2019 Salary Schedules And Comparison

DeKalb Schools will implement a new salary schedule starting January 1. It will be discussed and voted on by the board on January 7th in time for January 15th checks.

DeKalb Teachers

DeKalb Schools Policy GCA says, “The compensation program shall have a comprehensive review at least every five years.” In Nov 2017, in accordance with Policy GCA, Management Advisory Group International (MAG), was engaged to perform a Compensation and Classification (Comp & Class) study.

Salary Schedule & Comparison

Here are the new teacher and counselor salary schedules and how they compare to the other Metro Atlanta school districts.

T4 = Bachelors
T5 = Masters
T6 = Specialist
T7 = Doctorate

Proposed Teacher Salary Comparison FY19
Proposed Counselor Salary Comparison FY19
Proposed Salary Schedule – ALL EMPLOYEES

T4 = Bachelors

T5 = Bachelors

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  1. @paycut
    I received the information in an email. I don’t know where our bookkeeper received the information. I haven’t spoken to her about it. I do know that she would never release an email about our pay unless someone with authority told her to do so. Since this email apparently wasn’t sent out to all I don’t feel comfortable saying her name. Once the email went out, we assumed all schools received some type of similar notification about pay. Regardless, we have to see what the Board votes for on Monday.

  2. @ All those who kept posting about a Pay CUT!!!


  3. @Paycut it’s posted on the County website under Human Capital

  4. Thank you @support but can you help me locate the post. I am at https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/hcm/ and have opened every tab and page linked there but don’t see it.

  5. Is anyone else troubled by the following statements in the January 2019 BOE Agenda item 7a, Salary Steps for All Staff – Phase 2-2a (added 01.04.2019)?

    Financial Impact
    The financial impact will be a range of $6.4 million to $8.5 million from the General Fund. The specific number will be known after three pay periods.

    I agree that increased pay and recognition for experience is long overdue, but I am concerned that
    A. The $6.4 million that the BOE approved in June 2018 could now be as much as $8.5 million. That’s a 33% increase!!! Why?
    B. The specific amount won’t be known until after three pay periods!!! Why?

    DCSD has had 6 months to figure this out, since the BOE approved implementation of the Comp & Class Study in June. They should know how much these changes should add to this year’s budget, as well as the impact for the future. The BOE is being given little info and no time to discuss, as apparently the decision has to be made on Monday.

    If anyone can explain why this is OK please do.

  6. Tim McGaughey

    Is T5 for those teachers with a Masters Degree, or Bachelors Degree? The legend says T5 = Masters, but the chart heading says T5 = Bachelors. Thank you for the information.

  7. Tim McGaughey

    Thank you. But please help me to understand the T5 chart. The legend says T5 = Masters, but the chart heading says T5 is for Bachelor’s Degrees. Which is it?

  8. Quoting the new Speaker of the House:
    “Don’t worry about the hang ups of the nay-sayers. Know what you are fighting for and why you are fighting for it. Know your power.”

    Focus on what you want!

  9. Region 1 Teacher

    Sending you good vibes for tomorrow! Hope the board is able to arrive at the best possible outcome for all. Thank you Stan for representing our region well. 🙂

  10. Greetings Stan,
    I am concerned and confused as to where the School Social Workers fall on the new pay scales. Are the School Social Workers new salaries reflected on the teacher or counselor pay scale? I am further more confused as to why, like School Psychologist, the School Social Workers who also have multiple schools, were not included on the same pay scale with our other Support Staff colleagues. Thank you for your efforts to keep us informed!

  11. I am a current employee and have been employed with Dekalb for over 24 years. I have an Ed.S, however I do not see the T6 pay scale on anything. I see T4 and T5 but no T6. Please notify me where to find the T6 pay scale.

    I would like to know how this compensation piece will address the money loss as it pertains to lack of pay increases for 7 or 8 years, professional step increases, cost of living increases, and furloughs that occurred from 2008-15? Also what will be done to address the retirement shortcomings.

    I would also like to know why Dekalb would vote to give some employees (less than 18 years of exp. and more than 8 years of exp.) a raise of 10% but neglect the others giving them only 2%. I find it disappointing, disheartening, and seemingly a slap in the face, especially for the veterans that carried the county during one of the worst times to work in Dekalb, to weather the storm in a Dekalb but it not be reciprocated!

