DeKalb Students Get Office 365 For Free

Office 365
The Microsoft Student Advantage Program allows free access to Office 365 Pro Plus for any student enrolled in DeKalb Schools on up to 5 devices. Don’t get too excited before you understand Office 365 … it’s not your mom and dad’s Office software.
Online Office
Office 365 is cloud based which means the office suite itself is set up to save your documents to SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud. You can save documents locally and work offline, but the application suite is integrated tightly with SkyDrive. The focus is online work including collaboration, sharing and social networking. It’s unclear if the NSA or DeKalb Schools administrators will have access to the files.
Software as a Service
In 2012, Adobe rolled out it’s “Creative Cloud” subscription package for renting Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. Even though this particular program is free to students, it’s noteworthy that Office 365 marks the migration to software as a service.
Download and Install
Visit to download and install. Email for help retrieving your username and password. Read the installation instructions for step by step instructions.

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