New Principals And Assistant Principals

The rise and fall of a school is dependent on the leadership of our Principals and Assistant Principals. Here is a list of our new leaders this year. Looks like the administration missed the Principal at Chamblee Charter HS, Ms. Barnes. Let me know if we’re missing anybody else here.

DeKalb Principal


Region School Principal
1 Chamblee Charter HS Ms. Barnes
Total 7


Region School Assistant Principal
1 Chamblee HS Anastacio Marin
1 Dunwoody HS Kimberly Wiles
1 Peachtree MS Michelle Perez
1 John Lewis ES Herschelle Barrios
1 John Lewis ES Frankie Ortega
1 Ashford Park ES Elizabeth Daly
1 Montgomery ES Moiya Nsele
1 Oakcliff ES VACANT
1 Oakcliff ES Corey Hartman
1 Carey Reynolds ES Stacy Calhoun
1 Woodard ES Dr. Tisome Nugent
3 Redan HS Dr. Stacey Wells
4 Jolly ES Martha Woodruff
4 Allgood ES Lisa Rhymer
4 Champion Theme School A’Drienne Thompson
5 Chapel Hill ES  Billy Jackson
5 E.L. Bouie ES  Alexion Clowers
5 Fairington ES  Aundree Washington
5 MLKing HS Brandon Thompson
6 Columbia MS Octavia Freeman
6 International Student Center Carol Kellyman
6 Towers HS Erika Knight
7 Cedar Grove HS Sharon Evans
7 Cedar Grove HS Thelesia Wright
1 Chamblee Charter HS Dr. Angelique Vachon-Conner
1 Chamblee Charter HS Mr. Anastacio Marin
1 Chamblee Charter HS Mr. Brenton Williams
1 Peachtree Charter MS Melisha Harris
Total 28

12 responses to “New Principals And Assistant Principals

  1. Maggie Adams

    Doesn’t Lakeside now have a principal vacancy?

  2. Stacey Lucas

    Thank you for publishing. DeKalb School of the Arts has a new (second) assistant principal – Dr. Reese joined the team over the summer. DSA and Lakeside HS also have interim principals at the moment.

  3. Chamblee has three new AP’s:
    – Dr. Angelique Vachon-Conner
    – Mr. Anastacio Marin
    – Mr. Brenton Williams
    Glad HR is on top of their new hires.

  4. Assistant principals is a little down in the weeds for me. But from reading the bios and having meet a couple of the principals, this appears to be a quality set of principals that were hired this year.

  5. Unsettling HCM and Dr. Green missed 4 APs and 3 principals just based on the comments above plus the Chamblee principal. Doesn’t instill much confidence that HCM is improving yet or anyone has a comprehensive picture of what’s going on in the district, does it?

  6. My daughter taught HS for nine years. Her biggest complaint was getting a new principal in every year or two. She said it took six months for everyone to get used to the new one and learn their ways, and then you’d start over the next school year with the same problem.

    She left teaching because of the “management” issues.

  7. Lose the Magnet

    The quality of principals in Dekalb County continues to diminish, especially in the North area. While Chamblee High appears to be on the up after an awful hire, the same can’t be said with many of the feeder elementary schools and middle schools. Ashford Park lost a strong principal as well. I just don’t see a lot of leadership coming from the various school administration ranks.

  8. dekalbteacher

    If quality of school administrators is so important, why doesn’t the school district have any process for quality control? How many of the assistant principals and principals earning an increased chunk of change have ever been evaluated by the staff? The only thing teachers, students, and the public can use to share their feedback is the Georgia DOE-produced climate survey which NEVER asks about administrators.

  9. @dekalbteacher – you are so right. The staff has no way to evaluate any admin staff in the building or any of the support staff (administrative asst, counselors, campus security, custodians, cafeteria, etc) in the building. What happened to the PAL we were supposed to get for that purpose? How about some 360s for schoolhouse folks to evaluate central office admins too?

  10. Michelle Fincher

    I remember reading a comment somewhere on the blog asking about the DeKalb School of the Arts principal, but cannot find the correct thread. Here is an article about why there is a vacancy:

  11. Stan

    I was looking back at the comments from AB and DeKalb Teacher. Why isn’t there a way to give feedback on principals and assistant principals. Shouldn’t this be information that an administrator and the school system should want?
    Any information on the financial audit?

  12. concerned citizen

    Joy, the school system and its nitwit administrators don’t want any feedback on principals, assistant principals, and God forbid, area superintendents. Stan, I would like to know what HR is showing about open teaching/other positions.