New & Vacant Principals & Assistant Principals

I asked the administration at DeKalb Schools to provide an updated list of all the new principals and assistant principals across the school district as well as a vacancy report. I know of at least one school with a new AP that isn’t on this list …. sooo, I wouldn’t characterize this data as complete, but for what it’s worth …

DeKalb Schools employs Performance Coaches to reach out to new principals who have zero to three years of experience as a principal to support their transition. The coaches are also extending support to new principals who have more than three years of experience coming from outside of DeKalb.

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New Principals 2017-2018 School Year

New Principals 2017-2018 School Year
New Principal School
Laura L. Baez Montclair ES
Jesse Berger Dresden ES
Rasheen Booker Stephenson Middle
Rebecca A. Braaten Chamblee High
Cassandra Davis Stoneview ES
Karen Davis Redan Middle
Peggy Davis Kelley Lake
Malik Douglas Flat Rock ES
Lisa Green Rock Chapel ES
Brandy A. Jermon Woodridge ES
Viva S. Jones Shadow Rock ES
Marcus Kimber Miller Grove Middle
Darrick McCray Lithonia High
Johnny C. Potter Snapfinger ES
Sabrina Pressley Oak View Elementary
Marsha L. Sears Murphey Candler
Corey L. Stegall Panola Way ES
Tamara Watts Tucker High
Andre Mountain (started April 2017) Marbut ES

Principal Vacancies (as of 8.10.2017)

Principal Vacancies (as of 8.10.2017)
Dunwoody HS Current Principal still in place
Cedar Grove ES Interim Principal (Norman Thomas)

New Assistant Principals 2017-2018

New Assistant Principals 2017-2018
New AP School
L. Shane Tolle Lakeside HS
Jennifer Mason Lakeside HS
Emanuel Lewis Tucker HS
Audra Olukoya Redan ES
Lamita Grissett Redan MS
David Costa DECA
Deirdre Hill WynbrookeES
Charles Barkley Chapel Hill MS
Audra Olukoya Redan ES
Lamita Jo Grissett Redan MS
Ethan Suber Stephenson MS
Ledra Jemison Stone Mountain MS
Gayle McNair Southwest DeKalb HS
Tiffany Reeves Narvie J Harris
Jamika Brown Woodridge ES
Joe Floyd Miller Grove MS
Rodney Mallory DeKalb Alternative
Marcus Barber DeKalb Alternative
Latoya Carmichael Kelly Lake ES
Rodericus Rogers Towers HS
Portia Denson Towers HS
Clifton Spears Chamblee HS
Timothy Collier Warren Technical
Amy Heutel Cary Reynolds ES
Tyra Harris-Thompson Kingsley ES
LaSonya Edwards Montclair ES
Karen Williams Dunwoody HS
Audria Berry (started April 2017) Flat Rock ES
Darlene Herbert (started March 2017) Rainbow ES

Assistant Principal Vacancies (as of 8.10.2017)

Assistant Principal Vacancies (as of 8.10.2017)
Substitute AP in place Peachcrest ES
Vacant Fernbank ES
Current AP still in place Hawthorne ES
Current AP still in place Southwest DeKalb HS
Current AP retiring August 31, 2017 Allgood ES

18 responses to “New & Vacant Principals & Assistant Principals

  1. Curious >> are you guys having any kind of discussions / concerns about the recent news of Emory/CDC/CHOA etc annexation into the city of Atlanta? This is fast becoming a reality. Is all of Druid Hills to follow? Druid Hills High is on the Emory property. Fernbank? The planetarium?

  2. Cere, The board and administration are very concerned about annexation and the affects of annexation of Emory, Druid Hills HS, Fernbank ES and Briar Vista ES to Atlanta. The school administration is looking into legal and legislative relief.
    Here are my thoughts on the matter:

    Emory Annexation Dominos
    September 7, 2016 – If Emory is annexed into Atlanta, it isn’t a stretch to see the scenario where the adjoining neighborhoods, including Druid Hills High School and two other elementary schools, would eventually end up annexed as well.

  3. Hello
    Why isn’t the principal of the International Center on the list?
    I have read the articles concerning the annexation request. Emory stated a desire to continue to work with both Atlanta and DeKalb. If that is the case, what is the purpose of the annexation? I also am concerned about how this may impact Druid Hills High School.

