11/03/2014 – SCR Principal Supervisor Initiative

Strategic Consulting Resources, Inc. (SCR) Professional Services Agreement for Principal Supervisor Initiative (PSI) Approval
11/03/2014 Work Session

The chief purpose of the Wallace Foundation grant is to shift the role of the principal supervisors from overseeing compliance to sharpening principals’ instructional leadership capabilities by providing the right training, support, and number of principals to supervise. Detailed services, provided by SCR, are described in the Work Plan to be approved by the Wallace Foundation. The Work Plan includes, but is not limited to, production of the following deliverables:

  • Research-based Competency Model that defines Principal Supervisor competencies;
  • Monograph that links literature review summaries with each Principal Supervisor competency and includes detailed cross-walks to local, state, and national standards for leaders;
  • Resource guide for replication of training/orientation that includes protocols for facilitating initial performance assessment as well as activities for inclusive engagement of stakeholders;
  • Fully developed Principal Supervisor position description that addresses all requirements defined by the Competency Model and meets local requirements;
    Resource guide for implementation of selection process for prospective Principal Supervisors that includes forms, protocols, rating scales, and scripted guidelines for implementation.