Functional School Restrooms By Law

DeKalb County has a Sanitary and Functional Restroom Facilities Ordinance. Facilities with public restrooms, including schools, are prohibited from allowing those restrooms to exist in a state of bad repair during operating hours.

Cities & Unincorporated DeKalb
This county restrooms facilities ordinance only applies to unincorporated DeKalb. If you live in a city, talk to your city council representative if you would like to prohibit the school district from having your school bathrooms in a state of bad repair.

Contact Commissioner Nancy Jester
If you encounter a restroom you believe is in disrepair at a DeKalb County School District building/facility or any DeKalb County building/facility in unincorporated DeKalb, please contact Commissioner Nancy Jester. Include photos if you can.

Commissioner Nancy Jester:


2 responses to “Functional School Restrooms By Law

  1. Malaika Wells

    This was helpful. Thanks

  2. BarbaraFountain

    I remember how terrible they were when Imwas teaching. Bet there are many many still in the same terrible condition.
    I always held it until I could get to the teacher’s lounge, And now I have freequent right UT Is I feel from holding it so much. But when you are teaching in a trailer and can’t leave 5th or 6th graders alone, youHOLD IT.