06/02/2014 – David Schutten

2nd Public Budget Hearing
David Schutten (President ODE)
We never thought we’d get out of the dark hole we were in. We appreciate all the hard work of the staff. Thank you for changing the policy so staff at schools can send their kids up through the feeder schools.
I think we used to save a lot of money when we had an employee suggestion program in the late 80s and early 90s. I’d ask Mr. Williams to look into that.
Community Input Session
David Schutten (President ODE)
I’d like to make a presentation to Mr. Thurmond. I want to make sure Mr. Thurmond knows how much I appreciate him. I’ve been coming up here every month saying we need to reinstate the media specialists. I’m not the only one … the schools, teachers and principals.
I have something for you signed by students and staff.