03/07/2016 – Flying Classroom

C. 6. The Flying Classroom Over $100,000 Spending Request
 03/07/2016 – Work/Business
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As part of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics one of the primary goals is to introduce students to global challenges that are based on both natural and human created occurrences. These challenges should have multiple avenues to solutions that incorporate standards based teaching in the four primary content areas. The Flying Classroom, based on the expeditions of Captain Barrington Irving, is a uniquely designed STEM curriculum that introduces students to global challenges and provides them with a challenge to design a solution to global problems while providing teaching and learning on current Georgia Performance Standards for Science/Social Studies and Georgia Standards of Excellence for Mathematics/Literacy. Students use standards-based knowledge acquired and videos filmed across the globe to solve the challenges posed by each unique Flying Classroom Expedition.
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