12/07/2015 – Destiny Petition

Approval of Charter Amendment for Destiny Achievers Academy of Excellence, Inc.
 12/07/2015 – Work/Business
eboard link icon Agenda Item – Approval of the Destiny Renewal Petition

Destiny Achievers Academy of Excellence’s governing board is requesting a two (2) year extension to continue its service to at-risk children in grades 9-12 while also examining and addressing areas for improvement.
Prep Q&A
Question: What is the current building capacity
Trenton Arnold: Destiny Achievers Academy of Excellence is currently located at 3595 Line-crest Road in Ellenwood. The property is owned by New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and has an instruc-tional capacity of 225 students.
Question: The school district sold New Birth Church this property for $150K. The school district is now paying New Birth Church $13K/month for “Facilities”. Please explain what we get for $8K/month in “Grounds Mainte-nance”.
Joshua Williams: This item requires research to obtain the facts.
Question: What are the administrative positions at Destiny and what is their salary?
Trenton Arnold: Governing boards at charter schools are granted the autonomy to utilize funds to support their petition, mission, and program. The District oversees the operations and financial practices of its charter schools to ensure that they maintain financial viability, sound fiscal practices, and le-gal compliance. As long as the charter schools meet these requirements, the District will not intercede in or question matters related to the charter school governing board’s decision-making authority, such as staff salaries and building rental.