05/04/2015 – Furniture

C. 11. c. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Purchase Approval
05/04/2015 Work/Business
eboard link icon  Agenda Item – Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
The District is requesting the purchase of 135 teacher desk, 135 teacher chairs, 135 four-drawer file cabinets, 270 four-shelf bookcases, 2,500 open front adjustable desks 1,400 student combo desks, 3,040 18” student chairs, 430 16” student chairs and 14” student chairs from Ernie Morris Enterprises. This purchase will be made from the TCPN Contract #R4982. To maximize competition quotes were obtained from various vendors to leverage these agreements for our FF&E purchasing needs. The purchase of this furniture will used to support the summer portable relocation for student capacity and the remainder will be used for general furniture needs throughout the District for 2015-2016 FY.
Preparatory Q&A with DeKalb Schools
Question: What is ” the summer portable relocation for student capacity”
Answer: (JOSHUA WILLIAMS)  Each year, the Operations Division evaluates our student enrollment projections for each school against the school’s building capacity to determine if portable classroom units are needed to address overcrowding concerns throughout the District. Additionally, this assessment evaluates the need for portable classroom units to support our construction, renovation, and/or addition projects as per our voter-approved E-SPLOST referendum. This furniture purchase supports the additional student desks and chairs, teacher desks and chairs, books shelves, etc. needed to provide an appropriate learning environment within the portable classroom units to be relocated for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.