Employee Compensation Update – March 30, 2019

Stan Jester

The latest compensation updates were in response to last year’s Comp. & Class. study. According to the latest plan, payroll adjustments for certified employees should have been implemented by the end of March.

The new salary schedule is backdated to Jan 1. Certified staff will get backpay owed to them from Jan 1.

In January and February, the board passed a specific salary schedule. The administration does not have the liberty to pay employees too much or too little. If HR/payroll made a mistake and overpaid anybody, those adjustments to monthly checks will be made as well.

  MAG Salary and Compensation Study – Classified Employees
  January 7th Approved E Scale (and revised Z, G, N, LT) Salary Scales
  FY 2019 Teacher Salary Comparisons

Over the last couple weeks I have received many questions. I asked the administration to confirm the answers to the two most commonly asked questions. Let me know if you have any more thoughts or questions.

Employee Compensation Update

Linda Woodard

Linda Woodard
Interim Chief Human Capital Management Officer

Question 1: Will all certified employees see their new salary schedule reflected in their payroll checks this weekend?

Yes, all certified employees will see their new salary schedule reflected on their payroll checks issued on March 29, 2019.

Question 2: What is the plan for backpay for any certified employees that received a raise backdated to Jan 1?

The employee will not receive a lump sum payment. The back pay/retro pay will be equally divided on their remaining checks for the fiscal year.

27 responses to “Employee Compensation Update – March 30, 2019

  1. When will the classified staff salaries scale reflect the pay from the Mag study? It says(Mag Study) the Paraprofessional’s Min pay is 29,252 we are still at 20,000-22,000, and also campus supervisor’s it says Min $36,000 and that has not come to be, it starts at 28,000.

  2. That response to the second question is just crap! I should be shocked that only after the salary increase was received we are now being told that the retro pay will come later – but I am not. How wrong! I am sure I am not the only person surprised yesterday when my check was less than expected. This entire debacle just will not stop.

  3. Linda Woodard and a few retired Human Resources people from Gwinnett schools are revisiting the classified salary schedules. We should know more about that by the end of May. I imagine they are also looking at how this will affect the 2020 fiscal year budget.

  4. Do they say when we will start to see the retro pay being added to our check?

  5. My understanding is that a portion of retro pay would start in this check.

  6. Oh sooo shady. It’s quite disturbing that we are required to sign a contract without knowing what our exact pay will be. So much run around with this! Spreading the back pay without a payment schedule seems fishy to me!

  7. Why are you shocked?

    Let’s be clear in case people are confused….Linda Woodard worked with Dekalb schools most of her educational career and is a part of the good ole girl system. Not sure why people are saying she retired from Gwinnett, unless she worked one or 2 years in that system in retired from there. I know for a fact she has been in HR in dekalb for along time especially in 2012 when the reduction in force occurred (mostly school staff) and she may have served as a principal at one time as well. So she is just following along with the same process.
    Suggestion when the teacher shortage occurs next year, please recommend that district officials go back to the classroom and teach the standards or excellence the way they want teachers to teach it (modeling) and watch the test scores go up (right!!!!!!!)lol

  8. It seems very strange to not include the terms of the contract in the contract.

  9. Teacher@Dekalb

    We are going in circle; while payroll adjustments have been implemented for most certified employees on 3/29, the retro pay was not there, no portion of it has been received. Emails are not being answered and we can’t reach anyone on the phone…..
    Please advise on what we can do instead of insisting on the fact that you are clueless and that we should have received some of our retro pay- WE HAVE NOT.
    Thanks for the support.

  10. DeKalb Parent

    As a parent, I am horrified that my children’s teachers are being treated this way under Dr. Green’s leadership. Without teachers, our school system is basically buildings, buses, books and chromebooks. A highly-competent and fairly-compensated staff is critical to the success of children, schools, and the school system.

  11. exactly and my salary listed does not equate to the pay period amount that is listed in the comp plan listed. It is less than the total salary quoted

  12. escapee from Dekalb

    Maybe it is not too late for you to look into moving or finding a private school for your children. This Board has not been functioning for over 15 years, and I fear that one lone sane board member is NOT enough to turn the tide. I am not a fan of the state taking over the system, but I think that may be the only way to clean house– everyone at the top must go– the workers, teachers, and others are all trying to keep their best foot forward, but the struggle is real.

    My name has meaning– it is the truth…

  13. If I am correct, Dr. Green’s contract is up next June. It is a standard operating procedure to have already done an extension of one’s contract before now. How many interims do we have in place right now and have been in place for a long period of time? I am guessing that Dr. Green will not have his contract renewed and will be allowed to exit the building in June 2020 quietly. It does look better to a potential employee to see someone “retire” than to see someone fired.

  14. Bella of The Ball

    I called HR they said the “base pay” on the new salary schedule includes the back pay—it’s the base pay plus the retro pay. What no one knows is how much retro pay is being dispersed per pay period. I think that is shady, cause come August, the “base pay” is going to change because that’s when the retro money payback will be completed. So what HR should have done was send out a salary schedule with the true “base pay” based on our yearly salary and another schedule that shows the amount of retro pay and how it’s being dispersed over the next pay periods. The check stub should have indicated the base pay and there should have been another line for the retro pay amount. With it being tied up into one, but if you multiply out that number by the number of pay periods in a year, you will see that it is higher than the salary from the pay schedule. I hope this wasn’t too confusing.

  15. Stan,

    There is a rumor that nobody from Gwinnett agreed to help out. Can you, please verify if that is true?

    If it is, please ask who from outside DeKalb’s HCM is assisting in correcting the pay scales?

  16. Still Dismayed

    April 8th…I, as well as several of my (certified) co-workers, still have not received a compensation email.

  17. my pay is less than what it is suppose to be divided by 24 pay periods. There is no retro pay also…..

  18. Exhausted from fighting Dekalb


    I feel your pain. My pay is less then it is supposed to be when divided by 24. I have called and met with compensation personnel. They are insistent that may pay is correct, but I am not being paid my new daily rate. It is beyond frustrating that I cannot even get my new salary or my retro pay!!!!

    I am contemplating my next step.

    Dekalb-at least pay us our salary!!!

  19. Bella the ball I know that’s what they told me. Today my check was more. Looks like I finally got my retro

  20. Hello

    Where are the job postings for the 2019-2020 school year? I was searching online to assist a person in applying fr a job, and I don’t see the postings for the 2019-2020 school year. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.
    This is the link that I used :
    I looked at Region 7 and it only list 3 jobs. I looked in that Region because the person is a certified math teacher who wants to teach on the South end of the school district because she lives in that area.

  21. APeachinGeorgia

    Speaking of a Teacher Shortage. Didn’t DeKalb start last year off with 212 teacher vacancies? Now, if you are like me and DIDN”T sign your contract because you wanted options and because you wanted your administration to know ahead of time that your position will need to be filled, you can’t reapply until October? Who was the brains behind that? You would think that with the issues surrounding our pay that the county would make it easy to return

  22. escapee from dekalb

    Please– let’s add another consultant for more money–

  23. @joy,
    i believe the article said they were being reassigned and are keeping those $$$ salaries.

  24. They need to be put in the schools as substitutes.

  25. According to the article, Green is not eliminating positions – he is taking two positions and reassigning them, with their same salaries. Really, he’s just hiring that third communications position. Same old tricks.

  26. The reassignment is just until the end of the year to fulfill their contract.

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