School House Vacancy Report

DeKalb Teachers report back to work in 2 weeks. We need effective teachers in place on day one. This is the School House Vacancy Report by region as of July 16, 2015.

School House Vacancy Report (click here to enlarge)

6 responses to “School House Vacancy Report

  1. Does our crack HR team have a plan in place to remedy this? That’s roughly 6,500 students without a teacher.
    And how does this number compare to last year? The year before? If it’s trending upward, we have a problem that’s getting out of control.
    I wonder if we have the same vacancy rate at the Palace?

  2. Gwinnett welcomes 1,200 new teachers >>
    Gwinnett County began the process Tuesday of welcoming its new teachers to the district with a day-long orientation session.
    The session, held at the Gwinnett Center, included a tutorial on the district’s curriculum standards, meeting student needs and teacher assessment. About 1,200 new teachers attended the orientation. Some new teachers could not attend the orientation. Gwinnett will hold additional orientation sessions for the teachers at local schools.
    In all, Gwinnett, Georgia’s largest school district, hopes to have about 1,500 new teachers when the new school year starts Aug. 10. District officials said last week there are about 75 teacher vacancies.

    Gee. How did they do it?

  3. I assume percentage wise this is a lot compared to other districts? I remember we started working on term papers the third day of senior English (my veteran teacher was no dummy lol). I can’t imagine that happening if no teachers are in place on day 1. Seems like this problem would be compounded in higher grades where an entire student’s schedule might have to be reworked.

  4. Stan Jester

    We have a board meeting a week before school starts. We’ll get an update on teacher vacancies.
    I don’t know what the teacher vacancies are at other school districts. ShooShee’s AJC article indicates Gwinnett has hired roughly 1,200 new teachers and currently has 75 open spots.
    DeKalb welcomed 328 new teachers at the two-day PRIDE event:
    PRIDE (PRogram of Induction for new DeKalb Educators) – New Teacher Orientation & Induction Seminars
    Each school year, the DeKalb School’s Department of Professional Learning initiates and sustains support structures for new teachers to the District. The 2015-2016 full-day (8-hour) PRIDE Induction Seminars were facilitated, Tuesday, July 14th and Wednesday, July 15th,
    This event initiates a monthly process that accommodates continuous professional growth and development for both levels of new teacher groups. Additionally, the monthly seminars expand to include second and third year teachers, as well. These are conducted monthly throughout the entire school year.

  5. dsw2contributor

    Stan, the list you posted is *NOT* the actual list of vacancies. What it is the list of vacancies that Tekisha/HR has allowed to be posted on PATS.
    If you were to contact every Principal and ask them how many teaching vacancies they had, you would find there are more than 232 teaching vacancies.

  6. dsw2contributor,
    Like you said, it’s the list given to me by the administration. It delineates the open positions by school. Can you give me a couple examples of schools that aren’t accurately reflected in this report?