Governor Deal Removes Barriers To Dual Enrollment

Yesterday, Governor Deal signed SB 2 and SB 132, both of which remove barriers to dual enrollment participation and expand opportunities for students.
“Since taking office, one of my top priorities has been preparing students to enter the workforce with the skills and tools necessary for them to succeed,” Deal said.
SB 132 – “Move on When Ready Act”
The “Move on When Ready Act” provides for eligible high school students to apply to eligible postsecondary institutions to take one or more dual credit courses at or through the postsecondary institution with the goal of completing postsecondary credit and high school diploma requirements.

includes students in grades 9-12

courses must be approved by the Department of Education and lead to an associate degree, occupational certification, a technical college diploma or certificates, or required work licenses

includes virtual courses

by February of each year, high schools are required to provide information about the program to eligible students and to eighth grade students when graduation plans are developed

high schools are required to award credit if students pass approved courses and to issue diplomas to students who earn approved postsecondary credits that meet high school graduation requirements

repeals 20-2-159.5 relating to dual credit courses and requirements and makes 20-2-161.3 the dual enrollment code section

program funding is subject to appropriations by the General Assembly and will be administered and distributed through the Georgia Student Finance Commission

the Commission will set criteria and amounts for tuition, fees.and  books, to be paid to eligible postsecondary institutions;  each will be provided to students without cost

transportation grants are to be established for high schools to apply for
SB 2
Senate Bill 2 further aligns Georgia’s K-12 education system with the state’s post-secondary institutions, allowing high school students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma while working toward a technical college or associate’s degree.
To be eligible, the student must be enrolled in dual enrollment coursework and meet the following criteria:

has completed at least the following 9th or 10th level grade courses and any state required associated tests:

  • 2 English courses
  • 2 math courses
  • 2 science courses
  • 2 social studies courses
  • 1 health & PE course

Receive a score of admission acceptable on the readiness assessment required by the higher ed institution

Complete coursework at a postsecondary institution accredited by an agency in statute (20-3-519)


  • an associate degree program
  • a technical college diploma program and all postsecondary academic education and technical education and training prerequisites for any state, national, or industry occupational certifications or licenses required to work in the field OR
  • at least 2 technical college certificate of credit programs in one specific career pathway and all postsecondary academic education and technical education and training prerequisites for any state, national, or industry occupational certifications or licenses required to work in the field as determined by the Technical College of Georgia

The State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia shall annually identify fields of study in which a critical need or shortage of trained personnel exists in labor markets in this state and provide that information to the State Board of Education which shall annually provide it to local school systems so they can emphasize areas of critical workforce needs to high school students.
A student meeting these requirements shall be deemed to have met all graduation requirements of the State Board and shall not be subject to any assessments otherwise required for purposes of graduation.
The State Board of Education, in consultation with the State Board of the Technical Colleges and the Board of Regents, shall establish rules and regulations to implement these provisions.
Gives students another path to move more quickly to job readiness. Students remain enrolled at the high school, and the school receives funding for them as for any dual enrollment program.  This additional dual enrollment program has a specific, targeted focus.
July 1, 2015
Note:  This post was adapted from Ga Pundit and GSBA updates

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