Announcement – Compensation & Classification Salary Adjustments

From the Sharepoint Portal (Word for Word): ​DeKalb County School District (DCSD) has completed its most recent Compensation & Class Study, mandated by Board of Education Policy GCA. Under this policy, the district is required to complete a comprehensive review of its compensation program every five years and implement changes as needed.

In accordance with this policy, DCSD is once again implementing a step-raise program at all levels. A step-raise program assesses a worker’s ability, education, experience, and overall contribution to the district, and places them on a scale. Where you are placed on such a scale determines your eligibility for future raises.

The salaries of DCSD employees are being adjusted to align with the new salary steps. This means many employees will receive an increase in their salary, within budget specifications.

Salary Step Structures for both classified and certified employees will be implemented on the January 31st paycheck and also applied retroactively back to Jan. 1, 2019.**

The Salary Step Structures are for all certificated staff to include: Teachers, Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Social Workers, and Library Specialists as well as all Classified Staff to include: Bus Drivers, Custodians, Food Service Workers, Nurses, Bus Monitors, Paraprofessionals/Teacher Aides, Bookkeepers in the school, Campus Supervisors, Secretaries in the school, Clerks in the school, Interpreters in the school, Informat​​ion Technology Technicians in the school, Registrars, Receptionists in the school, Liaisons in the school, Administrative Assistants in the school, School Healthcare Workers as well as the Classified Staff in the District Office who are not school-based.

No one’s salary will decrease as a result of the Compensation and Class Study.

An infographic and FAQ explain the steps leading to the adjustment. (These documents are attachments to your email.)
Compensation & Classification Study FAQ​ ​​
Compensation & Classification Salary Adjustments Infographic ​​

For more information, please contact DCSD Human Capital Management on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through the end of January 2019 at 678-621-1992 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

**As we proceed with the intricate process, we may encounter some technical difficulties, and therefore may need to delay the full roll-out for the sake of accuracy. Should this be the case, be assured that all compensation will be retroactive to January 1, 2019 regardless. ​

FAQ – Compensation & Classification Study FAQs-December 2018

1. What is the current status of the study?
The study has been completed and the recommendations of the Classification & Compensation Study findings are being implemented within budget specifications.

2. What did Management Advisory Group (MAG) do during the Classification & Compensation Study?
Our consultant, Management Advisory Group (MAG), analyzed internal and external data to determine opportunities for improvement in the current classification and compensation systems. Tasks included an analysis of classification information collected via the Job Assessment Tool (JAT), an analysis of market data collected by a salary survey of benchmarked classifications, focus groups with a cross-representation of staff and the development of recommendations for a classification and compensation system, that is internally equitable and externally competitive.

3. From which organizations did Management Advisory Group (MAG) collect market data by a salary survey?
There were 5 school districts in the Metro Atlanta area that Management Advisory Group (MAG) utilized as (“peer”) school districts/systems for this study which included: Gwinnett County Public Schools, Cobb County School District, Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton County Schools and Henry County Public Schools.

4. How did MAG compare DeKalb County School District (DCSD) with other school districts/systems?
Benchmark positions Uobs) were selected that were representative of DCSD positions. Benchmark jobs are those with a clear and consistent definition in the relevant labor market, for which reliable market data may be collected. These benchmark positions were matched with positions in peer school districts/systems to compare the salary range and average actual salaries offered by peer school districts/systems. Employees’ JAT submissions were used to inform the matches so that the actual job duties performed were compared with peer school districts/systems, instead of simply comparing job titles. Matches were then reviewed by Human Capital MGMT/MAG staff to ensure that only appropriate matches were used. Once all the matches had been finalized, the average salary (both range and average actual salary) from peer school districts/systems were compared to the salary offered by DCSD to determine if DCSD was “behind” or “ahead” of the market.

