DCSD Employees May Continue To Work Remotely For 30 Days

DeKalb Schools Teachers and staff experiencing hardships may notify their immediate supervisors, complete the Hardship Request Application, and continue to work remotely for 30 days. At the end of the 30-day window, the hardship application will be reviewed. Teachers and staff, who are ready to return, may do so on January 4th.

Dr. Michelle Jones, DeKalb Schools Chief Human Resources Officer, sent this message to DeKalb Schools employees last Thursday.

Stan Jester DeKalb Schools

From: Dr. Michelle Jones
DeKalb Schools Interim Chief Human Resources Officer
Subject: DCSD Employees Return to Work Considerations
Date: December 31, 2020

As we begin our phases of re-opening, the Division of Human Resources is here to assist employees with employment-related needs. On January 4, 2021, we are welcoming back all 10, 11, and 12-month employees who were working remotely to return to the work setting. Our goal is to get everyone back to our buildings, to transition to our physical workspace/classrooms, and to prepare for a hybrid learning environment. While leave or accommodations may be granted to employees under Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), further considerations for temporary hardship situations have been requested at this time by employees. The District’s goal is to be supportive and understanding of the concerns of our employees during this pandemic, while maintaining the operation of the school district.Please note that the needs of our employees and students are top priorities in the decision-making process; therefore, it is imperative that we are aware of the needs of our team members in order to execute the appropriate plan for alternate work arrangements. In this second phase of employees returning to the building, there are three options beginning January 4th:

• Teachers and staff, who are ready to return, may do so on January 4th.
• Teachers and staff, who have submitted the required documentation to request an ADA accommodation and have been approved, may continue to work remotely.
• Teachers and staff, who have submitted the required documentation to request an ADA accommodation and have not been approved, may continue to work remotely until the Division of Human Resources determines eligibility.
• Teachers and staff experiencing hardships may notify their immediate supervisors, complete the Hardship Request Application, and continue to work remotely for 30 days. At the end of the 30-day window, the hardship application will be reviewed. (Note: The Hardship Request Application must be submitted no later than Friday, January 8, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. through the following link: https://survey.sogosurvey.com/r/8UPcR4)

Employees may also visit the employee sharepoint portal to access additional resources within the Resources tab of the Division of Human Resources. We are all in this together, and we are here to make your transition back to the work setting as smooth as possible.

Hardship Request Application

Any hardship request will be acknowledged until DCSD announces that students are returning to school. The employee must agree to accept the alternative work assignment assigned by their immediate supervisor and that such assignment is not an adverse employment action under Georgia or federal law.

Employees must also describe the nature of the hardship. Documentation may be submitted to substantiate your request for hardship consideration.

  • Health condition (non- FMLA or ADA)
  • Pending FMLA request
  • Pending ADA request
  • Childcare: School age
  • Childcare: Under school age
  • Care for a family member with a serious health condition
  • Other (Please specify)

Noteworthy comment from DSW2Contributor about the most recent Principals Meeting

“[DeKalb Schools Administration] told Principals to approve all hardship requests and to also be ready to open schools for F2F.

TEACHERS and STAFF: my advice continues to be that everyone should fill out a hardship request. Just tell the truth. The “other” option is there for a reason, so use it if you have to — just tell truth. Your reason might be that you have not been provided with (and/or have not been able to purchase for yourself) N-95 masks and other PPE. Your reason might be that you are too fearful to come back before you and other members of your household have been vaccinated. Maybe you do not have transportation because MARTA closed the bus route you use to get to school, or maybe your spouse/partner needs to use your only car because their bus route was closed. Maybe you did report to school, saw how badly prepared your school was, and now you are too stressed out and fearful to go back.


470 responses to “DCSD Employees May Continue To Work Remotely For 30 Days

  1. Whatcha gonna do Harris when Morley runs wild on you?!?

    That just ain’t white!

  2. Dr. Morley was absolutely correct in her diatribe to CWH. I and several teachers and parents agree with her. Someone needed to call CWH on the carpet and Dr. Morley did just that!
    Thank you Dr. Morley!!!

  3. Dr. Morley Rocks

    Can anyone paraphrase what my new hero, Dr. Morley said to cheerleader.

  4. Anyone Help !!!

    I did not see the meeting. Even though the F to F has been delayed, is staff still being required to teach from the school ?

  5. DSW2Contributor

    @joy – “is staff still being required to teach from the school ?”
    Yes, CWH is still demanding teachers and staff report to empty buildings.

  6. DSW2Contributor

    AJC article “DeKalb district delays in-person school return amid COVID-19 surge”:
    Two important sentences:
    “Watson-Harris made the announcement after the board held a closed-door executive session for nearly two hours. It is unclear what was discussed in the closed session, which in Georgia is permitted only for personnel issues, potential litigation and real estate transactions.”
    Read between the lines and you will know why Dr. Morley is so pissed off — the BOE did *not* spend two hours discussing real estate transactions!

    Please add DCSD teachers, staff and their families to your prayer list.

  7. I couldn’t find the meeting. What did Dr Morley say?

  8. @ DSW2Contributor,

    No, Super Watson-Harris is not “still demanding teachers and staff report to empty buildings.” She said that those who wanted to report could, but that no teacher had to report until February 4, which I believe will be pushed into the future as COVID cases/deaths rise. (Most of the BOE members railed against giving a specific date because it creates social-emotional distress.)

    It was, however, a thing of beauty watching Dr. Morley tirelessly, breathlessly, incessantly berate Super Watson-Harris who looked like she was going to cry numerous times. I think that in the executive session Super Watson-Harris got a rude awakening! She looked and sounded completely cowed throughout the meeting — no peppy cheerleading tonight!

