Cooky Huff

07/07/2014 All Public Comments
[00:13:49] Cooky Huff (2nd Vice President – SW DeKalb High School PTSA)
President Obama said, “We have not chosen the circumstances in which we were born. But, we can determine the circumstances in which we live.”
Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”
As a proud parent of a magnet student at SW DeKalb HS. As the 2nd Vice President of the PTSA and as a homeowner in the SW DeKalb area, I am here to let you know that I am displeased with the recent state of events at our school.
We have had teachers who have been reassigned. We see it as a form of retaliation. It is my job to personalize it for you. We want to hone in on one great teacher. We have a teacher who has been here for 17 years. She teaches our special needs students. She has shown her love in her care for them by being there for them day in and day out. She also serves as the co coach for the SW DeKalb JV and Varsity softball team in her off-time. This teacher showed her concern by going to the principal and letting her know she was concerned about her classroom being reassigned. Her students were mentally and physically challenged. Her classroom was relocated to the back of the school. As an intelligent woman, she let the principal know that she would have problems in the case of an emergency. The principal responded flippantly, “If we ever decide to add an elevator, then you’ll be OK.” That shows the disdain for her and her students at that time.
Please right the wrong from reassigning them. We’re not asking, we are demanding that you stand up for us as we stand up for our children. We deserve the same education, the same love, the same care as the other side of DeKalb county. Not only do we want our teachers put back in place, but we appreciate the survey about our principal. We have the person we want as the principal.
[applause from the crowd]