5. I know someone at a peer organization with my same job title, and they make more than I do. Will I be getting a raise?
It is important to remember that actual salaries can be affected by

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74 responses to “Announcement – Compensation & Classification Salary Adjustments

  1. Looks like this NewsFlash went out at 10:30am this morning.

  2. Yes it did! I received it from the school as well. It doesn’t say they will send out new pay plans? The usual custom is to send individual payplans so employees understand their new pay. Thanks Stan for your service to Dekalb County Schools!

  3. Robin McDonald

    Will the Counselor I and Counselor II pay scale continue to be the same? The Head Counselors hold the Counselor II positions and they are responsible for the supervision of the counseling department, the counseling secretary, and the other counselors.

  4. As a paraprofessional with a Bachelor’s degree in Social work, should I get a higher pay than I do?

  5. Mika, Like any employer would ask, how would you justify a higher rate of pay than what you are getting now?

  6. Suspect Steps

    Stan – please direct us to the newly voted on Step Pay plan. We need to see the plan that was voted on. I see all the news from DCSD, but even our school bookkeeper has NO IDEA what the new steps are??? Suspect.

  7. SuspectSteps
    01/07/2019 – Work Session: Human Capital Management – a. Salary Steps for All Staff – Phase 2-2a (added 01.04.2019)

  8. It is very interesting that DeKalb disregarded the analysis of market data collection when determining an appropriate salary increase for its teachers. Yet they did not seem to have the same criterion for its principles. A review of the new salary structure indicates that DeKalb principles will indeed have a windfall. When compared to principles in Gwinnett and Fulton Schools, DeKalb principles will potentially make anywhere from the “low” of 14 thousand dollars a year to a high of 31 thousand dollars a year more than their neighboring counterparts. Interesting.

  9. So exactly what is the increase I see a lot of different things but its not straight forward but really confusing with step this an Increase I’m like help

  10. dekalbteacher

    Deja Vu,

    Dekalb’s principals get a generous raise. Seems to be at least 10% for some. They also seem to have little school house accountability. In two regions, all but one high school principal is new to the position. The state uses the same three-year mark for experience. Teachers must have multiple observations in these three years. What about principals?

    Last school year one newly appointed high school principal was removed. This year another principal new to Dekalb and possibly the position was removed. Strangely, the district has discontinued teacher evaluations of school administrators. I didn’t see any rationale for these generous increases, only one for the regional superintendents, the ones who higher and evaluate these principals.

  11. Raise next week and still we know nothing!!!!! SMH.. Why all the secrets

  12. dekalbteacher,
    I agree that there needs to be more accountability for school administrators. There are too many resting on their laurels or only being PR agents, while teachers basically manage and operate the school.

  13. Mr. Jester,
    This is an article that was in the AJC today. It is about an Audit of TRS and some suggestions of ways to save money. I am posting it because I think that it relates to the need for educators to be mindful about their current pay. Also, it is a reminder that the DSSD has never made any moves to return the money to our TSA accounts.
    As educators we must stay aware of the issues that impact us not now but also in the future. Most DeKalb employees will not get Social Security when they retire.–regional-govt–politics/audit-georgia-could-save-hundreds-millions-teacher-pensions/yGZSwvypLJkGnhSBvcYn4O/?fbclid=IwAR2bFSr2BGCnLOkCgLP0f97UzH7sKNLr5Qk6g1jwa2PQfi74CYO9ndC3dog

  14. It’s noteworthy that an employee’s paycheck is only a part of their complete compensation package. For example, in DeKalb Schools, a teacher bringing home $56K in salary, the school district must also pay $24.5K in benefits. That includes health and retirement.

    Obviously, the TRS plan mentioned in the article is a defined benefit plan. It doesn’t look like the state plans on modifying those benefits anytime soon.

    TSA is still locked up in the courts.

  15. Stan
    I appreciate you and Nancy very much. She is amazing. I just wanted to share the article. I tend to read everything that I see about TRS. Since many of us will not get social security, our current pay is important. It is directly tied to our retirement.
    The other thing is that I think newer educators may not realize that there have been some changes.
    I just wanted to share the information.

