Earn College Credit in High School

Attention Parents!  Your student can earn college credit in high school.

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit programs provide opportunities for Georgia high school students to take college-level courses and earn concurrent credit toward a high school diploma and a college degree while still in high school.
Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit courses are primarily available for any eligible 11th or 12th grade (in some limited cases 9th-10th) high school students. Students may enroll full-time or part-time in approved credit-bearing college-level courses by the State Board of Education.
Required Dates and Information to Parents and Students
April 1, 2015 is the deadline for dual enrollment general information to be provided to all 8th through 11th grade students and their parents each school year, as required by Georgia legislation.
If you want your child enrolled in a dual enrollment program, Georgia legislation requires a parent conference with the high school counselor where the following programs are explained and the appropriate dual enrollment/dual credit forms can be completed and signed to ensure enrollment.
Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Facts
Eligible dual enrollment/dual credit courses are included in state-approved course lists, including the Accel list, Dual Enrollment Matrix Course Directory, and the Move on When Ready Supplemental List.
One to two college semester hours will earn ½ high school unit, while three to five college hours will earn a full high school unit.
If colleges and universities provide letter grades for their courses, the local system will create a numerical conversion chart for all dual enrollment credit courses.
Dual enrollment/dual credit courses may be taken before, during, or after regular school hours, and may be taught on the college
campus, on-line or at the high school during the regular school calendar year.

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Programs in Georgia


  • Accel is a non-need based program offered for students that wish to take college-level (academic-only, degree-level) coursework for credit toward both high school and college graduation requirements.
  • The Accel Program became state funded instead of lottery funded beginning fall 2011. Students may attend part-time or full-time.

Dual HOPE Grant

  • Dual HOPE Grant is a non-need based grant program for students seeking technical certificates or diplomas from one of the Technical College System of Georgia institutions.
  • Students may attend part-time or full-time. Beginning fall 2011, funding was returned to local systems for Dual HOPE Grant students.

Move On When Ready

  • Move on When Ready requires an eligible 11th or 12th grade student to be enrolled full-time and take ALL courses through an eligible postsecondary institution.
  • Students receive secondary and college credit for completing graduation and high school diploma requirements.
  • Tuition for Move on When Ready students is paid by the Georgia Department of Education to the designated technical college, college or university.
  • A full-time student can take between 12 and 15 credit hours each semester.

Articulated Credit

  • Articulated Credit provides students the opportunity to receive both high school and post-secondary course credit after successfully completing identified academic and career-related courses leading to a diploma, certificate or degree.
  • Successfully passing selected statewide articulated course assessments provide opportunities for post secondary and high school credit for high school students.
  • There are no costs for participation in articulation as the high school courses are taught at the local high school, during their normal school day with the regular high school teachers.

Early College

  • Early College is a partnership between a designated local school system and a University System of Georgia institution.
  • Early College provides students with the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and coursework toward an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree.

Gateway To College

  • Gateway to College programs are located exclusively on college campuses and include local agreements between local school systems and colleges.

Residential Programs
Residential Programs are offered for gifted, talented, and motivated students through the University System of Georgia at two institutions:

  • The Advanced Academy of Georgia on the campus of the University of West Georgia


  • The Georgia Academy of Mathematics, Engineering and Science at Middle Georgia College


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