    But the person who truly makes me want to lose everything in my system from both ends is Gevertz. What a load she is! Has she ever met anyone in power she didn’t suck up to? God! She is an embarrassment and so is DaCosta. His attempt at pathos by crying was cringe-inducing as was Gevertz’s f***ed up response to it when she tried empathy. She really should just go ahead and dye her skin green, get one of those pointy black hats and a straw broom, hire some winged monkeys to accompany her as she flies about, and ditch the I-care-about-you sham. It doesn’t work for her because, guess what, she doesn’t! Dr. Morley put the lie to her caring nature very easily.

    DeKalb Schools is a true s***show. I cannot believe that Super Watson-Harris actually said that having staff return last week was essentially an experiment. Well, when one of her lab specimens dies, I hope the bereaved family sues her personally and not the school system itself. The BOE, with the exception of Gevertz and Mr. Fernbank, seem to be against reopening. Those two have the North DeKalb-types to placate. Good luck with that!

    Did you see the ND-types in the opening statements? It was almost like a skit from “The Carol Burnett Show.” Or maybe “The Outer Limits.” Each one of them who demanded F2F had a special needs child, and one even threatened to sue because DeKalb has been following State of Georgia guidance about how to conduct virtual learning. You really can’t make this s*** up!

    My suggestion: Open a school in North DeKalb for special needs students and be done with it. Have parents and staff sign wavers about not suing if/when COVID strikes. You could open one in South DeKalb, too, but I doubt those parents would want it. They have a clue about how dangerous COVID is, especially to African-Americans.

    If Super Watson-Harris wants to get the North DeKalb kryptonite (F2F demands) off her back and get back her mojo (not that she really had any to begin with), she will take a stand and state emphatically that she’s going to follow what she put out at the very beginning of the school year and keep the schools closed until the infection rate falls to an acceptable level. Just say it and be done with it, like Dr. Beasley has done in Clayton County. He is getting very little, if any, blowback on his decision. Maybe because he hasn’t vacillated and changed his stance two or three times in the press.

  9. Hello @Humpty Dance. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    I don’t think berating anybody is ever a good thing. It’s antithetical to a cordial and constructive conversation. It also doesn’t seem like a good example to be setting for the students or adults in our community.

    Most school districts in the state have at least some F2F learning. I’m not convinced we aren’t doing serious harm to our students, especially our youngest and/or most vulnerable students, by staying 100% virtual.

  10. Uh oh. The Dunwoody Dad Proud Boys are going to be out en masse after this board meeting.

  11. Humpty Dance is a Mess

    Humpty Dance,
    I’ve read your statement several times about special needs students, are you so cold and heartless that you don’t believe these parents need help, are you convinced that these students do not need extra attention despite the risks of Covid or are you just mocking the special needs students in general? Your idea about opening a school in North and South Dekalb for special needs programs is a decent idea, however to say the parents looked like something out of a very outdated comedy show reference is not only cold hearted it’s also disrespectful to anyone who’s ever had a family member that needs extra help due to their genetic lottery ticket.

    Yes, there are parents out there that cannot afford private school or find a private school that has an opening that can assist their children and NEED a public school option in the face of a pandemic. Educators of Special Needs Children are specialized to educate these scholars, parents while they understand the diagnosis of their child cannot in many cases. Most students will be a year or more behind in their education by the time school reopens, if you don’t believe that just look up the studies of the damage done to educational gains that Summer Vacation does to a child, this is worst. Think about what will happen to those children that have different educational needs.

    Go back to your genetically perfect children and realize that when you look at them that you were damned lucky all of their genes have lined up well to this point. There’s hundreds if not thousands of children in this county that aren’t as lucky. And next time, try to have some ounce of compassion, I know it’s hard in your case but it might be worth trying.

  12. @Uh oh … “Dunwoody Dad Proud Boys”? I don’t understand why you would call Dunwoody Dads “Proud Boys”.

  13. @DSW2Contributor,
    You said, “the BOE did *not* spend two hours discussing real estate transactions!”. What are you suggesting the BOE spent their time discussing and why do you say that?
    Thanks, Stan.

  14. @Stan Jester

    I equate the Dunwoody Dad types anger toward returning F2F at all costs to that of a Proud Boys’. Also the blatant disregard for the health and safety of those that are affected by this virus at much higher rates. Of course these would be people in southern part of the county, but Dunwoody Dad Proud Boys don’t care about that. They only care that their child returns F2F immediately. They’ll also be the first to say something similar to “people are going to die from this, that’s just how it is”. Don’t pretend for a second you don’t understand what I’m saying.

  15. Learning Loss

    These people don’t really care about ALL children, they care about THEIR children. I have never seen so much concern for special education students, ELL students, or economically disadvantaged students in the 20 years that I have been an educator as I am seeing now. Where was the concern, from the public, in previous years? And stop with the “learning loss” narrative. Any time a student is learning is a gain whether they are learning all the standards or some of the standards. And to be completely honest, some of the curriculum that we are mandated to teach is lacking in so many areas to begin with. So, no amount of so-called “learning loss” is more important than the safety of my family and me. And nobody can change my mind!

  16. @Uh Oh, Is there a particular commentor you are referring to as “Dunwoody Dad” and calling him a Proud Boy? Otherwise, it seems like you’re painting all Dunwoody Dads as Proud Boys. That would be inflammatory, not constructive and ignorant.

    I understand that many scientists have advised that black, Hispanic and indigenous people are more at risk than white people. I posit that age is a far better predictor of COVID-19 vulnerability than race.

  17. DSW2Contributor

    @Uh Oh – your “equating” Dunwoody Dads to Proud Boys is extremely offensive because you are downplaying what the Proud Boys just did — they staged an insurrection and attempted to kill off the presidential line of succession (the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore of the Senate.)