  16. Stan,
    I spoke to compensation and I was told that you will be placed on the step close to the amount of money you are presently making. There is no reasoning on how each step is defined in relationship to years of experience. This is not what the employees expected. Compensation should have a criteria, seemingly with this new pay scale you are placed because of your current salary. Please inquire about this new criteria. Thank you!

  17. Well, I would really like to know if Concern is correct about DeKalb’s method of assigning step placement. We’ve been wondering how it would be calculated, but I’d hate to think this is the method they’ve chosen.

  18. Needing Clarity

    If Concern is correct then experience will have little bearing on pay for those of us in the 2-5 years of our careers. Time to head back to Gwinnett and the commute. Transparency and appropriate pay will be worth it.

  19. Hello Stan!
    Is HCM going to send out individual new pay plans to the employees? Thank you for your service.

  20. I haven’t received an update on anything related to the new salary schedules. I’ll see what I can find out next week.

  21. Okay. Many thanks Stan

  22. Still no news on new step implementation?

  23. Wow. I just got my email. My step pay was $40. When I looked back at the scales I was confused. So I called. Apparently all of these were drafts and they weren’t the ones used for the actual step pay. The woman I spoke with said they haven’t posted the new scale anywhere and the one from the board meeting was a draft and not actually used for pay raises. I’m extremely disappointed.

  24. That doesn’t sound right. The board either passed something or it didn’t.

  25. I agree completely. However when I called that’s exactly what the compensation representative told me

  26. Just Wondering

    My step pay is also $40 per check. And, the email says nothing about what step we are on, just what our remaining paychecks will be. Honestly, this was “Much Ado About Nothing.” Most folks got so excited about an actual raise. $80 a month is insulting, once again. SO glad I am near the end.

  27. I am confused by the lack of official information coming the county and it’s obvious that the people at the county have no idea what’s going on because they keep telling people different information. If what people are saying on this site is correct, Dekalb has royally screwed is over. People have been looking forward to being appropriately compensated, and it looks like that won’t happen. I, for one, will NOT be returning to Dekalb next year if we don’t get properly compensated and I hope other educators follow suit and move to counties that actually appreciate their teachers. I’m disgusted by what I’m hearing and seeing so far.

  28. It’s time for us Vets to take our livelihoods in our own hands. Clearly we are not appreciated and there are other counties that compensate their teachers much better and they are in desperate need of experienced, qualified educators. Fulton county has a job fair coming up very soon. Also, Henry County pays into social security.

  29. Tongue in cheek

    My pay increase is only 5k per year more. This obviously does not correspond with my step based on years of service. How disappointing

  30. I just got my email and mine is $2,000 less than expected. I have over 10 years of actual experience in TRS with a Specialist Degree and the scale above says that I should get $66,643, but they emailed me and said that I am on pay type M08 and I am getting $64,421.00. I have been teaching in Dekalb since 2008, so how are they going to push me back 2 years???? I am beyond upset.

  31. Upset about my pay

    I pay was 600$ more a year and was not the $5000 a year raise that I was supposed to get looking from the chart that was put out there. I have t-4 with 9 yrs exp and my new pay in my email stated $50,091. Very confused!!!!!!

  32. So, I guess this means those of us that have not received an email are getting nothing. I’ve been with this struggling county since 2001.

  33. Here is a list of job fairs coming up: We obviously are not respected, so what is the point.

  34. Thanks @ Shacklesoff! Let’s keep each other posted on better opportunities .

  35. tongue in cheek

    They new “approved” step salaries are posted now. Evidently, the county did not have enough money for the step increases first proposed. They are under Employee Resources, total rewards, teacher salary.

  36. Just spoke with compensation so that they can provide some clarity. Of course I am more confused. We were placed on the new scale closest to where our previous salaries fell, therefore the new structure doesn’t accurately reflect your actual steps. My question is when someone new comes to Dekalb how is their step determined? Will they be paid more than me?

