08/01/2016 – Discovery Education

Discovery Education – Intensive & Focused Instructional Development & Support for the 10 Horizon Elementary Schools
 8/1/2016 – Work/Business
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The goal of this partnership with Discovery Education as one of the implementation and support strategies for the 10 Horizon schools is to enhance leadership, teaching, and student learning, with the outcomes to be measured by on-going formative assessments (e.g., Benchmarks), changes in teacher and leader practices, and the EOG Milestones Assessment.
Discovery Education will support the following elementary schools:

  1. Allgood
  2. Cedar Grove
  3. Chapel Hill
  4. Fairington Way
  5. Flat Shoals
  6. Oak VIew
  7. Barack H. Obama
  8. Panola Way
  9. Snapfinger
  10. Stoneview

by implementing a detailed plan in which the vendor will be facilitating 280+ sessions, working with school-based administrators, teachers and instructional academic coaches.
Financial Impact
The cost for the one-year comprehensive process, which includes extensive teacher, administrator and instructional academic coach development is not to exceed $749,000.00.