Employee Compensation Update – Feb 27, 2019

Stan Jester
Board Of Education

Last year, Management Advisory Group (MAG) completed a Salary and Compensation Study for the DeKalb County School District.

From this study, the school district intended on moving to a competitive salary schedule for all employees. That is apparently more difficult than it sounds. Every month they come up with a new and improved version of the salary schedule.

  MAG Salary and Compensation Study – Classified Employees
  January 7th Approved E Scale (and revised Z, G, N, LT) Salary Scales
  FY 2019 Teacher Salary Comparisons

Certified Employees, like teachers, seem to be set in stone now. Teachers will see their new salaries in their March 29 checks. Teacher contracts are going out by March 5 along with communication about what schedule and step they are on.

DeKalb Schools is going back to the drawing board for classified staff, everyone not certified. Superintendent Green has reached out to Gwinnett Schools to enlist their help.

Linda Woodard, who has come out of retirement, is running the HCM department. She and a few retired human resources people from Gwinnett schools are going to revisit the classified salary schedules over the next 3 months.

Employee Compensation Update

Linda Woodard

Linda Woodard
Interim Chief Human Capital Management Officer

Greetings Valued DeKalb County School District Employee!

Human Capital Mangement (HCM) is pleased to announce that salaries and job descriptions are under review. This is an effort to ensure that all classified salaries are aligned with experience and are competitive in the marketplace.

Based on this review, it will be determined which employees will receive an adjustment. It is our desire that this review will restore parity to our salary structure.

Our goal is to ensure that we:
• Commit to being Financially responsible relative to the District’s budget
• Contine to be transparent and equitable in the process
• Remain competitive in the market place thereby attracting highly qualified candidates

Once the adjustments are identified, Human Capital Management will notify employees who are to receive an adjustment by June 2019. Salary revisions will be retroactive to the first working day of January 2019.

Thank you for your continued service and commitment in meeting the District’s goals. We look forward to providing essential communication and support to you during this process.

187 responses to “Employee Compensation Update – Feb 27, 2019

  1. Thanks @Stillwaiting

  2. @Leticia, Dekalb May be a 1000 more here or there but think of the whole picture…retirement package not the best around, work conditions are deplorable, and HCM or HR has been a mess for the 25+ years I’ve worked here..look into neighboring counties. The other counties have issues but not as incompetent as Dekalb….Dekalb can’t get something so basic as our pay correct.

  3. Jesus was a carpenter

    Is there a Metro area salary comparison chart for the classified employees?Thank you for your tenacious drive to repair a broken system.

  4. I’m confused. If the salary that is on our contract is supposed to be our current salary, why is that not what I’m being paid? I’m still being paid the amount that was on the mid year pay plan, which is over $2000 less than what is on my contract for 2019-2020.

  5. Wait until the end of March.

  6. Unhappy veteran teacher

    I sure hope that Dekalb does not even consider using the governor’s teacher pay increase to offset this pay “step” disaster. This is to be an increase for ALL TEACHERS including the forgotten veterans. This should not offset the salary of the targeted newcomers.

  7. I think we will see the other counties increase pay across the board next year or the year after. DeKalb’s numbers will likely remain where they are at in the comparison chart, but it will be interesting to see what the other counties do in FY20 with the increased state funding and how DeKalb compares. The other counties may wait until FY21, though.

  8. Mr Jester,
    Thank you for all that you do and your efforts in answering questions and proving people a format to ask questions and get answers.

    Will the 2,700 dollars that the state is giving the schools for an educator’s raise be given to the school system each year. If not, does it mean that the individual systems will have to come up with the additional money each year to cover that amount?

    Also, this is just my opinion. It seems strange that the school system was able to get the raises correct for principals and region superintendents but not everyone else. What did they do use a different formula for them?

    Finally has there been any checking on how the 7 region concept is working? From the messages on this site and information shared with staff members, it seems like “things” are not working any better. It still takes schools a long time to get repairs done. You still email and get no answer. It takes forver for someone to be hired.
    I thought that the regions were suppose to make getting things handled easier. The people in leadership would be closer to the schools.
    This is my opinion but it only seems to have created more leadership jobs and more high paying positions.

  9. Hello @Joy, I don’t know if the 2,700 will be every year. The state sets their education budget every year. If revenues don’t go down, I don’t see why they wouldn’t include it every year.

