Input on 2015-2016 School Calendar

DeKalb Schools has been trying to nail down the 2015-2016 School Calendar for the last few months. We can make it official at the Jan 12, 2015 board meeting. Let me know if you have any feedback regarding the calendar below.

Calendar   2014-2015  2015-2016 
 Pre-planning    Aug 4-8, 2014 Aug 3-7, 2015  
First day of school  Aug 11, 2014    Aug 10, 2015  
Labor Day    Sept 1, 2014    Sept 7, 20 IS  
Professional Development Day    Oct 13, 2014    Oct 9, 2015  
Columbus Day    Oct 132014 (Observed as Professional Development Day)    Oct 12, 2015 (Observed as
Thanksgiving break    Nov 24-28, 2014    Nov 23-27,2015  
Last day of Ist semester    Dec 19, 2014   Dec 18, 2015  
December winter break    Dec 22, 2014
Jan 22015  
 Dec 21 , 2015
Jan 1, 2016  
Post planning 1 st semester/
Pre-planning 2nd semester 
Jan 5, 2015 (Teacher Workday)  Jan 4, 2016 (Teacher Workday) 
First day of 2nd semester    Jan 6, 2015   Jan 5, 2016  
MLK Day    Jan 19, 2015    Jan 18, 2016  
February Break    NA    Feb 12, 2016  
President’s Day    February 16, 2015    Feb 15, 2016  
Professional Learning Day    NA    March 11,2016  
Inclement Weather Day  NA April 1, 2016
Spring Break  April 6-10, 2015  April 4-8, 2016
Last day of school    May 22, 2015 May 26, 2016
Post planning Day  May 26-27, 2015    May 27, 2016
Days 1st semester   88 87
Days 2nd Semester 92 93
of school days   180 180

Survey Question: I would like to start the school year on Aug 3, 2015 to incorporate a fall break (one week/five consecutive days).
Results: Roughly 3,200 parents responded and 2,500 school employees (and a handful of students). 56% of the parents were against a fall break. 73% of the employees were for a fall break.
No fall breaks in our near future.

6 responses to “Input on 2015-2016 School Calendar

  1. I, too, would like a fall break.

  2. I have long said that building a school calendar is not rocket science. There is a formula – follow the required holidays, plug in some workdays and count the # of school days required – DONE! I wish we could go back to starting the school year in late August and getting out in early June though. It is too dang hot in Atlanta to be in school for the month of August and too cool for pools to be open in May! The calendar was “shifted” to appease the high schools – I have not heard a word that test scores have improved due to the shift.

  3. i would prefer a fall break and wish dekalb would not schedule spring break at the same time as Fulton/APS. Would make spring break destinations less crowded, camps less crowded, etc.

  4. Am I the only one concerned that only 3.2% of the student population’s parents (assuming only one parent per family) responded??? Is there a way to bolster participation in this survey? It would also be AWESOME to see reasons provided within the survey as to why a fall break is being offered as an option (helps with semester one burnout, helps teachers w reflection and planning time, etc…)

  5. Fall break, balanced calendar and early release Wednesdays are trending across the country. Half of the Metro School Calendars have a fall break.
    If our spring break was different, then many things would not be as crowded. However, many families have children in different schools or friends in different schools they would like to coordinate spring break with.

  6. Adrienne Bashuk

    would like to see school calendar go from late August /early sept to early or late June
    What is the philosophy behind our calendar when the majority of the country has the students and teachers off for the months of July and August the two hottest months and the time when camps pools and kid friendly activities are available