    The Dunwoody Dads are peacefully and legally advocating for themselves to have the same services that families in Gwinnett, Cobb and Fulton schools are getting.

    Another big difference between the two groups is that the Dunwoody Dads have actually had sex.

  18. Turn Down For What?!?

    Dr. Morley displays the epitome of ageism and colorism. Somehow we cheer her behavior. Sad state of affairs when a bully is praised for bullying. When that behavior happens in a school it’s a problem. School board meeting it is glorified.
    The Super deserves a level of respect as a human firstly, then as the superintendent for the district.


    I am happy to know that there are some board members like Dr. Morley and Turner, who really cares about teachers and children in Dekalb County Schools.

    A parent commented about opening one special education school in North and South Dekalb for parents who claims they want their child in school. Great Suggestion! Let those children get CoV-19, and have parents sign a document to not sue Dekalb Schools if their child gets sick; or maybe parents need to now take responsibility to sit down and work with their child.

    Parents, you had them, not the teachers! Education starts at home and not the school. Parents, do your part because no one asked you to have children. Let your child see you helping them and stop complaining. These are not normal times for all of us! In addition, Dekalb County School buildings are all not set-up to keep students, teachers and others totally safe. Let’s Keep It Real! Stop Being Self-fish and Watson-Harris, stop being pushed by parents to send your teachers back into the building at such a dangerous time.

  20. There is a “Dunwoody Dad” commenter on here I think, but I’m certainly not singling that person out by using the term Dunwoody Dad in my posts. And, obviously I understand comparing the Proud Boys to the Dunwoody Dads is a bit extreme. That was my point. No, I don’t actually think the Dunwoody folks act like the Proud Boys. But, the likeness in stance is there. If they are indeed that outraged, just leave. Move districts or go private. The irony in all of this is I live in Dunwoody. I don’t have any kids, though, and I’m not a teacher, staff, or even stakeholder for that matter for DCSD (as I’m now old enough to not have to pay into school tax!). I just like this blog as I have friends’ children who teach in both DeKalb and Gwinnett, and it’s always fun to come here and look at the comments. I will say, though, my neighbor’s daughter who works in Gwinnett, contracted COVID in November from a co-worker at her school and her class, nor the school, was sent anything alerting parents and other staff. Gwinnett is not all flowers and rainbows like everyone wants to say they are. Clearly they are hiding things to make it look like F2F is working well.

  21. You need to know this

    Please understand that the situation where you WANT your child cannot exist in a school building at this time. There will be no true student to teacher interaction. There will be NO paper and pencil work. There will be no group work or student socialization. Teachers will be at their desk, as far away from others as possible, wearing masks and speaking into a malfunctioning chromebook. Students will be on their devices. Is this what you really want?
    I understand that parents (and teachers too) want the world to return to a pre-Covid reality but it can’t, we are not there yet. Wait for the vaccine.

  22. Changed my mind

    I’ve changed my mind. I was a strong advocate of F2F for many of the reasons stated here – other schools have done so successfully, students are being left behind, and yes, I don’t like seeing what was happening to MY kid.

    But now, with the latest incompetence of DeKalb, I think we should finish the year virtual. Here’s why. If you start back in February, you’re going to have mass teacher changes. Some students who are ahead will do nothing, some who are behind will be prodded to catch up. Maybe this is okay in elem school. But for HS students in AP classes – who probably won’t start back until March or later – there’s the AP exam that’s happening no matter how much DeKalb screws up the schools. If the best DeKalb can do is a March or later start for HS kids, continuity is more important than being in person.

    But here’s my fear. A report today said we won’t have widespread immunity this year. Now whether that’s true or not – no one can know. But I can see DeKalb jumping on that “metric” and riding another year of doing nothing.

    Would love, LOVE for the Board to come out and say:
    1. We’re doing virtual for the rest of the year (or we’re going F2F and guaranteeing teacher continuity)
    2. We will open next year come hell or high water. Teachers who aren’t comfortable with that should not sign a contract.

    But you know DeKalb. They can’t even manage to put a plan in place for next week, much less one for the next school year.

  23. @Uh Oh. Understood. Proud Boys is an extreme, but colorful characterization. I started reading comments this morning and would like to lower the temperature a little on this hot topic issue. Obviously all parents aren’t going to agree with all DeKalb Schools employees, but hopefully the two groups can have some understanding of each other’s position.

  24. Gwinnett Teacher

    I’m a teacher in Gwinnett (who LOVES this blog – thank you Stan!), and the fact that there are people on here who keep citing Gwinnett as a shining beacon of F2F promise are sorely mistaken. You are seeing what WSB and the AJC want you to see. Outside of the PPE I was provided by GCPS for myself and for my classroom (granted it’s way more than what teachers were provided in DCSD) is hardly enough to keep myself and my students safe for the entire school year. I had to provide plexiglass for partitions and the extra sanitizer and wipes after my stash ran out in October. Myself and nearly every other teacher in my building are basically teaching virtually; we just happen to have students in our room. They aren’t getting anywhere close to the attention that they would be in a non-pandemic setting. This is actually my first time posting, but I felt it necessary as so many people on here are quick to point to Gwinnett as this district that’s doing it right. It’s all smoke and mirrors. It’s a disaster. Our school won’t even send home letters when students or staff contract Covid-19. In December, we were all told to review our contract where it says your teaching certificate could be revoked for going to the media. It is NOT better in Gwinnett! Stop saying it is. We all want to be teaching virtually. Why not wait until teachers and students can be vaccinated?

  25. Shortsighted Stan

    Stan—You are wrong. Give me a break about you not being sure that we are not doing harm to students. Bull/// One thing I am sure of is we are not killing teachers by having them in Covid hotspots . Ill take the modicum harm to students versus the fatalities of teachers.