    Last but not least I believe, with all the shortcomings that Dekalb employees endure, employees of the county deserve preferential treatment as it pertains to School Choice and any other opportunities to show appreciation for hanging in there. As it pertains to School Choice there is a major problem and disparity with school choice options as it pertains to students on the south end of the county versus those on the north end. There are far less good options for teachers employed by Dekalb to choose from if you work or live on the south end. It’s even worse if you are not a Dekalb resident. An employee can only send his/her child to a school based on their addrees, the school they work at or via a hardship. The process is predicated on these built in prejudices, a lottery, and then the antiquated process. Once you choose a seat at a school you are basically locked out the process. If you lose your seat for whatever reason from one of your choices you are locked out of your other options and the entire process until the next year. This seems to be quite ridiculous for parents who are educators that want the best possible school options for their children. Other companies provide perks for their work family why not Dekalb.


  12. Why are the district personnel and administrators receiving a larger increase? They are already the highest paid in the district.

  13. Dear Stan
    Thank you so much for keeping us informed. I am not sure of the best place to post this but another high ranking DCSD employee left the school system. The article did not list a reason.


  14. Update – The salary schedules should be approved shortly. A district News Flash/FAQ should go out tomorrow (Tuesday) sometime. It will state that nobody will get a pay cut.

    Every job title is supposed to be represented somewhere in the  Proposed Salary Structure

    High Ranking DCSD Employee Leaves – Jennifer Hackemeyer was the Chief Legal Officer. She has been in the system for a long time and retired. I’m not aware of any strange reason for her leaving.

    High Paid Administrators – The Comp & Class MAG studied looked at the surrounding metro areas and made these recommendations. APS and Gwinnett schools way overpay their senior administrators. I’m concerned that the positions that were determined to be way overpaid are not being moved to a different salary structure.

  15. Was the salary schedule approved? Is the meeting over? None of the salary schedules showed what a teacher with a provisional certificate makes. Before, they were getting paid less than step 1. Please advise.

    2018-2019 Current Provisional Certificate Salary
    $41,040.08 Annually, $216.00 Daily
    *Certified staff holding provisional certificate will receive $41,040.08 regardless of experience.

  16. The salary schedule agenda item was approved.

  17. DCSD Teacher

    Good evening and thank you. However, viewing the schedule is somewhat confusing. What will T6 and T7 with 26 years receive?

  18. which one was approved i’m confused

  19. Hmm. Hackemeyer was introduced as a new employee by Green in January 2016: https://www.ajc.com/news/local-education/from-superintendent-former-district-join-dekalb-schools/SIWqylDoZ3KAdX3OKxpcaM/

    She hasn’t been around DCSD long. Retirements are typically announced/celebrated, not done in the dark of night December 31st and announced January 7th. Seems a bit fishy.

  20. dekalbteacher

    So the MAG recommendations in the draft teacher salary schedule made available in July were ignored but the MAG recommendations to increase executive salaries that already compare to metro Atlanta districts were approved?

    Makes sense. In Dekalb. Where administrators’ salaries soar to new heights while students, teachers, bus drivers, and anyone else who actually works with students are stuck in the TSA line.

  21. Executive Salary Scales – I stand corrected, this was an internal study and not MAG.

    Metro Comparison
    District – Regional Superintendent starting salaries
    Fulton Schools – $164,076
    Atlanta Schools – $185,000
    Gwinnett Schools – $178,096

    The administration is asking that DeKalb Schools Regional Superintendents start at $133K and step as well as a possible 1.8% CIS Salary Increase (Continuous Improvement Summary) for performance.

  22. Stan,
    What was approved? I am hearing that some line items were tabled. Please explain; will we see an increase on our January 15th pay checks?

  23. We met yesterday from 12pm to 9pm. There was one item we tabled, I forget which one, but it wasn’t anything to do with the new teacher salary schedule. The new salary schedules for DeKalb Schools employees will be effective Jan 1 and will be reflected in the Jan 15th payroll. Steps are unfrozen, so teachers will step every year. I still haven’t seen a news flash yet.

  24. We just received a news flash saying that the 2.5% would be on the 15th paycheck, but the step pay we would receive another news flash with more details from HCM. The headline was pay increase for SOME on the January 15th paycheck

  25. NEWS FLASH – via email
    A 2.5% pay increase previously approved by the DeKalb County Board of Education for some employees will take effect on January 15 paycheck.

