F instruction by next week. This Monday, the teacher’s union voted to refuse to teach in person. In response, CPS stated that teachers who do not show up for work will be “deemed absent without leave and will not be eligible for pay”. This week, 18% of CPS employees were no shows. As of this morning, media reports indicate that CPS students are learning remotely again while CPS and CTU return to negotiations.