Monday Solar Eclipse – The Plan

The 2017 Eclipse Across America will happen on Monday, August 21st and DeKalb Schools has a plan!

Written Permission is Required for Students to Participate
Please return the permissions slip to your child’s school, to grant permission for your child/student to go outside to view the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, with the use of proper eye protection.
Solar Glasses
DeKalb Schools spent roughly $60,000 in total on Solar Eclipse viewers from Lunt Solar for employees and students. These viewers are allegedly CE certified and ISO 12312-2 compliant solar filters.
This is the best simulation you’ll find of the upcoming total solar eclipse

The Plan
Science Instructors will engage the students in the investigation of the solar eclipse phenomena. These activities may include instructional lessons within all content areas, televised viewing of the eclipse, and actual viewing of the eclipse with the use of the “eclipse glasses”.
Suggested Activities for Students Who Remain in the Classroom during the 2017 Solar Eclipse
Webcast provided by Earth Science instructors from the Fernbank Science Center. Fernbank Science Center will be offering professional development for 4th and 6th grade teachers in the week preceding the event. The training will include the science behind the eclipse, why eclipses are so special, and the proper procedure for viewing. There is a video clip, located at, with the proper viewing procedures. The eclipse will be recorded for future instructional purposes.
During the event the public will be able to view the eclipse at the Center using telescopes with the proper solar filters, view live feeds from other sites in the US, and learn more about eclipses while viewing the Totality planetarium show.
Padcast provided from the DCSD Division of Information Technology: Here is a link to DCSD Padcaster resources:
Lesson Plans

Solar Eclipse Staffing
Exempt employees (i.e. teachers, administrators) as defined by FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) are legally not entitled to be paid for overtime work.

3 responses to “Monday Solar Eclipse – The Plan

  1. You write (or maybe the county wrote?) “These viewers are allegedly CE certified and ISO 12312-2 compliant solar filters.” Why “allegedly”? Is there any doubt about this?

  2. Cobb and Coweta bought eclipse viewing glasses that were recalled.
    I have to preface most of my statements with “so I’m told by the school district”. DeKalb Schools’ viewers have some sort of NASA approved Certificate of Compliance. This document is blurry, so I can’t really make it out.

  3. Lunt solar glasses have been approved by the American Astronomical Society and NASA.