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DeKalb School Calendar 2020-2021 Update

About half the Metro Atlanta school districts have approved 2020-2021 calendars. DeKalb Schools should have their School Year 2021 calendar approved this October. This is where we are.

In accordance with Board Policy AEA, the Calendar Committee is charged with developing calendar options for school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. The Calendar Committee will make a recommendation to Superintendent Green, who will make a final recommendation to the DeKalb County Board of Education on October 7, 2019 for consideration and approval.

The DeKalb County School District’s Calendar Committee is exploring calendar options to align with other similarly sized school districts in Metro Atlanta. The Calendar Committee expects to recommend school calendars that include 180 days for students and 190 days for teachers. The calendars will specify the days observed for holidays, breaks, teacher workdays/professional development days, and inclement weather days.

There are a lot of thoughts and ideas surrounding the school calendar. Let’s discuss them here and I’ll bring these recommendations to the board.

Balanced Calendar
The 2019-2020 school calendar is a Balanced Calendar – 90 instructional days each semester.

Summer Slide
Summer slide, allegedly, is the tendency for students, especially those from low-income families, to lose some of the
achievement gains they made during the previous school year. Administrators are concerned that differences in children’s summer learning experiences during their elementary school years can ultimately impact whether they earn a high school diploma and continue to college. Some research has shown that children in low-income households fall behind an average of 2 months in reading during the summer. And, summer slide is cumulative, with these learning losses building up each summer.

Also, A calendar survey will be released during the week of September 9th.

Metro Atlanta School Year Future Calendars

DeKalb Schools 2019-2020 Calendar

Stan Nancy Jester

DeKalb Schools 2019-2020 Calendar

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The Calendar Committee “was comprised of a variety of stakeholder groups, including students, parents, community/business partners, school-level staff, and district level advisers.” The Calendar Committee discussed the number of days per year, number of days per semester, inclement weather/emergency days, testing windows, spring breaks, holidays, school breaks, and other metro area school districts’ calendars.

2018-2019 Calendar
2019-2020 Calendar

DeKalb Schools 2018 – 2020 Calendar

DeKalb Schools Calendar 2018-2019 2019-2020
Pre-planning Jul 30 – Aug 3, 2018 Jul 29 – Aug 2, 2019
First day of school Aug 6, 2018 Aug 5, 2019
Labor Day Sep 3, 2018 Sep 2, 2019
Fall Break (Including Columbus Day) Oct 4 – 8, 2018 Oct 10 – 14, 2019
Election Day/Teacher’s Workday Nov 6, 2018 Nov 5, 2019
Thanksgiving Break Nov 19 – 23, 2018 Nov 25 – 29, 2019
Last day of 1st semester Dec 21, 2018 Dec 20, 2019
Winter Break Dec 24, 2018 – Jan 3, 2019 Dec 23, 2018 – Jan 2, 2020
Post planning 1st semester/ Pre-planning 2nd semester Jan 4, 2019 Jan 3, 2020
First day of 2nd semester Jan 7, 2019 Jan 6, 2020
Martin L. King Day Jan 21, 2019 Jan 20, 2020
Feb Break (Including President’s Day) Feb 15 – 18, 2019 Feb 14 – 17, 2020
Professional Learning Day Mar 8, 2019 Mar 13, 2020
Spring Break Apr 1 – 5, 2019 Apr 6 – 10, 2020
Last day of school May 23, 2019 May 21, 2020
Post planning May 24, 2019 May 22, 2020