    I don’t know what formula they used for principals and regional superintendents. My understanding is that it is partially from the MAG study.

    I’m somewhat geographically removed from the additional regional superintendents. There are numerous programs, wrap around services, etc … going on in those regions. I think deferred maintenance and HR issues are systemic.

  10. Retired teachermom

    @ joy
    It is my understanding that substitute teachers are hired through the regionals.
    When my retired certified teacher friend called to check on her application she was told that she should contact them to see if they had a need. She was never once contacted by any regional office. This was a year ago at the height of sub shortages. She has since been hired through persistence in getting someone to view her application. I’ve always wondered if this is the disconnect between applicants and hr that caused the lack of new hires. It would be interesting to see how many sub applications in PATS that were being “sat on” for lack of action.

  11. Region 1 Teacher


    Can you answer a question about teacher contracts? I haven’t signed mine yet and it’s due Monday. I’m 80% sure I won’t return next year. If I do sign, can I withdraw it before a certain day in June w/ out penalty? I think I remember hearing something about that. Please let me know.

    Thinking about signing and looking around over the next month or two.

    Thank you for your service to our cluster!

  12. @Region1Teacher, I’m not sure what the date is that you can withdraw without penalty.

  13. FormerDekalbTeacher

    Region 1 teacher:

    I left DCSD last year after 20+ years. I signed my contract b/c at that point I thought I would be returning. That all changed in late March with decisions made by my former principal (bless his heart). I resigned my SY 2018-2019 position in early May without penalty. I believe GA PSC says you can do it by June 1 without penalty. Dr. Collins in HR was extremely helpful to me. I recommend to sign and then start the process to find a better employment opportunity.

  14. Look elsewhere…lots of smoke and mirrors in Dekalb. Other school systems in the Atlanta area are better…it’s not all about an extra 1,000 annual pay. Retirement package is not very good, working conditions are poor, incompetence is rampant…I could go on. If I can steer anyone away from Dekalb Schools so they don’t have to go through it…I gladly will!! EOB may play these games with our pay but we aren’t dumb…we see what they are doing.

  15. VA Educator Leticia

    I am really reconsidering seeking employment in DeKalb County.

  16. Curious teacher

    Every district has its problems. I enjoy where I teach, I enjoy the kids I teach, I enjoy the people I work with, and if I were unhappy I’d leave. I want the best teachers to come to Dekalb and be my colleagues and teach my two children. I know the pay thing has been frustrating but I wouldn’t go so far to bash our county to the point that you’re discouraging qualified people from coming here. Wouldn’t it make sense to try to encourage more great teachers to come here by talking about the good things like the diversity and high achievements of our students, not to mention the dedication of so many great teachers to work through tough times and still want to provide the best education for our kids?

  17. BOE has done it to itself. I can not in good faith recommend DCSD from what I have seen in the last 27 years. If the BOE wants good, great and excellent teachers they will get their act together to attract great teachers. I hope they do but from what I just witnessed in the pay debacle…they have a long way to go.

  18. @Curious teacher, it was refreshing to read your comment. We can all agree that there are challenges with our school district but most school districts around the country have also their own problems. We just seem to have many who are willing to go to the media or post on blogs their frustrations. Given the media’s obsession with DeKalb, Clayton and APS, other metro area school districts can fly under the radar and hide their problems. I have spoken to some of those citizens that wish their school districts got the same kind of attention.

    As a taxpaying citizen, I want teachers like you to teach my children as it starts with the attitude and outlook that one brings to the classroom. You exhibit the time of attitude I would want. I also want more teachers like you in our district. Having some of the highest teacher salaries in the state (and maybe the southeast) will appeal to some great teachers around the country and hopefully they will consider DeKalb. I know many are realistic and understand there will be challenges where ever one chooses to work. They will come if they speak to you.

    There is a saying, “Don’t $h!t where you sleep”. We need more teachers like you that understand what that means. It’s OK to be frustrated but how one shares their frustration is my issue.

  19. Curious teacher

    @John Hope, thanks for the kind words 🙂

  20. Regarding getting out of your contract without penalty, last year the date PSC set was June 30th. I’m sure it will be comparable this year. June 1st is too early, I’ve never seen them make the date that close to the end of the school year.