  4. Cere, Here is a little more history.
    DeKalb County School District
    City Of Atlanta
    Petition For Declarative Judgement
    Back in December, DCSD filed a lawsuit against the City of Atlanta declaring that this current annexation was illegal. Here is the Petition For Declarative Judgement on that case.
    DCSD contended that Atlanta has failed on at least two grounds to follow the statutory prescription for annexing property via what is commonly known as the “60% Method” provided for by O.C.G.A. §§ 36-36-30 through 36-36-40. DeKalb Schools also challenged the statutory scheme for annexation on due process grounds.
    Motion To Dismiss
    The court held a hearing on this case in April and granted a motion to dismiss in full a few days later. I can’t find that doc off hand. I don’t believe the school district appealed.

  5. Joy, PATS does not list a job opening for Principal at the International Student Center. Perhaps someone has been chosen but the paperwork isn’t complete yet. That’s the optimistic answer!

  6. Thank you Anonymous. When these principals were removed, it was so public. No need for the DCSD to be discrete now. They should post the information for everyone to see. Not only do we have a lot of new principals. We have a lot of new AP’s. The other interesting thintg is that we have cases where new principals will be responsible for new AP’s. I hope that there is some real support available for both the principals and the AP’s. I hope that the people supporting them, are people that have actual sucessful experience in being a school principal

  7. DeKalb County School District v. City Of Atlanta 2016CV284278
    .pdf link icon Petition For Declarative Judgement
    .pdf link icon Court Order Granting Motion To Dismiss

  8. Interesting Stan … looks like this topic might warrant another post … I don’t fully understand Emory’s reasons for annexing except to say that there is a sort of image associated with the city that is better than DeKalb. Plus they can get Marta light rail into the complex which they greatly need.

  9. I would be interested in an updated post as well, Stan!

  10. Mr Jester,
    I heard it through the grapevine (that was a song back in the day) that Ms Johnson has been appointed the Region I Superintendent. Why doesn’t DeKalb post the names of BOE appointments? That way the community, parents and staff would be aware of the changes. Clayton has this information on their website. I think that is good. It keeps everyone informed.
    DeKalb is going to need another principal. Best wishes to Dr. Wilson
    Dr. Jamie L. Wilson, formerly a Principal at Livsey Elementary School, at DeKalb County Schools was named Chief Human Resources Officer, at Clayton County Public Schools.

  11. I asked Ms Johnson to post her cabinet. BOE appointments are usually on the eboard agenda … but not always. These things should be more transparent.

  12. Thank you for your answer. Lots of people don’t know to go to the BOE Agenda. It doesn’t seem like it would take a lot of effort to just put it on the DeKalb site.

  13. Sherry Johnson is listed as Regional Superintendent in the DCSD online staff directory. In the past she was listed as Interim Regional Superintendent.
    So I guess the national search by the search firm didn’t find anyone more suitable. I am neutral on Ms. Johnson’s qualifications, but this is another instance of DCSD spending funds for a national search only to select someone who already works for DCSD.
    I agree that an appointment of this magnitude should be announced formally. Ideally, there should be a press release available online. Even better, a brief announcement should be sent to each school in Region 1 so that it can be included in parent/community communications. If DCSD is proud of their selections they should share it with stakeholders.
    I looked at the Human Capital Management report from the October BOE meeting. I didn’t see anything about Dr. Green making Ms. Johnson the Region 1 Superintendent.

  14. @Anonymous
    A friend told me that the Region 5 Superintendent was also appointed at the last BOE meeting. I don’t know if this is true. That is the problem with not posting the information. A BOE appointment is information that parents, students staff and the community should be told. I cannot think of any reason that this information would not be made public.

  15. Thanks, Joy. Three Tucker High School stakeholders spoke at the Public Comment part of the October BOE meeting. What they said was terrible, and apparently it was true.
    They spoke about poor leadership at the top, with “a focus on self and power,” poor communication, a “severe lack of administrative presence in the building and around our campus,” an increase in fights, and “an inability to motivate and inspire.”
    Kudos to Dr. Green for stepping in and making a change at Tucker.
    Now we just have to worry about where the principal has been reassigned……..