07/11/2016 – Armored Car Services

 07/11/2016 – Work/Business
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On July 11, DeKalb County School District (DCSD) awarded a $290,000 contract to Dunbar, an armored car service characterized as having “challenges,” involving inaccurate money counts and forgotten pickups.
The $290,000 will be taken from DCSD’s general fund account ($170,000) and school nutrition account ($120,000).
Michael Bell, chief financial officer for DCSD, said the contract was awarded due to a lack of parity in Atlanta regarding the armored car business.
“In our area, there are maybe three companies who provide these services,” Bell said. “We had one vendor respond to our solicitation, the same one we have now: Dunbar.”
Dunbar was established in England in 1923 and is self-described as the country’s leading armored car service provider. Other companies in Atlanta include Loomis and Brink’s.
Bell said Dunbar’s ability to handle large scale projects allows the company to work with most metro Atlanta school districts. Specific duties in DeKalb County include daily cash pickups at 20 middle schools and 22 high schools, bi-weekly pickups at 78 elementary schools and 11 weekly pickups at “special entity locations,” according to the contract.