  26. @Shortsighted Stan. Thank you for sharing. It seems like we are doing a lot of harm to our youngest as well as our most vulnerable students. I don’t think either of us can quantify the amount of harm. I’m confident that we all agree that there is risk of fatality in most everything we do. It’s quite possible that getting to school is more dangerous than being at school. I think there should be more discussion about the risk profiles for people. It’s misleading to say old people and young people are dying from covid. The question is how many kids and how many old people. It’s too vague to say teachers are at serious risk. We need to ask which teachers are at risk and how large is that risk. It’s also unfortunate that we are using “cases” as a measuring stick.

  27. @ Learning Loss and others who think it’s wrong to advocate for your kids…

    Show me one comment on this board from any teacher saying “Yeah, we need to be spending more time with the kids;” or “yeah, the kids aren’t getting the education they deserve” and I’ll stop advocating. No teacher has stood up and said “the kids deserve more and here’s what I’m willing to do to ensure they get more.”

    In DeKalb, if you don’t stand up for your kids they get screwed.

  28. Why can private schools offer F2F and public schools cannot? What are the real barriers?

  29. Sick of DeKalb

    I am so sick of the tired claim to parents “you had them”. Yeah, no crap. I remember. What on earth does that have to do with the school discussion?

    DeKalb’s virtual school plan is a disaster and has been since day 1. The expectation that parents can stop working to help with school (and stop paying the mortgage, stop buying groceries, etc) because “we decided to have kids” is both short-sighted and infuriating.

  30. @Standing up,

    We (teachers) don’t need to scream and shout about what we do for kids. We just do it, during AND OUTSIDE of our contracted hours, on weekends, during breaks, during the summer… we just do it. What more do you expect us to do during a freaking pandemic? It is a P.A.N.D.E.M.I.C so NO, I will not be screaming at the top of my lungs in favor of reopening buildings 1) when the spread is steadily increasing, 2) while hospitalizations are increasing, 3) while mortality rates are increasing, 4) while living in a zip code with one of the highest rates of spread in Dekalb, 5) while being the mother of children who depend on me to be alive and healthy. So if you are waiting for me or other educators to rally im favor of spending more f2f time with students at the detriment of our health and the health of those who depend on us, don’t hold your breath. And while you’re breathing, continue to pray that 1) the numbers decrease and 2) teachers are vaccinated sooner than later so that we can ALL return. Until then, cry me a river. And please continue advocating for your kid(s), but don’t use the “other” kids that you were not advocating for pre-Covid to make a point for reopening prematurely.

  31. @ Learning Loss –

    I didn’t say anything about going back in person. I said show me a teacher who on this board has advocated for more student-facing time, that the kids deserve more, more than the 30 minutes of class time kids are getting twice a week. I would be happy with a normal virtual class schedule that included teaching on Wednesdays.

    But you throw this into a diatribe. Like so many others who don’t give a shit about the kids and only care about your paycheck…

  32. Learning Loss seems to really appreciate his/her/their/them (to be PC) job, no wonder Dekalb has a 73% graduation rate. (which will no doubt drop.. maybe into the 60’s this year) That person can’t be bothered with the kids YOU had, just imagine if we all stopped having kids, there’d be no reason for teachers… brilliant! I guess Learning Loss advocates for abortion and abstinence. For that person to say there’s no such thing as Learning Loss, I’d love to see them rebuke the study in the link below, but they won’t be able to, because if they were able to they’d have a much higher education position in life.

    -Teachers are failing the students currently around the country both virtually and in person in Dekalb. Remember 27% of students did not graduate this last year making them highly unemployable.

    -The County from the top down is a total failure. Watson -Harris to the Board (who complains but offers little in practical solutions)

    -The Students are falling behind and those with needs are falling even further behind and may never catch back up. Keep in mind special needs children age out of public schooling and the most severe cases are being given a huge deck of cards stacked against them.


    Finally and this directed solely at those doubting the sincerity of those with Special Needs Children, spend 10 minutes trying to teach a child that has an Intellectual Disability and then get back to us with how the education must start at home. Why do colleges and universities offer degrees in Special Education if it’s so easy? Why do colleges and universities offer ANY education degrees if it’s so easy and we should be able to do it all from home? If your an educator, what does that mean for your degree if it is that easy?

    Stop and think about the comments your making about these parents and children, would you say something this negative to the handicapped person bagging your groceries at Publix? I doubt it. But hiding behind a screen is easy. Use your time at home to develop Empathy.

  33. Stan,

    Any reason that the VOD for the board meeting has not been updated when its been known for months that Flash was being deprecated by Adobe?

    Now, you can’t watch any of the board meetings since the only source is the district website or until you wait until the meeting is randomly played on DSTV.

    Any reason that Youtube is not utilized as a platform as well?

  34. Learning Loss

    @standing up,
    That “you don’t give a shit about the kids” shit don’t work here. I DO work for money, cause the last time I checked that is how I support MY KIDS and pay MY BILLS just like you do. Now tell me how you go above and beyond for whatever your profession is? And we discussed adding additional time to our schedule at our school prior to the superintendent clearly stating that the regular bell schedule for each school would be used starting the 18th. So, argue with yourself. Byeee.

  35. Learning Loss

    So where was all this concern about special populations before Covid? Were you posting articles then? Nothing has changed. Kids in special populations have always been undeserved, but never have I heard all of this concern until now. The point is… don’t try to use them now to support why you want to risk the lives of others. And yes, I support them both… abortions and abstinence. And again, I DO my job as described in my contract and duties and responsibilities to receive money to support my family. PERIOD! Take it how you want.