    The 2.5% pay increase is only for employees that did not previously receive a 2.5% increase in fall 2018 – mostly administrative personnel. It represents the Board’s commitment to retaining and fairly compensating the district’s employees, according to Superintendent/CEO Green.

    “We are grateful to the Board of Education for a salary increase that both aligns our employee salaries with those in the region and rewards the hard work of the many people that make a great impact in the lives of our students,” Green said. “We will continue to carefully and prudently manage the district’s resources and support our Board in its mission of graduating college and career ready students.”

    The Board of Education also formally approved a Compensation and Classification adjustment for most DCSD staff members it its Jan. 7, 2019 business meeting. Under this plan, a new salary step structure for both classified and certified employees will be instituted. More information will be included in a separate News Flash from HCM.

  26. Correct me if I am wrong, but based off of the new salary structure, it will make more sense for someone who has 30 years to retire, get the 60% of their salary, and come back half day (part-time) making 49% of their salary. That way, they would get 109% of their salary. I am a long way from being able to retire, but it seems like common sense to me. I know plenty of teachers in a neighboring county who do this. They say they make more money this way. Some also work contract jobs, so it is like they get double the salary.

  27. veteran teacher

    The news flash says that the Administrators are getting an increase on January 15, presumably because there is not enough time to meet the January 15 payroll deadlines for the Step-increase affected employees by tomorrow. Does this mean, whatever the increase winds up being, since no one seems to know what was actually approved, it will be retro-active to January 1?

  28. Are ST/PT/OT still on the same pay scale as counselors? My coordinator doesn’t know either.

  29. Shacklesoff, the strategy you suggest is a pretty good one. The issue is getting the county to do it. My dad actually got a deal like this, but was a county level administrator in his system and he performed some special tasks for them related to grants and scheduling. He was older so he got a higher % in retirement. I don’t think DCSD would need a lot of half time people.

    I’d go for the 35 years and just keep cashing those checks. 🙂

  30. Hi Stan,
    Thank you for your service on the Board.

    Is there a separate pay scale for OT/PT/SLP and counselors? Also, when will the new pay plans come out?
    Thank you!

  31. Do we know if this is really happening or not? We still have not received any word about step increases.

  32. It passed … I was there

  33. In Shock now Just Disappointed

    Sad to see that the newer 9-19 year teachers are to be rewarded with these great pay increases (3,000 to 6,000) while those who faced the pay freezes and furloughs did not get recognized for their efforts. (29+) I guess we should be happy we didn’t have our pay cut to make way for all these (must be retained) teachers. When we were in the middle of the scale we weren’t shown all this love. We were frozen and given furloughs. Loyalty doesn’t seem to count for much these days.

  34. InShock, Teachers at DeKalb Schools with a masters degree and 29+ years experience will be the highest paid teachers compared to the other teachers with the same experience and level of education in the Metro Atlanta area. That is not the case for teachers with a bachelors degree. The T4 salary schedule front loads the salaries.

  35. Stan,
    How are the steps determined on the other pay schedules?

  36. Hello Concern. I asked Gregory, the Chief HCM Officer, to include in the news flash FAQ how experience is determined and how that maps to the salary schedules.

  37. Hi Stan
    What are the step increases for the teacher/OT/PT/SLP and Counselor scales?
    Thank you!

  38. Hello. I can’t say for sure where teacher OT/PT/SLP are.

    Proposed Counselor Salary Comparison FY19

  39. @ Educator
    The step for OT/PT/SLP is listed on the first post that Stan posted That reads, New Step Structures for Teachers
    click PhaseII.

  40. @support
    Thank you!

  41. All we are hearing is that something was approved but we still don’t know what and how much

  42. The HCM department is supposed to be sending out a news flash along with a FAQ. The agenda item along with the associated documents that were passed can be found here:

    I believe they are the same documents published in this post.

  43. Confused new teacher

    Still no pay plan and teachers are calling Human Capital to ask questions. Here are some their responses:
    The system is down (we don’t know what step your on)
    We might not get the new steps on the 15th, maybe the 30th
    I thought all they had to do was download a file
    Who evaluates the central staff

  44. DCSD has offered no updates to staff on the status of this initiative- if there is positive news why hasn’t it been shared?

    Is Dekalb jumping employees with 4 years of experience from the base rate to the 4 year rate with this? Currently an employee with 4 years experience makes what a first year employee does. If this was not addressed I will still make less than I did in GCPS two years ago. Might be time to reconsider the commute.

