1/9/2017 – School Based Salary Increases

 1/9/2017 – Work/Business
eboard link icon Agenda Item – Salary Increases

Administration Reasoning/Details
During the BOE discussion on the 1.5% Salary increase for School Based employees it was brought up that being able to attain an overall 2.0% increase would make the District more competitive relative to other Districts in the area. Approval of this item will add .5% to the January 2017 base salary of the school based employees covered.

Additionally approve a retention bonus for non-classroom Teachers.

Financial Impact
The estimated cost of the additional .5% salary increase is $1,482,733.

The estimated cost for the retention bonus for non-classroom Teachers is $422,000.

Approval of the .5% salary adjustment, added to prior salary increases over the last year, equate to a 5%+ increase to the mid-range (Bachelor’s) teaching salary or $2300+ annually.