  36. Worthless Teacher

    @Learning Loss,

    It’s not worth the argument. The non-teachers here fucking hate the teachers and think they’re worthless pieces of shit. Save your effort. You won’t change their minds.

  37. Worthless Teacher

    Also @Learning Loss,

    Parents are now all of a sudden appearing to care about black and brown kids, when in all actuality, they’re just using them as a crutch to justify reopening schools. It’s quite horrific. Also a losing battle with them, though, because you’re right, pre-pandemic, probably not ever a word about it.

  38. @Worthless Teacher. That’s a bit hyperbolic. I’ll bet most non teachers on this blog love their teachers … even the parents that are frustrated about the current situation. I’m hoping we can discuss and disagree without hating each other.

  39. Ben Greenwald

    PKC – I was just able to view yesterday’s meetings at https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/communications/dstv/ and then clicking on the VOD link. It did not seem to be using FLASH.

  40. Check your email

    And now our paychecks are short…

    Can Dekalb do anything right? Gee whiz.

  41. Ben, what are type of device are you using?

    I’m using Chrome, Windows 10.

    Adobe Flash Player is out of date and Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date.

    No luck in Edge either.

  42. Paycheck error?

    Can employees on here please let me know if the email they got from HR has their correct “semi-monthly check amount” listed? Mine is wrong (lower) by several hundred dollars.

  43. Ben Greenwald

    Safari browser on a Mac

  44. My pay plan is wrong as well…several hundred short!!!!

  45. Paycheck Error 2???

    @Paycheck error? This is strange. My annual salary is increased by $764.35 BUT my bi-monthy check is reduced by $599.46. That’s a few cents short of $1200.00 per month!!! Both are based on 185 workdays. I compaired the Compensition Data sheet they sent me on 8/24/2020 to the one they sent me today.

  46. Alison Mercer

    I missed yesterday’s Board Meeting, and would really like to see it. The regular link thru DATV then VOD doesn’t “play” the meeting. The wheel just spins forever on a grey screen.

  47. Paycheck errors

    Make sure you’re going by the pay scale sent that went into effect on 1/1/2021. It appears the district used this opportunity to completely redo their salary schedules. They are basing it on 185 days of work. I still think the district used Covid an excuse to save money for law suits. How can our district justify having 5 calendar reduction days when no other district implemented such days?

  48. Those concerned about the paychecks: It seems that many people are seeing hundreds less each 2 weeks on the new semi-monthly scale. I would e-mail the compensation department which is at the end of the FAQs sheet. You will get an automated reply, but they need to get flooded with this because people have bills to pay. Again, how can we trust them to do anything correctly if they can’t even get a simple step increase correct.

  49. Hello @Paycheck Errors. The administration made it clear that the number one goal of the FY2021 budget was to save jobs. Given the TSA settlement (Gold Case) the district used “furlough” days to pay for the lawsuit.

  50. Paycheck error?

    The amount that is in this email I received makes my paycheck closer to one a 15-year old bagger at Kroger would receive. It’s clearly an error. And, even with the 5 calendar reduction days, that would come out to AT MOST about $2500 over the course of the year (around $100 per paycheck at most). Mine was nearly $500 less PER PAYCHECK.

  51. I missed that part on mine. I’m still trying to figure out what the footnote means….

    ***The semi-monthly check amount is prorated based on the number of days worked while paid on each salary step.***

    I know what it means in plain text, but trying to figure out how someone with almost perfect attendance gets a figure hundreds of dollars less

  52. Doesn't make sense

    I thought the calendar reduction days were calculated when they sent out the pay plan in August. My pay was already reduced from last year so I don’t understand a further reduction. The pay plan sent at the beginning of the year had 185 days as well. As stated, it is way more than 5 calendar days that would be deducted.

  53. C'mon DeKalb!

    I received my compensation plan today as well and my semi-monthly check amount is also about $500 less than what it was before. Based on this new compensation plan, my salary for the whole year is is about $8,500 less than what I should make. DeKalb sucks!

  54. Where is Rock Bottom?

    Why is my base pay reduced by almost $9,000 after receiving a step ‘raise’ on the pay scale? Honestly, I am beyond the point of frustration. I am exhausted with the level of ineptitude that has been displayed this school year by the new administration on ALL fronts. There has been chaos, confusion, and disappointment at every turn. For the sake of my financial stability and mental health, I don’t know if I will be able to renew my contract for the upcoming school year. That breaks my heart.

    They don’t seem to understand that every fumble impacts real people’s lives. Every indecision, misstep, and irrational policy 180 has an impact. It’s almost as if the pandemic is not enough. Now I’m stuck stressing about what my paycheck will look like in THREE DAYS, after already spending unplanned funds around the holidays on supplies to keep myself and students safe for the latest SCRAPPED reopening of buildings. I’m done. I want to scream.

  55. I haven’t received my pay email yet…

  56. @whereisrockbottom: I totally agree with you. I can’t put into public appropriate words as to how we all feel about this. This is a mistake. It is mathematically incorrect, but the sheer and profound incompetency of the people running this school system is beyond belief.

  57. What are you people still doing on the site? Stan got his new buildings in Dunwoody. He even took over one in Brookhaven. His time is over. Thank you for your transparency Stan.

    What’s gonna happen to the bigoted South Dekalb teachers posting anon here when the district’s funding is cut due to falling enrollment numbers? You are worried about your paychecks and school building now? haha. just wait.

    What a mess.

  58. The two buildings I got? That’s pretty ignorant of the facts. Austin ES was passed in SPLOST 10 years ago. I lobbied hard against what happened to Kittredege. I think Ms Tyson was rushed and messed up on that decision.

  59. @stan

    I know. It’s better to attack all sides when you are trolling. You’ve been a decent board member from what I can tell.

