CRCT Scores – DeKalb Schools Anchors Metro Atlanta

At the United States Naval Academy, the last ranked man in a graduating class is called “The Anchorman”. FY2014 CRCT district results were released by the Georgia DOE this morning. When averaging the CRCT scores, DeKalb Schools “anchors” metro Atlanta in every grade.
3rd Grade CRCT
4th Grade CRCT
5th Grade CRCT
6th Grade CRCT
7th Grade CRCT
8th Grade CRCT
At least in the Naval Academy, The Anchor gets $1 from everybody that ranks above them.

3 responses to “CRCT Scores – DeKalb Schools Anchors Metro Atlanta

  1. This is great work, Stan. Who should we choose for the collection fees? I would suggest Thurmond or perhaps Beastley.

  2. Congratulations Superintendent Thurmond & DCSBoE: we have now hit the bottom of the Metro school systems. Central administration and board members managed through the years to bring a respected school system to its knees. Once all the criminal shysters were run out of town, we had hope that a new sheriff came to town and finally our teachers could get the support needed to educate our children. We quickly found out that the new sheriff & posse were just a new paint job on a Yugo. Our children’s scores are in line with a system in Big Trouble, a system more interested in spending $M on things other than teachers and children, a system which spent $M on legal cases, law offices, fleet of white cars, PhD programs, PR pipers & creating a total ‘black out’ of information related to administrative matters and budgets. Silence has kept people at bay. Try holding your breath and see how that works. I may even support it for some of you.
    How dare you do such a lousy job! How dare you screw up children’s chances of a future! How dare you run off the last good teachers and importing foreign teachers by the plane load. Most foreign teachers are not used to such poor educational experiences and leave soon.
    Mr. Thurmond, you should not have remained as Superintendent because you were way over your head and you know it. You made no changes to the Central office team, the BOE are puppets and the DCS appears to be slowly going down in quicksand. Many schools are doing the best they can with the little they get from Central office. Many good school administrators go elsewhere and those who stay are often used to the mediocre ways of DCS. Nothing I can say will matter. Business as usual! How long? Maybe until someone from somewhere will finally pull the plug or kick the system in the rear.
    No URGENCY today or anytime soon!?
    Children pay the highest price, but you do not care.

  3. We now know that legal fees alone sucked $32M out of this fiscally irresponsible school system, governed by a BOE & Super with little care or urgency to correct the sinking tanker, DCS.
    CRCT scores only give us a glimpse of the iceberg tip. Can’t wait to see the new test results next year, which is already predicted to have a 30% higher FAILURE RATE.
    Nothing rattles Thurmond & BoE! Nothing! What urgency? They have their cushy jobs and high salaries…what do they truly care about our children and their ever struggling teachers with their meager salaries? Next year, teachers will be graded on the test results of their students. Great Scott! Years of sliding into the gutter, little support, no $, barely creeping into the 21st century technology, out-of-touch Central Office, shiny fleet of white CO cars,PhD programs paid for, etc….
    What about the kids? What about the next mass exit of teachers who will be graded as ineffective because of years of administrative incompetence? The slow sinking and breaking apart of the DCS ship is not done yet. Still no urgency Mr.Thurmond & BoE?