01/12/2015 – HR Report

01/12/2015 Work Session
eboard link icon .pdf link icon  January 2015 Human Resources Monthly Report

Stan Jester (Board of Education) – Nurses.  How many open recs do we have for nurses?
Dr. Vasanne Tinsley (Director, Support Services) – We have some vacancies in our nursing department.  We have nurses in our elementary schools.  We are not fully staffed in our elementary schools.  We had some leave over the winter break.  We have 3 or 4 openings.
Stan Jester – Do we budget middle school nurses?
Dr. Vasanne Tinsley – No.
Stan Jester – So, any school nurses in middle schools would be paid for by outside sources.
Dr. Vasanne Tinsley – We don’t have any nurses at our middle or high schools.  We have been working with senior leadership to come up with a proposal to look at that in the next budget.
Stan Jester – I believe we have some nurses in our middle schools, but they are paid for by the PTA
Dr. Tekshia Ward-Smith (Chief Human Resources Officer) – If they are paid for by the PTA, then they are not school employees.
Stan Jester – Nevertheless, we have nurses there.
Dr. Ward-Smith – We are not aware they are there because they are not our employees.
Stan Jester – So, we have paid people at our schools that we are not aware of?
Dr. Ward-Smith – They are paid by the PTA, so often they go through the finger printing process to ensure they are eligible to be here.  But, they are not employees.
Stan Jester – Are there any liabilities having people working at our schools that the district isn’t aware of?
Dr. Ward-Smith – They are ultimately volunteers who are paid for by the PTA