  37. Wow. Just saw that. That’s just wrong. They changed the scale completely after voting on one. I just don’t see how you can vote on one and then change it.

  38. Apparently they’ve used the “state exp” column rather than the “actual exp” column. That was extremely misleading. I figured we’d be in the actual experience level the whole time. Talk about disappointing.

  39. Bait and switch

  40. I think Dekalb heard Kemp was supposed to give teachers $3,000 and decided to stiff us. Dekalb has once again proven why teachers never stay with this county. They don’t value teachers, but they can pay the people at the top loads of money even when they can’t send out proper correspondence in a timely manner. How pathetic.

  41. @Done, I agree, and I guess they were thinking that people are used to the government stiffing them after the government shutdown. They probably are thinking that “we should be grateful for getting a check.” They sit back behind locked doors making over six figures being accountable to no one. I thought the board of education ran the county. How did the board approve one thing and H.R swing out something totally different? It is SUSPECT! I don’t trust them!

  42. Charlie Brown

    With the pay bump I’m STILL making less than I did last year in Gwinnett. This is a scam. I wanted to work closer to home, but this won’t cut it.

  43. This is the link to what the BOE approved at the January meeting:

    The title of this document is “Proposed Salary Schedules for All Staff.”

    I couldn’t find anything posted publicly that defines how steps are determined. However, this BOE Agenda Item also includes a document titled “Proposed FY19 Teacher Salary Comparisons.” (

    Seems to me that between these 2 documents it should be straightforward to apply the salary steps to all staff. I urge teachers to notify all BOE members, not just Stan, if they have concerns. Any changes or clarification will likely require a majority of BOE members.

  44. Dr. Bernice Gregory, DeKalb Schools Chief HCM

    sent via email

    Q&A – With Mr. Jester (1/2/2019)

    Question: For teachers, is there any documentation on how to calculate years of experience?

    Answer: An FAQ’s document has been created to staff with the Comp & Class roll-out, we will ensure that a question is added to this document on how to calculate years of experience for teachers to align with the steps on the salary scale. For example, if a teacher has 12 years of verified teaching experience, then the teacher will be emplaced on the scale on step 12. If a teacher has 14 years of verified teaching experience, then the teacher will be emplaced on the scale on step 14, and so on.

  45. Like it is downright disrespectful

  46. My pay stayed the same. So no increase here. But I would like to know what step I am on, which is not stated on the form.

  47. I would like to see the official new step plan. That has not been released to us and the email with my new pay plan does not match any of the figures on the comparison chart

  48. It’s difficult to find, but they posted the new scale.
    I seem to have lost a year of teaching according to the amount I was sent in my email earlier today.

  49. I am concerned that Dr. Gregory promised Stan on January 2 that a question would be added to the FAQ document to show how to calculate years of experience.

    She didn’t promise an answer, did she?!

    If all of these blog comments are to be believed, no such guidance has been provided to teachers. That is very poor, given that it has almost been a month since Dr. Gregory made that promise.

    Since teachers are getting letters about their revised salary, then HCM has to be using some sort of method to calculate that. So why can’t that be shared with the public as promised?

  50. Experienced teacher

    Wow! I don’t even know what to say. After 31 years of teaching I got a 48 CENT increase in pay.

  51. Well … that’s quite deceiving and disheartening. By placing DeKalb teachers on the “state exp” schedule, that completely negates the comparison. OK. Let me get my thoughts together and figure out how to proceed.

    DCSD Posted Salary Schedule
      2018-2019 Teacher Salary Schedule

    Documents the board passed in January
      FY 2019 Teacher Salary Comparisons
      Salary Schedule All Staff
      FY 2019 Counselor Salary Comparisons

  52. Raise of about 27 dollars per paycheck. Still unclear about ” retroactive adjustment back to January 1″? What does that mean?