    If you had to do it over again would you allow anonymous message boards like this? They have fallen out of popularity recently … for obvious reason

  60. You people? South Dekalb teachers? Bigoted? I think you’re projecting and didn’t do a good job of hiding your hood. Yuck. No worries, karma has a way of handling people like you so I’ll save my words.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  61. I think anonymous forums allow us to have conversations we couldn’t otherwise have.

  62. @yuck. Haha. you don’t have to be a privileged white male to be a bigot. Calling Dunwoody Dad’s Proud Boys for wanting to send their kids back?

    bigot – a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

  63. Stan, you never answered my Jan 8 post about WHY this timing. You’re one of the board members who encouraged reopening f2f, right? So what’s your own perspective, why did you advise that in December? — Parent

  64. @stan – it also allows us to spout views and opinions we would never stand behind in real life. It gives people an outlet to be and say unreasonable things. It allows for 8chan and QAnon. It allows for teachers and parents to spout backward views without any repercussions.

    I think this is one of the only places left that allows for truly anon posts (no established user name). I’ve watched them disappear over the last decade (I do internet things for a living).

  65. @Parent. Thanks for asking again. A lot of comments, questions, emails, etc …. fall through the cracks.

    The short answer is, I asked the school district to follow the recent recommendations from the state and health officials. They were using really old recommendations.

    At the December meeting they said they were going to continue with the old recommendations. A few days later there was a town hall and they decided to go in a completely new direction. I have no clue why the change overnight.

  66. @Paychecks. It allows people to say what they think without consequences. People can freely argue and discuss the issues. The identity of commenters isn’t important.

  67. @stan
    “The identity of commenters isn’t important.” Ha

    Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

    -Dunwoody Dad Proud Boy #57

  68. Posters are always free to use their real name. I value those posts more. I also believe that there are DCSD employees that need to post anonymously for fear of retribution. I definitely want to hear from them.

  69. Hey Ben. I appreciate the courage it takes to put your name out there for everyone to judge.

  70. “I also believe that there are DCSD employees that need to post anonymously for fear of retribution. I definitely want to hear from them.”

    Yes, the golden argument for QAnon.

    Sometimes retribution is needed. Sometimes not. There are much better avenues for whistleblowing. But y’all do your thing.

  71. Retribution against commenters? That discourages free speech. I don’t think shutting down speech you don’t agree with is the way to go. Seems like a good healthy exchange of different thoughts and ideas is the way to go.

  72. Paychecks? I don’t value your comments on the evils of anonymity as you post anonymously.

  73. DSW2Contributor

    @Stan Jester asked me “What are you suggesting the BOE spent their time discussing and why do you say that?”
    Personnel and potential litigation — I believe the BOE spent those 2 hours in executive session discussing personnel who were exposed to Covid in their DCSD workplace last week and the potential litigation from that exposure.

    As for why I say that, I cannot be more specific and still remain anonymous.

  74. [TRIGGER WARNING: Sarcasm a la stereotype used throughout for character development.]

    @ Humpty Dance is a Mess,

    Yes, I am, and I have given great thought to your post and now agree that my reference to those TV shows was wrong. “The Carol Burnett Show” was an award-winning comedy sketch program that had great influence on comedic television. “The Outer Limits” was a ground-breaking science fiction program that brought new insights to its viewers about reality. So, yes, you are right. I feel bad about comparing those very worthwhile, but dated, shows to the pathetic parade of ND-types demanding F2F instruction during the (current) zenith of COVID transmission/death.

    A better comparison of those very selfish ND-types would be to “Ellen’s Game of Games,” now in its fourth season on NBC! On that show contestants go head-to-head competing for a big cash prize, just like the ND-types doing/saying whatever so that they WINNNNNN. Ellen’s contestants maneuver obstacles and so do the ND-types. Teachers scared of death? F*** that! Teachers should be HEROES and go into the schools to teach our special needs students. If some teachers die, so what. Our ND taxes paid for them to teach F2F and, by damn, they will!

    And at the center of the show is Ellen, who has been shown to be completely opposite in reality to the image she presents on TV. Wow! Isn’t that just like Super Watson-Harris! She spouts the words “compassion” and “concern” and writes that she’s the “biggest cheerleader” for DeKalb’s teachers. What s***. She ruined the holidays for DeKalb Schools’ employees and had her interim HR soror send out a New Year’s Eve message about the system’s plans to have said employees contract COVID through the ill-conceived and poorly-prepared for reopening of schools. Anyway, Ellen is at the center of it all on her show and Super Watson-Harris is smack dab in the middle of it for DeKalb Schools, laughing at the unpredictable fun, narrating the madness, and making sure everyone has a great time while they’re trying to win, win, win (or just actually survive in DeKalb)!

    That’s really what it’s all about, winning. The ND-types decided long ago even before they purchased that misspelled billboard that they were going to WIN. Their children WOULD return to school and to hell with what anyone else had to say. Then the ND-types went on a tear against the BOE. Most of the BOE members made it clear that they have received a multitude of threatening, profane calls and emails from ND-types screaming for F2F. Where is the groundswell of support for F2F in DeKalb? Along Ashford-Dunwoody Road? Mount Vernon Highway? Hundreds came out TWICE in the freezing cold during holiday at the DeKalb Schools/Cub Foods Administration/Instruction/Distribution Center to protest F2F. It was well-documented in the press. Where was the pro-F2F protest? The food court at Perimeter Mall? Did everyone enjoy a latte while the hat was passed to fund the billboard? Or was it a tasty, foamy frappe while Apple Cash transactions processed?