  21. escapee from Dekalb

    @John Hope- while I know your words are well intended, there has been a cancer in Dekalb Schools for many years. It started with Crawford Lewis and has yet to be radiated out. This school system that was once a shining jewel is now struggling to survive the crooks and cheaters that are in charge. They have not been good stewards of the taxpayer monies or children for many years. There are parasites through out the system that are biding time until the next opportunity arises. They care nothing of the children, the employees or the citizens of Dekalb. The people who reach out to the media and this blog do so in hopes that the cancer will be eradicated. It is LONG overdue. They have been contacted before, and ignored the dedicated employees that reached out to them. I hope that DCSS can overcome the challenges, but with this leadership, I am NOT hopeful.

  22. @escapee from Dekalb…well said. I love teaching my students and working with my colleagues. I have been in DCSD for 25+years trying to fix it..to be a part of the solution. I have put my blood, sweat and tears into my work for my students. DCSD doesn’t seem to want to see or hear the Truth of their incompetence and fraud. My time to retire will be soon…it will be the children, their parents and my wonderful colleagues that are forever in my heart.

  23. @Joy, the Fulton step increases would go into effect in January 2020. I’m glad to see them pay their teachers better.

  24. I believe the article presented by Joy does seem to indicate that Fulton will be giving their teachers the 3% raise ($2,775) that Georgia government earmarked for each public school teacher. In addition to that, they are receiving a mid-year step increase to be implemented in January 2020.

    It will be interesting to see if DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Cobb will also give their teachers the 3%, or if the money will be used to cover past raises and absorbed to help balance their ledgers.

  25. New pay plans are flawed

    Some of the pay plans are incorrect.

    If you multiply new pay period amount by 24 it equals less than your new salary. I have seen this with a few employees . How can our new bi monthly compensation equal less than 1/24 of our salary?

    Additionally, retroactive pay is not provided!!

    I spoke to Dekalb Comp person (rude) and did not get anywhere,

    So over this

  26. Curious teacher

    Same here, I’m not seeing the retroactive pay on my new pay plan, nor the pending payment in my bank account.

  27. @ Over This and Curious Teacher, Where did you find your new pay plan? I do not have one.

  28. It was e-mailed to me yesterday

  29. Curious Teacher

    Same, emailed yesterday.

  30. @ Fed up and Curious Teacher …. I have not received a new pay plan email. I should change my name to confused once again!

  31. yes the pay is less than what it should be 1/24. The retroactive pay better be there tomorrow…

  32. Disgusted by DeKalb

    My pay has already hit the credit union. It does NOT appear to include the raise, and certainly does NOT include any back pay. My pay is about $123.00 more than it has been, but that amount is about right for Title One tutorial that I’ve been doing.

  33. my pay posted this morning and there is no back pay…smh

  34. @dede, you got your raise only? I would expect your raise plus a portion of backpay from Jan 1.

  35. Still Waiting

    My pay was a total of $22.34 more with raise and “back pay” . I’ve been with county 17 years and I’m a T5.

  36. Is backpay included in checks now? It is supposed to be.

  37. @stan jester it was only the increase in pay. No backpay. with the backpay/taxes I should of had a minimum of $400..

  38. Backpay will be spread evenly over the rest of the current contract.

  39. ok well then it is still definitely wrong, because the salary divided by 24 is less than the overall salary amount.

  40. Still Waiting

    They took down pay scale again…….. p

  41. Confused Teacher

    I would love to weigh in on this — not ALL teachers got a raise. Some teachers at our school got a raise, others did not.

  42. Teacher @Dekalb

    @Stan Jester
    The new pay plan emailed does not show any retroactive pay from January 1st; NO back pay is being included and spread evenly over the rest of the year. What is going on???? Enough is really enough!!

  43. I have not received a new pay plan yet. When should they finish sending them out?

  44. I have meetings with the administration in a couple weeks. I’m trying to figure out where we landed with the pay increases and backpay so I can ask intelligent questions at our meeting.

  45. OK! The backpay is being divided over the remainder of the contract year. Where did they inform the employees that this was going to take place? Notice given would have been nice instead of employees thinking that they would receive the TOTAL amount of the Retro Pay. Communication before payday would have also been nice. Don’t be surprised IF there is a MASS EXIT out of DCSD.

  46. I got my check today and no increase at all. I called HR and was told it was eaten up in taxes……. Whttttttt?????

  47. Say No More Sabrina


  48. I just checked my check stub and there was no pay increase for me as a Lead Teacher. I was asked to wait until March 29 and this is ridiculous.

  49. @TEE, Did you get any communication about what your new salary will be?

  50. We were told that our end of March check would have retroactive pay dating back to January 15th, however this did not happen. In addition, the new pay distribution that was emailed does not equal the amount of pay that equates to the increase promised. What is going on with Dekalb and their accounting/human resources/payroll department. Why are we still having these issues. This needs to be looked into. Why isn’t Stephen Green being held accountable for his county not having a functioning HR department. This continues to make DeKalb County Schools look incompetent and dishonest. The news should also be contacted. Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of seeing a slight increase on your pay and forget about the promises made in writing regarding proper compensation.

  51. Teacher@@Dekalb

    Again… where is our TOTAL rétroactive pay we were told we would received on 3/29?
    I looked at the numbers and no back pay is being divided evenly, that is incorrect!
    Some teachers can t even receive the correct amount they should be paid w/out any pay.raise…
    We deserve some answers!
    Stan – I was hoping that as a Board member you could/would answer us instead of telling us you need to seek for answers.
    Can t turn to Compensation for answers nor can we turn to our Board Members…
    This is unacceptable!

  52. Slim Shady Dekalb
    Stan, Where is the retroactive pay? Please respond because HCM will not.

    WOW!!! What is going on? I thought our pay was going to be retroactive on this paycheck from January 1st.
    Apparently, this task of giving pay increases correctly and ensuring employees are given what is promised isn’t going to happen in this district. This is embarrassing. How sad!!! Everyone wanted to work in this district when I came here years ago. Dekalb County Schools treated teachers fairly. The county office personnel knew how to do their jobs. Now look….No one wants to work in this county…The county office personnel does not know how to do their jobs…Where is the money going? Oh! Wait! I know …. They are all lining their pockets.

    Plain and Simple….Slim Shady Dekalb. Can’t trust them. So sad!!!

  53. Hi Stan,
    No I did not. I have not received any communication in reference to my new salary. I did reach out via email to HCM earlier this month when I got my contract and was sent an email that I should receive notification on or before March 29th.

  54. I called the payroll department today, twice, and the call was disconnected both times. Yes I agree with Pat; Slim Shady Dekalb!!!! Where is our proper compensation? @Stan, can a class action lawsuit be taken up against the county for their lies and misinformation because this has happened too many times. How convenient that this takes place before spring break. How convenient that things seemed to be on the right track before contract signings, but now that contracts are in, we’re not getting paid properly. Is there anyone else who noticed that our contracts for the upcoming year has this year’s salary on it? Shouldn’t the contracts have the salary that correlates with a new year of service? How can such a large county not be held accountable for misleading its employees?

  55. I received a new salary statement on Tuesday of this week, which reflected the most recently adopted salary from the most recently adopted salary schedule (!). However, there was nothing mentioned in that email regarding the back pay. So, I looked at WebPay, but this recent check for the 1st of April was not showing yet for me.

    Today, one teacher mentioned that he and another teacher had called HR, but received nothing except an argument. They are NOT happy. So, I decided to look at WebPay again, to see if: 1. my salary was the same as the email received, and 2. to see if I received any back pay as promised.

    I was able to notice only one thing: the link for WebPay is no longer working from my desktop.

  56. escapee from Dekalb

    I think the money is not there– I think they hoped that something would happen that would allow them to appease the teachers before contract time, and the classified personnel would be forced to take another hit for the team. No
    one at the county level cares one bit about the employees of this school system. They have proven this time and time again. People stay in hopes that their retirement will get worked out– hello TSA lawsuit- and that their pay would be such that their retirement numbers would reflect the years of blood, sweat and tears that Dekalb County School system has taken away from them. Green and the lot need to go!

  57. It seems that they are intentionally trying to be confusing with the pay plans. The pay dates for the contract for the 2018-2019 school year is from 7/13/2018 through 7/15/2019. On our pay plans at the top under where it says “Slot Information” it shows our pay from 7/30/2018 through 12/21/2018 and then from 1/04/2019 through 5/24/2019. These dates are the dates that 190 day employees work. Below, is the Payment Schedule. The dates below are 24 bi-monthly payments but from 9/14/2018 through 8/30/2019. This means that the first four pay periods are missing and four pay periods for our upcoming contract are included. Why? Anyway, that being the case, if the back pay were to be included it would have to be paid out by the end of the current contract meaning that we should actually see a decrease in pay beginning with the 7/15/2019 paycheck because it would be going back down to base pay. This is not the case. I called payroll yesterday to try to get clarification and Shevon Shelton (sp?) simply repeated over and over that I get 96 days at my prior salary and 94 days at my new pay. No clarification was made.

  58. What can be done?

    Other than finding other employment, how can this be fixed?


    Lawsuit? Unfair labor practices?

    Any ideas?

    Intervention with PAGE?

  59. I am happy to join or file a lawsuit at this point. These ongoing shady, deceitful practices by this county are ridiculous? My coworker called in today to ask about her compensation, or lack there of, and was informed that she did get her retroactive pay, although she didn’t. Then she was transferred to another department that could do nothing to help her. Still no answers! I am a member of PAGE, what are they doing to help us in this matter?!?

  60. GO TO the PRESS! Yes, Talk with a lawyer!! Get out of Dekalb Schools!

  61. I have witnessed HCM for over 25+ years do exactly what they are doing now. The incompetence continues…just don’t believe it will get better folks! Try lawyers and the Press! Seriously…they are not capable of functioning competently. None of what I am hearing from teachers is new!

  62. I am a product of DeKalb County Schools and now an employee. I must say that it is very disheartening to see a county full of “premier professionals” miss the mark this much. This is not the first time that I have had issues with compensation. It is truly frustrating that throughout my years of employment with the county that I have not yet been able to get an itemized account of my salary. When I called today I was transferred numerous times before finally being transferred to a data analyst and having to leave a message.
    In the past I have gotten frustrated and decided that it wasn’t a battle worth choosing; however, there does need to be action in this situation.It is truly infuriating when we as teachers are held accountable for our students, even through inadequate resources, changing curriculum, last minute initiatives and factors beyond our control, yet the county seems oblivious to its own expectations. I’m sure Dr. Greene did not have to wonder if his check would be correct when he woke up this morning. I’m sure the individuals who received our salaries back in January when their 11% increases came through were not stunned by the direct deposit that they received this morning.

  63. Teacher/Certified staff … what are your questions?

  64. Veteran Teacher

    I would like to throw this into the mix. The State legislature approved a $3000 pay raise for all teacher, effective July 1.

    Stan, I would like to see the board address how this will be handled in DeKalb. Will we actually GET the $3000? Starting when? When will the “Step” take place for next year? Can we expect to get our step at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, or will we have to wait until January 2020? Can the board be pro-active about addressing this? This may save DeKalb from losing teachers, if there is an actual plan for the salary schedule, for 2019-2020 school year.

  65. @VeteranTeacher,
    Good question. Whatever the state legislature passes will be a part of the 2019-2020 budget. Over the next few months, more and more budget information will come out … culminating in the passing of the 2019-2020 school year budget.

    The Georgia State Legislature approved a $27.5 billion state budget for fiscal 2020 — which begins July 1 — that gives raises to teachers and spreads the pay hike to about 9,800 school psychologists, counselors, media specialists, social workers, speech and language pathologists, and instructional technologists. I believe the state legislatures arrived at a $2,775 for every teacher.

    As usual, the state is giving each school district a bag of money and is asking nicely that they spend it on the teachers. Some districts spend it on the teachers and some don’t. The last time the state gave DeKalb Schools a bag of money like this, the administration spent it all on the teachers as expected.

    It is undetermined if the same will happen with this bag of money … especially given the E-SPLOST financial “crisis” and lack of ethics and integrity in our procurement. Obviously, I will fight tooth and nail for the money to be spent as the state requested.

  66. We all just want to know when we will be getting our retroactive pay? We have been promised twice now and…. still nothing. One way to really make people mad is by messing with their money. Dekalb has infuriated most of their staff.

  67. @teacher … I would like to know that as well. I’ll find out ASAP and get back to you here.

