Superintendent Search Update

DeKalb County’s School Board conduct private interviews of superintendent candidates

Dekalb SuperintendentDan Whisenhunt is editor and publisher of He published this Dekalb Schools Superintendent Search Update.
By Dan Whisenhunt on
The DeKalb County Board of Education [met this weekend], at a location near the Atlanta airport to interview candidates to replace outgoing superintendent Michael Thurmond.
School Board Chairman Melvin Johnson said in a press release that the School Board has narrowed down the list of applicants to an unspecified number of semi-finalists. The names of those semi-finalists have not been made public. The closed-door meetings are allowed under the state’s open meetings laws.
Johnson also addressed concerns about the search firm hired to seek out candidates, ProAct. SUPES Academy, a company related to ProAct. SUPES is under investigation by the FBI over a no-bid contract it received from Chicago Public Schools.
“We are not aware of any evidence that any such allegations relate to the search in DeKalb nor do they relate to any of the candidates,” Johnson said. “While we will continue to monitor the situation, the Board is committed to the completion of the search process and the selection of DeKalb’s next Superintendent.”
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One response to “Superintendent Search Update

  1. Don McChesney

    Well it appears that the BOE is setting up to discredit the search firm so they can opt out of the Super. search. This way they can continue with Michael Thurmond. Of course anyone who follows DeKalb knows this was the intention all along. It is too bad that Ray and Associates that applied twice for the job of Super. search were ignored. They were a very professional search firm from my experience on the BOE. Expose the administration if you can without revealing privileged information. Has anyone tried to get the requirements changed so Mr. Thurmond can be hired? Watch your back!