    Oh, my bad, am I being insensitive to an overly-insensitive group of ND-types? It was the Chick-fil-A on Jett Ferry Road, right? That locale would be much better suited for your children to attend. I know you had them in tow, you know, a treat from that 24/7 ordeal of having to deal with them at home without your 8-10 hour weekday respite when trained experts (oops, special education teachers) in the schools took your children off your hands so you could do whatever it is you used to do when your children were away with the experts (oops, teachers). The mind boggles: Pilates, book club, tennis with your significant “other” (sexual innuendo there), an afternoon delight (another sexual innuendo, more explicit), a luxurious session at Spa Sydell (no sexual innuendo, but a tasteless swipe at “body culture”). Oh, my bad, again, I forgot about all that volunteering you used to do in South DeKalb to help those poor unfortunate black and brown children who, especially now in pandemic times, are SO on the radar of you ND-types.

    I get the biggest kick out of how the ND-types now “care” about the learning and well-being of those disadvantaged chirren who ain’t got no equity in da system. LMAO. That argument is about as believable as Gervertz being an emphatic type. Where has this concern been before now?

    Here’s another suggestion for you caring, benevolent ND-types: instead of spending your dollars on billboards demanding F2F FOR YOUR CHILDREN, why not venture into the wilds of South DeKalb and set up instructional pods with THOSE needy special needs kids? It’s simple. Jump in your GLS SUV (Mercedes, baby!), travel around Dunwoody and pick up all the children of the parents who spoke at Monday night’s BOE meeting (and of who contributed to that billboard), kick it down 285 (you know, THAT 285 headed toward Macon), and hook up with the crowd off Glenwood for starters. I can assure you that they will be thrilled at the sight of your ride pulling up!

    In fact, would it not be easier to set up the pods in the basements of your houses in greater Dunwoody! I’m sure you could work out something with the school system to bus those South DeKalb children you’re so concerned about over to your McMansions. It just warms my heart thinking about it! Gevertz can fly over on her broom for a photo op, and all the children – even yours – could play with her winged monkeys! Now that would certainly amp up her (faux) empathy in the press. I can see the pictures on the DeKalb Schools website even now. Call her up. I bet she brings beignets. No, not those nasty chocolate ones from Popeye’s. Are you kidding? Gevertz at a fried chicken place! No, she’d pick them up from La Madeleine. And since that powdered sugar just gets everywhere, Gevertz would be so understanding and let one of the South DeKalb children use her broom to sweep it up. No pictures of that, though. No!

    Then off into the air with her winged monkey posse.

    Oui. Oui.

  75. “As for why I say that, I cannot be more specific and still remain anonymous.”

    Q? is that you? RED2

  76. It seems highly unlikely they discussed people who were exposed and the potential litigation for two hours. Litigation has to be impending for it to be covered by executive session. Discussing specific exposures is personal and not something that would be discussed. Just doesn’t seem likely … at least not for two hours.

  77. Look and that garbage from Humpty Dumpty. Good to see those free thoughts exchanged on here. Thank god for anonymity.

  78. Humpty Dumpty-

    Are you bitter? Did you want this fictional life you think most ND moms have and not get it? I’m one of those ND moms and my life, nor any of my friends lives, are as you describe. I work 50+ hours a week right now in healthcare. The.n I come home and try to help my children with school work that they couldn’t finish. My husband is up at 4 working before school and working on and off throughout the day while helping the kids. Then when I get home he works until at least 10. There is NO Pilates, book clubs etc even when my kids are in school. The moms I know (including all the moms I know that want to go back) WORK full time careers. It is so insulting that types like you think ND types just want to get rid of our kids to go back to our lives of leisure.
    Have you been to Dunwoody? We don’t really have McMansions. Homes here were built in the 70s and are normal homes. You can be jealous of other areas of Atlanta for McMansions but not Dunwoody.
    You are ridiculous and stereotypes like yours are in insult to all the women I know who work their butt off to support their family.

  79. @ticked off – they know you are white so they automatically assume you are part of the daughters of the confederacy…

    That is what South Dekalbers don’t get. Most of the North Dekalb people that send their kids to DCSD are liberal “new money” people. Hard-working white-collar workers who mostly got to where they are based on merit, not just privilege. The old money graduated from Westminster, Lovett, etc and they send their kids there, not DCSD.

    Humpty Dumpty is a bigot with middling intelligence at best. He/She gets to show us how smart they are with their anon posts.

    I wish some of the teachers posting on these boards and Facebook page would spend more of their focus on their damn students. As someone who has worked remotely now for 12+ years and learned everything I know in my career via the internet … our virtual learning is a joke. I can’t wait for augmented reality and AI that will make school buildings and human teachers obsolete. Only then will the best minds in Dekalb prevail, no matter where in Dekalb one resides.

  80. https://news.ycombinator.com/ – where tech founders hang out

    -go there, create an account, go to settings.

    ^those settings are there to help control the addition.

    AWS, Facebook, Twitter will be taken down once we figure it out. Just like Phillip Morris.

    Some of y’all should think about how you are using technology.


  81. paychecks, you should be concerned about finding certified teachers to teach your children next school year. Parents/administration have successfully bullied teachers into leaving the profession over the past few years. This school year has been off the charts in bully and disrespectful behavior from parents and those in charge of education. Good luck next school year and beyond. There’s a mass exodus from teaching going on behind the scenes. Until you understand that you must treat teachers with respect, you will continue to see teachers leaving and spreading the word to people thinking about teaching as a profession. Teaching is not the same profession it was 10 years ago. If anyone reading this is thinking about choosing teaching as a profession, please don’t. It’s a nightmare now. It’s nooooot the same profession it was years ago when you were a student. Parents all over the country have chosen to treat teachers like we are beneath you. It’s not just Dekalb, it’s everywhere. Keep complaining about teachers, we hear you and many of us have had it. I hope one day you parents and administrators learn to treat people better. Teachers are humans with feelings, just like you and your children .

