11/03/2014 – PATH Charter Petition

Action on the DeKalb P.A.T.H. Academy Renewal Charter Petition

Dr. José G. Boza – Jr., Director, Leadership Development & Charter Schools Department, Division of School Leadership & Operational Support
It is requested that the Board  determine that the charter petition submitted by DeKalb P.A.T.H. Academy is in compliance with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures promulgated in accordance with Code Section 20-2-2063, and the provisions of Code Section 20-2-2064 and; is therefore, in the public interest.
DeKalb P.A.T.H. Academy (PATH), a DeKalb charter school, has been educating students since 2002. PATH’s program focuses on their mission of “creating a safe and nurturing learning environment in which refugee, immigrant, and local children from the Chamblee, Doraville, and Clarkston areas can develop the knowledge, skills, and character needed to succeed in top-quality high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond, regardless of their socio-economic and linguistic barriers.”
PATH has proposed to continue to serve grades 5-8 during all five years of the charter term. The members of the board were also provided with an executive summary of PATH Academy with information regarding the school’s academic performance, governance and fiscal knowledge and responsibility.
John Coleman – Board Member
Reading the documentation, I new about PATH Academy, just not in this detail.  It’s remarkably impressive what they are doing with their significant hurdles.  They are meeting exceeding scores across the county.
Marshal Orson – Board Member
I want to echo that.