05/04/2015 – HR Report

05/04/2015 Work/Business
eboard link icon  Agenda Item – Approval of Monthly Human Resources Report

Preparatory Q&A with DeKalb Schools
Question: The variance report says we are $7 million under in spending on instruction. Why is that?
Answer: (DR. MICHAEL BELL) In researching this (and consulting with HR) it appears this is being caused by vacant positions in the Schools.
Question: How many teachers were not given contracts that were employed with us
this year?
Answer: (DR. TEKSHIA WARD-SMITH) We have a total of 30 employees who were recommended for
non-renewal of contract for FY2016. 18 contracts were delayed, however employees resigned in lieu of going through the non-renewal process. Thus a total of 48 employees.
Question: How many teachers did not accept the contracts given them?
Answer: 387 Teachers did not accept/sign their contract offer.