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Air Conditioning at Chamblee Charter High School

Air Conditioning is completely down at Chamblee Charter High School (CCHS). I’ll use this page to relate information as I get it.

Message from CCHS Principal Barnes

Good afternoon,

Concerning the HVAC at Chamblee HS, we have had issues with the motor on the cooling tower. It is back up and running until we get a new motor installed. The new motor is due here later today or tomorrow and it will be replaced at that time. We have 60 portable HVAC units onsite in to assist with the cooling of the building

Gail Barnes

Chamblee Charter High School

Chamblee Charter HS – 2019 Milestones Results

Chamblee Charter HS and Dunwoody HS academics are sliding. I’d like to point out the phenomenal job CCHS is doing in Biology.

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Chamblee Charter HS Milestones Results

Chamblee Charter High School 2019 Milestones

Chamblee Charter HS 2016-2019 Milestone Results Comparee to All School Districts In State
The view below converts average test scores for each school into a state percentile rank. This view is helpful for comparing performance over time, across grades and subjects, and to the rest of the state. The percentiles show a school’s relative position among all Georgia schools.

Just look where Chamblee Charter HS was in 2016. CCHS is still in the top 10% in 3 of the 7 subjects.

Chamblee Charter High School - 2019 State Percentile Rank

Datasource: Milestones State Percentile Ranks 2019

Here are the links to the raw data for the last few years.