  53. Does Dekalb really want to teach it’s employees? Lying about salary is NOT the way to do it!! They hire this firm and pay a lot of money for their input-then don’t follow it. Why did they spend that money-funds they could have used for salaries for teachers, social workers, psychologists , and counselors? No wonder turnover is so high. Without experienced faculty and staff who actually deal with the students, how can Dekalb be a healthy, good school system. Instead, money goes to those who have no interactions with the students. Dekalb already does not have the best reputation. This is so frustrating . This is NOT a good way to show that the rank and file employees-the most important ones-are really valued in Dekalb.

  54. I think what disappoints me is that there is no rhyme or reason for the salary schedule. I need for someone to fully explain to me how it works. I became an asst principal 2 years ago and I never received a salary schedule so I have no idea if I am being properly paid or not. I have looked at the salary schedule and have no idea where I fall. Am I supposed to get paid based on my total years of experience or just my years of experience as an AP? Either way, according to the published salary scale, I am under paid just like everyone else. Truthfully, I had very low expectations of this “raise” and unfortunately, I was not surprised. It’s just very sad.

  55. Just curious what happened to the PT/OT/SLP pay scale. The counselors are put on a different scale and the therapist are left out.

  56. Dekalb is fun

    This new online schedule is absolutely nothing like what was in any of the documents that have been posted online or that have been presented to the board. They are basically dropping everyone 2 more years of experience with how they made the Scales. Just look at the beginning of the pay scale for step 0 1 and 2 – those salaries are constant The documents presented on this website did not show that. We go from being first in the Atlanta area to 4th right away. This is the same crap they have been doing all along

    STAN – did you see or vote on this the salary schedule that is currently on the website. Or did hey just change it after the fact. How can this be right?

  57. The Gwinnett numbers for T-4 match the pdf. These numbers appear to be comparable. A $24 increase is likely $40 before taxes, so $1,000 pay bump. People asked about the experience column and it’s unfortunate there was confusion, but this is what the board passed and the spreadsheet appears to correctly show apples to apples comparison between counties.

  58. Anonymous,

    According to the pay scale posted on the APS website, I would be making $54,242 at the T-5 level and 4 years of experience. However, when I look at the Proposed Teacher Salary Comparison, that amount is at the State Experience level 6 (actual experience level 4). Instead, I was placed (closest to, but not exactly at) the State Experience level 4 for DeKalb County ($ 52,707). If the purpose of this huge study was to make DeKalb County competitive with other counties, I believe it failed.

    APS Teacher Pay Scale:

  59. Maybe that’s a correct reading, but I went and looked at Gwinnett, Cobb, Clayton and Fulton. They all have this same 0,1,2 years as the first step, as does the state salary schedule. My inclination is that the state must fund the state salary schedule and then the counties provide a local adjustment that gets to total salary in each county. The numbers in the Salary Comparison pdf are from the document you link to and this was used to generate the comparison. It’s just a question of whether APS bucks the rest of the state and teachers receive pay increases the first year or whether the APS salary schedule is steps and not actual years. My inclination is to say that the consultants got it right, that APS does salary steps the same way everyone else does. But I think the county should confirm that.

  60. Anonymous,
    I don’t know what you mean when you say they all have the same 0.1.2 years as the first step. I’ve linked to the Gwinnett and DeKalb Schools salary schedules … please explain.

    Gwinnett has “Performance Steps” in their posted salary schedule and they match the “Actual Experience” in the comparison document the board passed. The current DCSD posted salary schedule looks nothing like anything in the approved comparison study … granted, at 11:45pm, it looks like they are having technical difficulties with it.

