04/01/2014 – Amendments To Bylaws

04/01/2014 Work Session & Board Meeting

  • INITIAL REQUEST ~ Amendment to the Bylaws & Policy – Descriptor Code JBCC, Student Assignment
  • READY FOR ACTION ~ Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: Board Policy DKA (Extended Program Funds Management) new policy

Student Assignment (Descriptor Code JBCC)
A student is usually assigned to the school serving the geographic attendance area in which the student resides. (A student’s residence is defined in Policy JBC, and attendance areas are discussed in Policy AD.) However, the DeKalb County Board of Education desires to enhance the educational opportunities available for students of the DeKalb County School District and therefore has established numerous school choice options through which District students may be assigned to schools outside their attendance area.

Extended Program Funds Management (Board Policy DKA)
Monies generated at local schools from after care programs Funds collected by local schools on behalf of or for the benefit of students in connection with the provision of after care, extended day and academic enrichment programs (“Program”) operated by the local school shall be managed by the local school under the following conditions: