Lead Contanimation in Water at 7 of 10 DeKalb Schools

Lead found in the water at two more schools. Nearly 75% of DeKalb Schools tested so far have water sources with registered lead content at or above the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) action level.

DeKalb Schools Lead in Water

Failed Lead In Water Test – The following schools do not meet EPA standards:

  • International Community School (at Medlock Facility)
  • Stone Mountain ES
  • Robert Shaw Theme ES
  • The Museum School of Avondale Estates (at Forrest Hills Facility)
  • Wadsworth Magnet
  • Redan ES
  • Allgood ES

The water sources at those schools with lead contamination have been turned off, and the fixtures and/or piping contributing to the lead in drinking water will be replaced. In each instance, the water supply will remain off during the entirety of the remediation process until the problem is resolved. Should the situation require additional water sources, the District will provide bottled water for drinking and/or water tanks for food preparation as necessary.
The health and safety of all students and staff is the top priority for DeKalb County School District (DCSD). In light of national events regarding water quality,in September, DeKalb Schools announced a district-wide water testing program as a precaution to ensure the drinking water within its schools are safe for all students and employees.
While all schools will be tested, the initial schools were chosen based upon the age of students (with priority given to schools with pre-K programs) and age of the facility (with priority given to school built prior to 1986). DCSD has a total of 150 facilities (including schools, leased charter schools, administration buildings, educational buildings, and stadiums). 106 of these original facilities have building(s) which were built prior to 1986. Water testing for all 150 facilities has started and will be completed by the summer of 2017.
Results Thus Far
While all schools will be tested, this map displays only those with reported results. The map will be continuously updated to reflect new results received. Enter your school’s name to learn about the test results.

The District’s testing schedule, testing protocols, copies of all water testing results, and other resources can be found at http://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/lead-testing

4 responses to “Lead Contanimation in Water at 7 of 10 DeKalb Schools

  1. Stan, do you know if charter schools that own their own buildings will be tested as well? I’m thinking specifically of Tapestry but I’m pretty sure there are others not shown on this map.

  2. Here is the Testing Schedule. I don’t see Tapestry on it.

  3. Stan,
    The “headline” is misleading. I understand the desire to generate clicks, but considering the very small number of schools which have been tested, I am disappointed in the wording of the “headline” of this post.
    Tapestry owns the building they are in. The charter schools on the list are located in DCSD owned facilities.

  4. Kirk,
    Quite the troll. There are no ads here so Stan isn’t benefiting from your clicks. 7 schools = perhaps 5,000 kids a day potentially drinking water w too much lead, for how many years? Bizarre you choose to criticize Stan on a headline when thousands of kids a day exposed to lead poisoning, and he is trying to get the word out. Perhaps some of your former students have been affected from lead poisoning. Do you prefer he not report it? One a positive note, glad Dr. Green is investigating lead in schools.