    DCSD Posted Salary Schedule
      DeKalb Schools 2018-2019 Teacher Salary Schedule

    Gwinnett Schools Posted Salary Schedule
      Gwinnett Schools 2018-2019 Teacher Salary Schedule

    Documents the board passed

      FY 2019 Teacher Salary Comparisons
      Salary Schedule All Staff
      FY 2019 Counselor Salary

  61. Dunwoody Diva

    Let me just throw this out there…….perhaps Dr. Gregory and staff are in over their heads with this.
    They are NOT being clear, concise or transparent. I think they might not know what they are doing or how to do it correctly.
    I have a call in to a friend and a family member who are both attorneys to get legal clarification.
    This is a school system funded by taxpayers, I feel that there has got to be some law that holds them accountable to us.
    I’ll let you know what I find out from a legal standpoint.
    If you want Dekalb to move on an issue, the best bet is to threaten attorneys and media scrutiny. Very sad.

  62. Dunwoody Diva, I am all for legal action at this point. It’s extremely disrespectful that not a single person at the district feels the need to explain to educators what is going on with our pay. I am appalled. Dr. Green needs to come out of his cushy office and explain this. It’s the least he could do, given that his very handsome salary is paid for by a lot of the educator-taxpayers that he decided to screw over.

  63. Stan, everything is pretty transparent on the Gwinnett website.

    If you look at the last link, I think its clear that their first step lasts for 3 years. The Gwinnett salaries in the salary comparison pdf are directly comparable to Dekalb’s.

    If you look at the state salary schedule, its clear that their first step last 3 years.

  64. Thank you Anonymous. Are Atlanta, Cobb and Fulton the same way?

  65. Still Waiting

    They have already started the process of covering themselves , we should be doing the same. We need the media involved. 18 year with county and I’m still waiting on some word about my “ pay adjustment”…

  66. Cobb: (note the description of the step is different, 1-3 instead of 0,1,2, but its just different nomenclature)

    Clayton: (again matches the comparison pay schedule)

    Fulton: I couldn’t find the current pay scale from Fulton as it appears to have moved, but I found this on another site. It refers to Steps, but I can’t conclusively prove that they follow this same link. If you applied the logic, these numbers match the pay comparison pdf.

    As the poster above noted, APS’s schedule says ‘Years of Experience’. That’s either mislabeled or the comparison pay pdf would seemingly not be correct.

  67. Hi Stan
    Every employee has the right to fully understand their pay checks. It should not get to the point that some teachers want to take legal action or go to AJC to try and get transparency with their salary. Thank you for your service Stan.

  68. Why do we have a high paid communications/public relations department when they don’t communicate with the teachers well about issues pertaining to our morale? Shouldn’t you make the teachers happy first? We are the ones closest to both the students and the parents. My student’s parents love me, and they would fight for me everyday and all day when it comes to injustice. I wonder how they would feel if they had parents calling them about this fiasco with the pay schedule.

  69. Anonymous, I can’t thank you enough for helping us connect the dots on these pay schedules. The labeling is misleading. I’ll get out another post ASAP.