  68. Teacher @Dekalb

    When will we receive our retroactive pay ?
    Will we get the $ 3000 pay raise ‘supposedly’ for ALL teachers- effective July 1st ? If we don’t, where will that money approved by State legislature go ?? (some teachers did not get a raise and are hoping to get their $ 3000…)
    When will compensation, the board, or Dr Greene be willing to communicate with us ?

    Thank you.

  69. I finally spoke with someone in HCM and was informed that I some how was not included in the review. They will have to investigate and get back to me within a couple of days.

  70. Still Dismayed

    As of 4:15 p.m. on 3/29/19, I also have not received a compensation email. With 30+ years experience, I am assuming no increase at all, however, I would still like to see an official compensation email w/step and salary scale (new Z) attached for my records (and to check for accuracy). The majority of my therapist c0-workers have also not received an email.

    I travel to many schools during the week and have heard several teachers say they aren’t renewing their contracts and others have said they are looking to change professions. While supposedly trying to increase moral and improve pay, DCSS has made another debacle.

  71. Still Dismayed

    @ Tee,

  72. Retro active pay – retroactive pay should be spread evenly throughout the rest of your contracts. I’ll get a hard confirm on that.

    $3,000 – The board and administration have not come together yet to talk about that money. It’s budget season, so all of those budget discussions will happen over the next 3 months.

  73. @Stan,
    I would like to know why this retroactive pay now will be spread over months of pay rather than us receive a lump some as was promised and stated twice in writing. That means a smaller amount added to our checks which we probably won’t notice because it will be eaten up in taxes. Dekalb released these statements in writing and should honor them. What can be done to get this matter solved. Changing their statement a third time leaves me with no confidence in their proposed actions.

  74. @ Stan … Was my extra $40 per paycheck … for 2 checks and a total of $80 really an OVERPAYMENT? I am currently repaying that at $6 per month for the remainder of the year. I thought I would see a new pay plan and more money in my check today. I have received neither. Is this correct? I am a certified teacher.

  75. How is my check less with an increase and retro pay? At this point, I have no confidence in the competence of DCSD/HCM? It still would be nice for some form of communication. Employees were under the understanding that they would be paid their retro pay in a lump sum. No communication about dividing it over several pay periods. It is just convenient that this all happened after contract renewal and before Spring Break. Empty promises leads to Empty Classrooms!

  76. @Anonymous. Can you email me at stanjester@gmail.com something that says you would be getting a lump sum? I wasn’t aware of that ever being the plan.

  77. Sad Situation

    I spoke to pay roll today and got a follow up email. The pay scale we got on Tuesday includes the retro pay and the back pay spread out from Jan-May. Our salaries will be less after May because we will no longer be getting the retro pay.

  78. Greetings Everyone,
    I have a question. I will be attending the DeKalb County Public Schools job fair on April 27th. I was wondering if they hire on the spot?

  79. @Leticia: run the other way! Try Decatur, Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, APS…private schools…

  80. Still_Waiting

    Leticia please weigh your options.

  81. Still_Waiting

    Leticia please weigh your options.

  82. Leaving Region 1

    I just left DeKalb for Cobb. I will miss my students and school so much but Cobb is giving its teachers a TEN percent raise on top of already being one of the highest paid counties.

    DeKalb really messed up this raise and will likely lose many if it’s top teachers. Thank you Stan for your service and for always trying to improve things for the students and staff in region 1. I hope they will listen to you in the future as one of the only voices of reason.

  83. Stan Jester

    2019 Salary Schedules And Comparison – The salary comparison suggests Cobb Schools hasn’t been paying their teachers very well.

  84. escapee from dekalb

    Stan– today is June 25th– when exactly in June will the classified employees be notified of changes to their salary? Last I checked, these folks were to know BY June- we are now almost into the new fiscal year and these employees are waiting, waiting to be treated properly by their employer, waiting for their crooked, inept leader to be gone– how many of them would get a YEAR to continue working after they said they were leaving? Waiting on someone to look around and see who has been here, day after day, fixing what can be fixed, and treated poorly.

    One day, I fear these employees will no longer wait, and will LEAVE, and with them goes the brain trust of folks who actually know HOW to do something. They are not teachers, but they are important.

    When will CLASSIFIED employees know what is going on with their pay?

  85. Stan Jester

    The board has a called meeting today to go over it.