  45. Incredulous, for what you are saying to be true, then the spreadsheet has to be wrong. A DCSD employee with no experience makes just less than a GCPS T-4 with 5 years of experience and a GCPS T-5 with 2 years of experience. My understanding is that you will get credit for the actual experience. If that is true, then you will be making a bad financial decision to commute to Gwinnett. Maybe Gwinnett throws in kickers not included in the spreadsheet?

  46. I keep looking at the new scale and can only see this: teachers with lots of years, say 30 or more and an advanced degree or two, when placed on the newly approved salary scale, will see as much as a $2000 cut in pay. I assume (which often gets me in trouble) that we won’t see a cut this school year, but that when our contracts arrive for 2019-2020 they will reflect the new scale, and DeKalb’s most experienced teachers will see a pay cut. Am I wrong?
    Not exactly sending the message that DeKalb values its veteran teachers. Make a note of that, all of you youngsters who are getting a well deserved salary boost.

  47. No Paycuts – There will be no paycuts. If you are currently making more than what your new schedule says, you’ll be grandfathered into at your older higher rate.

    Veteran Teachers – Our most veteran teachers with masters degrees (T5) will be the highest paid teachers in the metro area with those credentials. The salary schedule for our teachers with a bachelors degree (T4) is front loaded.

  48. Thanks- that makes the elderly feel a bit better

  49. I just want an email from HR telling me what my new salary is. Is that asking too much?

  50. Just Wondering

    I’m a teacher with a Bachelor’s and 27 years experience and I will put my 27 years against anyone’s advanced degree with little experience. I don’t think it’s right that the other levels besides T-4 are being paid incrementally more throughout the step structure, but those with a T–4 are “front loaded.” What that says to me is that I wasn’t paid enough in the early years and now I’m still not being paid equally (same percentage increase as everyone else). It seems that the ONLY winners here are those just starting their teaching careers and those in the palace. Not sure why I expected anything else.

  51. Just Wondering, Valid critique.

  52. Hi Stan
    When are we expected to get the news flash with information about step increases? Will the increases be in the Jan. 15th check?
    Thank you again for your service!

  53. It is supposed to be in your Jan 15 check. No telling when the News Flash is going out.

  54. Haven’t heard from Human Capital yet! Does that mean no need is good news concerning our pay?

  55. dekalbteacher

    Thanks for publishing all this information.

    Can you answer any of these questions or at least explain if the board has asked or even considered these things?

    1. High school and middle school principals have one salary schedule. Is this for assistant principals, too?
    2. If there is one schedule, then the years experience may not be as an administrator. An assistant principal could have worked as a teacher for a number of years before becoming an assistant principal and then receive the same salary as someone who has worked as an assistant principal or principal the entire time?
    3. Why are principals getting paid so much? If the scenario above is true, a principal with the same years experience of “teaching” or in “education” as I have but with fewer degrees and one lucky year as a principal will make double my teacher’s salary. How is that possible?
    4. Open Georgia has no “specialist” position but Dekalb has so many specialists: levels 1, 2, and 3. How does the board and/or the superintendent know the jobs, or the necessity of them, of so many of these titles? If the position doesn’t exist for transparent government spending, why does it exist in Dekalb?
    5. What does a transcript evaluator do each day? What does a student engagement liason do each each day? So many of these positions getting salary increases don’t seem to have had the same work increases we teachers have had: working as substitutes, working with larger classes and, therefore, having more work to do, etc…How does Dekalb evaluate all the other people paid more than teachers but without student test scores and classroom visits?

  56. DeKalb Teacher
    You ask some very interesting questions. When I worked as a counselor, we were responsible for evaluating transcripts. There use to be a person at the International Center who evaluated transcripts for international students. I don’t know if there is more than one person who does that now. Perhaps there are people who do that when students enroll, but that sure seems like a high salary. I have never seen a job posted for a transcript evaluator on PATS, I would love to know the requirements for that job, as well as some other jobs.
    I may be totally wrong, but sometimes it seems like the salaries are based on the people in the job instead of the duties and requirements of the jobs. I believe that administrators in the school are important. But it seems that DeKalb is very top-heavy in district level administrative jobs. I would love to know how many district level administrators we have, not school based one. Out of those I wonder how many have direct contact with students or teachers.
    I am so very glad that Stan is asking about how money is being spent.
    Stan and Nancy are great and are very transparent. But here we are trying to find out information about salaries and requirements. It should not be so hard to get that kind of information.

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