  70. Stan,
    The FY 2019 Teacher Salary Comparisons had a mistake, because whoever placed State Exp next to State Step, did not take under consideration that State Exp 0,1,2 has one row. It is because State pays the same salary for the first 3 years of work, so if you add two more rows first year is your year 0=E , year 2=1 year of experience, year 3=2 years of experience. State has L1-L6 because state salary increases every two years and stays the same after 22 years of experience. Historically DCSS had similar step increase up to 22 years of experience. Teachers who were 60 years of age could retire based on the two highest payed years. Since a lot of teachers were taking few years off to raise their children, or were starting later, it was allowing them to retire at age 60 with 50% of the last salary after 25 years of service. Whoever was willing to work over 60 years of age was still getting extra 2% to their retirement for every extra year of work.
    Unfortunately in order to get away with “SALARY COMPRESSION” additional steps were added to senior teachers to keep their salary slightly increasing. Therefore DCSD salary has steps all the way to 34 years of experience today.
    Part of “SALARY COMPRESSION” was adding more money to new hires. It was a reason of the exodus of teachers between 5-15 years of experience. Dekalb was paying only state minimum to teachers between 5-15 years of experience(from 2011-2016). Dekalb’s salary schedules were below State Salary, so those teachers were receiving supplement to their paychecks. (DCSD was playing with individual steps and were moving teachers as they pleased on the salary schedule to cover up the supplement. It was adding to the confusion. Some teachers had hard time following their years of experience. After the adjustment of 2016, those teachers were moved down on the schedule.) All of it was adding up to departures of our teachers, leaving DCSD and going to Atlanta, Gwinnett, Fulton or Decatur was an instant 7-9K increase to their pay.
    Those who stayed watched new teachers and senior teachers being rewarded by DCSD with extra 9K to their State Salary base. In 2015/2016 school year before the “Great Correction” teacher with 10 years was making 3K more compare to first year teachers but 13K less then teacher with 20 years. We were climbing Salary Schedule that was an escalator going down. With every year we were making less money than a teacher with one more year of experience year before. T-5 had the biggest cuts, since Dekalb wanted to hire more T-4 teachers.
    Our retirement prediction today is $800 less from prediction of 2007. We would have to work additional 5 years to have retirement we thought we were working for in 2007 according to our TRS statements.
    Salary schedule in 2008/9 school year was increasing by 2K a year, the new one 1K a year.
    According to the new salary schedule posted yesterday new Teachers make 6K more then new teacher in 2008. Teachers with 30 years make 11K more. Teachers with 24 years make 4K more then teacher with the same years in 2008. Teachers with 10 years 10K more, but those with 16 years only 2K compare to 2008. SALARY COMPRESSION continues for us:(
    This is why we are not going to attract new generation to this profession. In the past teaching was “additional” income for married women. Today teaching is a primary income for independent adults. It can not compare with open job market.
    DCSD has the same number of students since 2008, but we have 2,000 less teachers in the classroom. We have 7K teachers compare to 9K in 2008. But we have more administrator then in 2008. Teachers are payed the least compare to all other administrators, counselors including.
    The question is: How long does it take students to notice that any of the better payed school administration personnel is missing?…….I don’t know, but I am sure they will notice at 7:30 A. M. the same day that their teacher is missing. School can run without a lot of support personnel, but cannot run without classroom teachers.

  71. Stan, Dunwoody Diva, Shacklesoff,

    Our school district became a strategic waiver school district two years ago.Essentially, the district gets to waive state board and state laws. or do whatever it wants it would seem. Such school districts can’t deny us insurance; they can “decide for themselves what to pay teachers.” That’s one of the reasons Dekalb no longer has to put certified teachers in the classroom. That waiver thing is probably why there was such a big deal of the new and poor CCRPI scores written off as a “new calculation.”

    Good luck getting an explanation. The head of HR’s email earlier this month indicates that she doesn’t understand how the steps are calculated. She claimed that the years teaching would equal the step. The posted schedule says that the years teaching puts a teacher in a step one year ahead, which is also the number on my pay plan.

    A good starting point would be the district’s waiver. Stan, this teacher would like to know what performance data from last year the district used to effectively under-pay its teachers while giving substantial pay increases to regional superintendents and principals.

  72. Stan,
    I just received another compensation plan with my steps. I was on Step 18 and now they put me on Step 14. Why are they taking steps and not giving an explanation?

  73. Let’s move this discussion to the latest thread …

    Questions – New Teacher Salary Schedule
    January 29, 2019 – There has, no doubt, been a lack of communication from the administration on how the new teacher salary schedules will work. The minimal communication in tandem with misleading charts and a complicated system to begin with has lead us to where we are now.

  74. Region 1 teacher,

    Please let us know what you learn. I fear you will find out that they can do as the waiver allows. The step and the pay are two different things.

    As long as no one is making less, what is illegal?

    I agree this is inexcusable. However, this is the same school district that orders classroom teachers to work as substitutes, mandates the use of error-filled tests created by the district, and requires and organizes graduation ceremonies more than a week after the end of school. Why would this be different?