Parent Portal – Infinite Campus – Aug 25th

What is Infinite Campus
Infinite Campus is replacing eSIS as the new Parent Portal.  Through the portal, parents and students may:

  • View attendance, schedules, grades, and assignment details online
  • Receive direct notices and messages from the District, school, and teachers
  • Access the Infinite Campus app from your mobile iOS or Android devices

Coming August 25th

One response to “Parent Portal – Infinite Campus – Aug 25th

  1. One of the problems with eSIS was teachers not putting grades into the gradebook in a timely manner. I don’t blame the teachers, they are incredibly overworked and don’t have time to put grade in.
    There was talk earlier this year to put in a “guideline” that all grades had to be entered within 2 weeks of the due date. Does anyone know if that was done?