  82. I want to add, when our nation collectively said that f2f teaching is more important than my life, is when I decided to walk. This job is very difficult. We deal with a lot of behavior problems daily. Some parents also have behavior/ mental problems teachers have to deal with. It’s impossible to justify the stress from this job and the low pay and looooong hours when I’m being disrespected everywhere. Saying my life doesn’t matter was enough. I’m expected to give my life for my students if an intruder comes in my classroom already, now I’m expected to give my life if this virus comes in my classroom. News reporters, politicians, the school boards, the parents, superintendents, the students all have been vocal about how much they hate teachers. We know. But keep saying it because it will sink in to the new teachers soon and you will lose them too.

  83. @yes

    I have been watching the virus since Dec. I got my 7 yr old in a private school in Feb so we only experienced the joke of a spring semester DCSD. All of the teachers there are 15+ year vets and aren’t going anywhere.

    I wish I could take every dime I’m spending at private and have it go to a good public school system. I believe in the need and value of a good education for all. However, I refuse to sacrifice my children’s education for my ideologies … or yours. I’m fighting for my neighbor’s kids, for future generations. I’ve barely gone anywhere and have only spent 2 days with my dying father-in-law and haven’t seen my own dad in a year.

    “I hope one day your parents and administrators learn to treat people better”

    I care about the kids above the parents, teachers, or admins. Maybe Dekalb’s performance would improve if we put the education of our children first? My mother was a 30+ year GA teacher. My SIL is. Many of the Dunwoody Dad Proud Boys are married to teachers. The children are the ones who will unite us. They are the ones who will save the planet. We should not sacrifice them to appease our overlords and our own fragile egos.

    You should worry about the Proud Boys moving to Buford or Roswell or East Cobb with the other rich white folk. Once all the money leaves, in a capitalistic society, watch out. You may hate us but you need us.

    “That’s my house, I’ll disconnect the cable and turn the lights out
    And let her know her grandchild is a baby, and not a paycheck
    Private school, daycare, sh1t medical bills I pay that…”

  84. Welcome to the #LIFEOFATEACHER

  85. You asking people to risk their lives so your child can have f2f learning is narcissistic. You may want to ask yourself if you are selfish, self centered or a narcissist. And you talk about having a lot of money so why do you care if you are paying for private school? Makes no sense.

  86. @yes

    I’m here because I care about other people, not just myself. See how that works? I’ve risked my life for other people plenty of times. You don’t know me.

    Narcissist? Ha. Look in a mirror.

  87. Asking people to sacrifice their lives for f2f instruction is the definition of narcissism.

  88. @yes

    “News reporters, politicians, the school boards, the parents, superintendents, the students all have been vocal about how much they hate teachers.”

    You are projecting more than a right-wing extremist.

  89. Please Jesus, get me through this school year :/. Amen.

  90. @yes

    I will pray for you. God Bless.

  91. Oh wow, a fellow Christian. How blessed am I?

  92. @Yes

    Compared to the rest of the world we are pretty blessed. There are billions in Africa, India, Asia that would love to have our first world problems.

  93. I know people who live in or who are from Asia, India, Africa. They actually talk about how much better it is there than here. We do not have it better than them. How many people are you friends with who live in Africa, Asia or India? I’m guessing none since you think America is better. It’s not. We have a lot of problems they wouldn’t trade our money for. They are happier there than here.

  94. Pandemic worsens substitute teacher shortage in metro Atlanta.


    “DeKalb County School District has remained fully virtual. But during the pandemic, some substitute teachers were unable to work because the district did not provide access to the website where substitutes can offer their services, said Deborah Jones of the Organization of DeKalb Educators.”

    Georgia lags other states in vaccinations.


  95. Has anyone asked the school administration (county) to contact the board of health to set up blocks of appointments for teachers to be vaccinated? It is impossible to find an appointment slot and information given is usually incorrect. This would be a great start to making face to face instruction something that teachers can handle.

  96. @yes

    The are 70 million brideless men in China / India? https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/world/too-many-men/

    Have you ever been to Bangladesh? https://www.thedailystar.net/opinion/environment/news/when-the-garbage-piles-1810375

    Waited 7 days to ride the train home from your factory job to your village? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Train_Home_(film).

    If you follow the Science, you follow the Data – We have it good at the meta.

    Sounds like your rich friends have the typical biases you see with overconsumption of manipulated data sources. Selfish people rely on anecdotal data as well. Those two together are a bad combo.

  97. Frustrated. Once again I am trying to get a vaccine appointment. Just like everything else in Dekalb nothing is working well and no help is available anywhere. I am about at my wits end trying to get anywhere. The only thing I am confident of is that the people who are in charge are hiding behind websites and unanswered phones. Try to contact Michael Thurmond and you get Dekalb 311. What are they hiding from? What can we do if they don’t even let us contact a person? I am ready to cry.

  98. For those mentioning the new pay scale, I hope you aren’t looking at the sample salary that is displayed on the FAQs attachment. My email did not have a breakdown of pay per check, only the new salary amount on the second attachment. That being said, the sample was quite confusing.

  99. While I am on pay “stuff” how pathetic was the letter from the lawyer for the lawsuit saying they were going to ask the IRS for the money back that they withheld for Social Security in hopes that if they got that money back they would return it to us later!?!? And if they were told “no”, then they would let us know. Hello, give me my money! Take it from the millions the Barnes Law Group received or whoever goofed this up.
    Oh, and I was secretly holding out hope that the furloughed days would be reinstated. Hopes dashed! Quite embarrassing to be THE metro county to have been furloughed.


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