04/01/2014 – Zepora Roberts

04/01/2014 Work Session & Board Meeting
04/01/2014 Public Comments
Public Comments – Zepora Roberts

Zepora Roberts (2012 DeKalb County School Board, District 7)
I’m here to speak on behalf of Redan High School. I have not spoken to anyone at Redan High School. Nor have I spoken to any school system employees about my concerns regarding Redan. Nor any school board members.
I was at Redan High School this weekend. I was able to look at the facilities. It is a shame as to what has been done to Redan High School regarding construction and renovations. Redan was left out of all the preceding SPLOST for renovations. Nothing has been done to Redan since I was on the board in 2010.
There was a plan to fix many areas at Redan that have been neglected for many years. When I went off the board so did all the needed renovations.
One thing that was fixed was the new carpeting in the media center for the 3rd time in 5 years. Apparently the leak in the media center was successfully fixed. All of the other things are in the same state of disrepair.
The front office has still not been renovated. The old non matching doors are non repairable. They have been there since the school was built. The wide crevices in the floors are un-repairable and seem to be widening.
Redan deserves more and better than what they have received just like Druid Hills, Chamblee Charter, Lakeside, Tucker. Redan needs to be gutted and appropriately renovated. They did receive a new art building, but that is like adding a new room onto a landfill.
Mr. Thurmond, I’m asking you and your staff to walk through Redan and properly assess their needs and do no less than what is needed just like the other high schools. The citizens of Redan pay taxes like everyone else, but they have not received an equitable return on all of the SPLOST they have passed. Please take a walk through and see for yourself before we spend another penny on the inside so we can ensure the money is spent effectively and efficiently.
Make sure we are getting the fullest extent of the every penny we spend.