DeKalb's School Choice Online Application

DeKalb’s School Choice Online Application will open at 9am on Jan 11, 2016 and will continue through Feb 19.

The district has implemented new software and has extended the enrollment period hoping to avoid a repeat of last year’s School Choice Registration – EPIC FAILURE.
Marlon Walker with the AJC is reporting, “Parents and district officials who tested the new software say the system is more user friendly, can be used on mobile devices and streamlines the process for the approximately 20,000 parents expected to register their children for about 4,000 spots in magnet schools and other accelerated programs.”
Gary Brantley, Chief Information Officer, said, “the program will email parents about any changes in their child’s status, including whether they are moved along in waiting lists and whether they are offered places in programs.”

Important Dates
Open Enrollment Jan 11 – Feb 19, 2016
Late Applications Feb 20 – Aug 8, 2016
High School Lottery May 3, 2016
Middle School Lottery May 5, 2016
Elementary School Lottery May 10, 2016

Go to the district website at for more information about DeKalb’s SCHOOL CHOICE programs.

4 responses to “DeKalb's School Choice Online Application

  1. Seems like the server has crashed.

  2. Dekalb Inside Out

    The instructions for the School Choice Online Application are “Apply Now / Sign In” at
    I get this message (by the way – can DCSD ever get this right?):
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  3. Hmmmm … I see school choice enrollment is off to another rocky start. I should see Gary Brantley, DCSD Chief Information Officer, today. I’ll find out what the plan is.

  4. Update: Both of my applications were accepted as of 12:30. A much easier process than last year even with the above server issue earlier.