08/03/2015 – Human Resources

08/03/2015 – Work/Business
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Preparatory Q&A with DeKalb Schools
Announcement:  Title I: Ms. Andrea Fairries-Moore has been appointed as the new Title I Director.
Andrea Fairries-Moore – Resume
Education Executive / Federal & State Funding & Grant Management / Program Management / Regulatory Compliance
Previous – Atlanta Public Schools
Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services
Atlanta Public Schools
August 2012 – August 2015
• Promoted to define, develop, and oversee execution of strategies to achieve the objectives of the Atlanta Public School District; coordinate with the Chief Academic Officer on goals, programs, and curriculum. Manage a team of 50.
• Lead fiscal management/administration of more than $85 million in federal and state programs including Title I-Part A, Title II-Part A, Race to the Top (RT3), School Improvement 1003(a), School Improvement Grant 1003(g) (SIG), Special Revenue Grants, Curriculum & Instruction, Teaching & Learning, Professional Development, IDEA, ESOL, Pre-K/Early Learning, and Athletics.
• Develop Curriculum & Instruction Division’s Budget Policy and Procedures manual, as well as the Internal Operations Procedures manual, and handbooks for central office staff and Title I school staff to manage compliance and strengthen their understanding of rules, regulations, processes, and programs.
• Oversee the A-133 Single Audit, Federal Audit, and State Cross-Functional Monitoring.
• Defined and implemented a process to effectively manage contracts with the Atlanta Public School District for procurement, invoicing, payment, and donations to better monitor compliance and ensure transparency with parents, staff, auditors, and schools.
• Collaborate with HR, Teaching & Learning, and Finance to create a process which ensures the accuracy of Quality Basic Education (QBE) class size and class size reduction in compliance with Title I and/or Title II funds.
• Direct the oversight and management of programs including 21st Century Community Learning Center, Extended Day, Special Projects, the Office of Federal Grants and Program Compliance, and the Athletics Department.