Common Core – Where Do We Stand?

What is Common Core?
Supporters assert it is a high-quality, voluntarily adopted set of national mathematics and language arts standards that will help transform American education by aiming all students at uniform, lofty goals. Opponents argue  adoption of the Core was federally coerced, the standards are of dubious quality, and one size simply cannot fit all. Meanwhile, a large majority of Americans know nothing about the Common Core standards, despite the fact they are being implemented in 46 states. In July 2010 the Georgia State Board of Education voted to have Georgia adhere to the Common Core standards.
Where does State Superintendent Barge stand?
During his tenure as the state’s schools chief, Barge supported and has presided over the implementation of the Common Core standards telling the AJC, “As we move to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards, students will get the high-level skills in algebra and geometry necessary to be successful in college and careers“. However, Barge now says on his website “I wish Georgia would have followed the state of Virginia and realized our then-current Georgia Performance Standards were at the college and career-ready level. We should have remained with those standards rather than changing them for the second time in a few short years.
Where does Governor Deal stand?
Gov. Nathan Deal has ordered a sweeping review of the Common Core national guidelines and asked the State Board of Education to “formally un-adopt” a part of the program.
Where does Nancy Jester stand?
In an article appearing in the Marietta Daily Journal, Nancy writes, “The same Georgia Department of Education asks us to trust them on adopting Common Core standards. The Georgia DOE that has been at the helm as we performed so poorly as a state on most education metrics. When some of our elected officials say they are being informed about Common Core by the experts from our DOE, I’m concerned about the advice they are receiving … Georgia has a long road ahead but Common Core is not a path to prosperity.
So, where do we stand?
In dire need of federal funding, Georgia welcomed the RTTT (Race To The Trough) money in exchange for adopting the Common Core. The back peddling from the top since then has kicked up a lot of dust and it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Nevertheless, I hear the stop Common Core drums beat louder every day.

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