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DeKalb Schools Calendar FactChecker Poll

On Nov 4, the DeKalb Schools Board of Education will approve the 2020-2021 & 2021-2022 school calendars.

Stan Jester
Board Of Education

After numerous discussions on Facebook and this blog, most people are only concerned about a few attributes of the school calendar. Please complete this poll so I can better understand where the majority of the community stands on these attributes. Thank you, Stan.


DeKalb Schools Calendar FactChecker Poll

2020-2021 Calendar Options

Do we start school next year on August 3rd or August 10th? If we start on August 10th, it is tough to have a balanced calendar unless we take away days from Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break.

I’m also getting good feedback on Early Release Days. A number of people have suggested early release days during finals.

Look at the calendar options and what the other Metro Atlanta school districts are doing. Let me know your thoughts about the Start Date, Balanced Calendar and Early Release days.

Comment below or join one of these discussions: Facebook – Calendar Update or Facebook – Calendar Options.

  2020-2021 Calendar Option A
  2020-2021 Calendar Option B

The DeKalb County School District’s Calendar Committee is exploring calendar options to align with other similarly sized districts in close geographic proximity. Both calendars include the following attributes:
• 180 days of instruction for students
• 190 teacher days including one evening workday comprised of parent-teacher conferences (2 per semester)
• 5 teacher workdays before the first day of school
• Holidays for all – Labor Day, Martin L. King, Jr. Day, and President’s Day
• Thanksgiving Break – one week in November
• Spring Break – one week coinciding with most metro area districts
• Last day of school for students before Memorial Day

The Major Differences in the proposed calendar options for both years are as follows:

Option A:
Students begin the school year on the second Monday of August.
There is a 3-day fall mini break and a 1-day break in February.
There are 85 instructional days first semester and 95 instructional days second semester.

Option B:
Students begin the school year on the first Monday in August.
There is a 3-day fall mini break and a 2-day break in February.
There are 90 instructional days both semesters.

*Note From The Administration: “There are several possibilities for the fall mini break and February mini break, so the committee members will consider the testing schedules and feedback from stakeholders to make the final recommendations.”


  Comparison – All Metro Area Calendars

Atlanta Metro Area Calendars

Atlanta Metro Area Calendars


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